Montag, 7. Juli 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 8

You are interested in joining YOUR Personal Freeform CAL? That's wonderful! 
It's never to late to start this project
& we are always amazed about new members! 

Some gorgeous new puzzle pieces went into our CAL Album!
Yesterday I had a look at the settings of my page account -
I have recognized that it wasn't possible to tag someone in a photo.
I've changed it & so everyone of you has the possibility to click on 
your puzzle piece & to tag yourself in your photo.
It will appear on your private profile if you do so.
As all of you can be proud of your growing CALs
you should use this opportunity.

At the moment we are 11 official members including myself
(A warm "Hello!" to the secret members as well!):
Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike, Gwenda, Sandy
(a few days ago I realized she has a cute etsy-shop called Sandy's Sundries!),
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations
Marina who offers us wonderful freeform tutorials on her webpage Snovej,
Anouk of Een steekje verder & our lovely new member MariaElena!
Hmmm... Eleven?!

I have to introduce someone to you:
Some of you already know her & her page -
it's Lin of Crochet in Colour.
Maybe you have read the words I wrote about her & this extraordinary page
when I've shared her facebook page a few days ago.
Every word came straight from my heart &
I really think she's giving her "lovelies" a virtual home just by being herself.
Lin is offering more than beautiful pictures,
she is interested in us & our projects and makes facebook a better place.
She has started crocheting last year &
her facebook page (founded in April!) has reached 3000 likes today.
I have to mention her Etsy shop - 
you can find a few products in there 
& you can also order them in your favourite colours.
I don't wanna share her story here - 
it has a reason why she can't work in a regular job anymore.
Of course I would be able to crochet this clock in her shop by myself 
but as soon as my own financial situation is better I will order a neon clock.
Because it's crocheted by Lin & because she's a person worth supporting.
She doesn't promote her small business in a way other people do it,
many of her followers won't even have an idea that this shop exists -
that's why I have to write about it.

Here is her first puzzle piece & it's sooo beautiful!

This week we will create one of our eyes!
Sandy & Alicia have already integrated eyes in their CALs
but I think they can totally go for this project as well!
There's something special about our eyes -
I'm sure all of you have heard the expression
"Your eyes are the door to your soul".
Even if we wouldn't have a language to communicate
we can read a lot in the eyes of someone.

You can start this project in different ways:
If you have a good camera you can use a photo
but of course you can also use a mirror & draw a sketch...

It's quite difficult to take a photo of an eye,
here you can find a tutorial...
A friend has tried to take a picture of my eye with my camera -
failed (I have a real cheap camera)!
I've asked Lela - my beloved flatmate - 
if she could have a try with her real good camera...
It has worked!
I've played around a little bit with the free software Picasa,
you can use a lot of different options,
I've improved the picture in the end with the filter "cinemascope"
to improve the contrast.

If you are sucessful in the eye photo shooting
you can just zoom the picture of it to the size you want to have it in your CAL.
It'll be your model & you can just start with a circle...

There's so much going on in our eyes!!!
Too much! A few of you already know that this project was driving me crazy!
After several experiments with different techniques
I gave up creating the eye in a real natural way -
Last night I've started a new version I quite like 
even if it doesn't look as natural as I wanted.
I just didn't want to have a puzzle piece I don't love in my CAL.
I will add some more pictures of my completed project in the next days ;-)
The eyelashes & details are missing
but my friend Donna of Walker's Whimsies
has a lot of experience in teaching different kinds of crafts -
I think embroidery is perfect to "paint" smaller details
& she has already offered to give us a virtual workshop...
PLEASE be as abstract as you want, there's nothing harder to crochet on earth!

I have strange brown patterns in my eye - but just on top!

Added green by crocheting around...

It's not finished yet but I'll show you the completed version soon!
I already know where I will place my Swirly Heart...
Next to the house.
Gwenda wrote me "home is where your heart is" & so I will follow her example!

Psychedelic neon waves created by playing around with different stitches!

In the end I wanna celebrate Jodie's house boat -
her dream house is floating.
Today was quite stressful for me
but I've received such caring & funny support from some of you -
you have made my day!
We were chatting in the Freeform Crochet World Group
about sailing around with Jodie's house boat one day -
all CAL Club members together.
We would just yarnbomb Jodie's floating home &
spend a gorgeous crochet time together.
It's damn important to have dreams &
almost nothing is impossible!
Maybe, one day... Why not?!

Show me your future creations on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry!

Stay awesome,
your friend Dada

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