Dienstag, 26. August 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 15

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
It doesn't matter when you start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


I can start this blogpost with a beautiful Swirly Heart!
Today I have received a lovely letter from Denmark -
our CAL friend Lisbeth has crocheted a neon heart for me!

I'm quite stressed these weeks
& it's so wonderful to get such a present & kind words!
Lisbeth, thank you so much, you made my day!
I'm always smiling when I look at it
& at the moment it sits next to the laptop on my desktop!
Some of you might have noticed
that I don't visit pages anymore.
It's not that I'm not interested in all of you anymore,
it's just a matter of time.
It will change again, promise!
I'm so glad that Facebook has the option to prepare posts
& make them appear at a time of my choice,
otherwise I couldn't manage the page properly anymore...

Before I start with my weekly "Thank you!"
I have to show you another picture:

Monique has presented her CAL puzzle pieces
in the small village of Antipata/Kefalonia in Greece!
That's so cool, Monique, I was so happy to see it
& that you have presented our CAL in public!


31 official members, just wow!!!
(And also a hello to our secret friends!)

Of course I have to say "THANK YOU!!!" again!
It goes to
Roberta who has such a passion & talent for Freeform Crochet -
she is creating much more adorable creations
then we can see in our album! I love what you are creating my friend!
Jodie who has created a real special favourite book project -
she has crocheted this scene from the bible:

She has integrated more than a book but also her religious faith.
And I've recognized that other members would be interested, too.
I won't prepare a CAL project for several reasons.
It would exclude non-religious persons
& I'm a spiritual person but not religious
even if I totally respect your belief.
Roberta has already integrated her faith in god in her CAL, too!

If religion is an important part of your life
it has to be a part of your CAL, too!
I would just say:
Roberta & Jodie have actually prepared a project
& you are heartly invited to create a puzzle piece!
It's an open invitation to all of you!
All these projects will find a place in our album as well of course!
A special "Thank you" to Roberta & Jodie for your project!

A "Thank you!" to Ulrike, I would love to see your
completed song project, it was already awesome!
Gwenda - I'm so sorry that I don't have the time
for writing some lines at the moment
but I'm thinking about you
& it's wonderful to have such a special friend
on the other side of this planet!
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - my jellyfish-friend!
Thank you for your corrections & support!
Can't wait to see what you are growing
with your glow-in-the-dark-yarn!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations, she is such a talented
& creative soul! It's totally fine if you don't have much time,
the CAL is waiting for you!
Marina with herFreeform Crochet World Group
& Freeform Crochet World!
Her webpage Snovej is adorable!
And really: Have a look at Snovej Crafts on Facebook,
there are always awesome posts to see!
She has a lot to do at the moment,
take your time Marina!
(I totally understand you!)
Anouk of Een steekje verder -
Your foot project was so much fun for many of us, thank you!
MariaElena - at the moment she is in Alaska
but she always finds the time to say her "Good Night"!
Such a globetrotter!
Think of me when you are planning your next journey!
We could crochet us crowns while sitting in "Neuschwanstein Castle"!
Aww, Lin with Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
I wish I would have more time but I'm thinking of you every day!
Hope you are fine my friend!
Shawn with her awesome page Dragonbird Creations,
I can't wait to go on with your hood pattern!
And to read your blogpost next monday! ;-)
Lisbeth - You lovely soul!
It was so wonderful to receive your present,
your postcard & your cat drawing! Mange tak!!!
Also for your project for today,
I had lots of fun!
Jane, you have a new scottish CAL friend now!
My friend Tracy (cute little fox!!!) of Eden Reborn -
I'm so looking forward to read your post on your blog next monday, too!
Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog,
I've created her tree pattern, awesome to have
such a beautiful tree now as well!

The pattern is to find here on Ravelry by the way!
Donna of Walker's Whimsies, it's so wow what she is creating!
Will be such a beautiful CAL in the end!
Anne, I really hope you will find time to crochet
more puzzle pieces, you are so talented!
Zelna of Zooty Owl - I was so happy she has invited me
to join the "World Wide Artist Blog Hop"!
It was lots of fun to do this post, thank you!
(Here is Zelna's post by the way!)
And I love my new Roxi beanie!
(Amazing free pattern, Jodie also wants one now!)
Monique of Yemanja - I love your alternative options
for a dreamhouse! (Mushroom house & Hippie-Van!)
Saskia - multitalented also with her chosen name "MalleSas" -
such a wonderful being & artist!
I'm always happy to see your comments!
Cilly with her great taste in colours (neon!)
& gorgeous yarnpaintings!
Michi the "Knittenfee" -
she will show us an amazing creation somewhen!
(I could already see it, awesome Michi!!!)
 Brenda who has already created wonderful puzzle pieces!
Enna & her beautiful page Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her new blog Mishook -
she was on vacation & forgot her crochet stuff there... :-(
She can't go on with her CAL for a while
but hey: The CAL waits for you! :-)
 Nancy who has grown such a beautiful flower project this week!
Judy - I find it fantastic what you have created so far!
Nora - Wow! You seem to have lots of fun with our project!
So many new puzzle pieces in such a short time!
I so love your style & especially your song project!
Jacqui of Hooky Delights. - such a wonderful & unique style!
The colours you are using are matching perfectly,
so glad you have joined us!
Denise is also growing her blanket so fast & beautiful!
Seems you like this project, wonderful! ;-)

So & now I can present you our first guy in this team!
I've taught him how to crochet a week ago
& he already can't stop it anymore!
This is Alex, I just couldn't decide which photo to choose...
(He wanted me to take a random pic.)

He has decided that it's better
to be here with me in Germany
than without me in Scotland
& is actually a fan of this project since it's beginning!
It's damn cool that he his a crocheter now
but for me & my flatmates it's a tragedy as well!
He doesn't cook for us anymore
because he is crocheting all the time!
But anyway: I'm so proud of him,
he is so talented & I will gladly share my yarn with him! :-)

First some new progress pictures!
Picasa is so unfair, some pictures are smaller than others
so I've created 3 collages for the progress photos... :-)

Progress collage 1:

...and collage 2...

...and 3! Awesome!!!

And it's sooo cool that you seem to have lots
of fun with the foot project of last week!
Great to see them! :-)

But what will we yarnpaint this week?
Lisbeth has sent me a fabulous inspiration...
I thought about it -
some of you might say:
I don't believe in stuff like that. 
Totally fine, I'll give you an alternative!
We will freeform our zodiac sign!
If you have doubts about this topic
do what I did!
you have to enter the time & place of your birth & your birthday...
It has totally worked for me!!! Scary!
I really don't think a normal horoscope can work -
we are all different & it would be quite boring
if all scorpions or lions would be of one character
& would have the same experiences in one week.
This would be sooo sad.
Psychoanalysts or sociologists would say: 
Maybe people use a zodiac sign to create a self-construction
or to project the star sign on their character.
I don't know, I don't care!
I damn like my sign, I'm an aries!
Such a cool animal -
I've also integrated my date of birth 
& somehow the place where I was born.
I was born in Freising, 
"frei" means "free" in the german language
& I'm freeforming this puzzle piece, of course!
I've always waited for an opportunity
to integrate my favourite drink - beer!
Freising is in Bavaria
& I grew up in the so called "Hallertau",
that's the largest stretch of hop growing region in the world.
So I finally have my chance to yarnpaint a beer, too!
And this is how my puzzle piece looks like:

My aries looks a little bit grumpy,
maybe I can improve it a little bit...
The eyes... Hmmm.
But I like it! And the beer, too! ;-)

If you don't want your star sign in your CAL,
integrate your birthday & maybe yourself as a baby.
Or something which is representing your birth.
I'm sure you will all find a way!
Because we are princesses & princes,
we have our own head
& can create our own worlds!

Hugs to all of you!
Thank you for the lovely words I've received after my last post!
It's stressful at the moment
but I'll take care of me
& will have more time again for you in a few weeks!
If I can rescue my studies or not:
I'm on a good way!
And there are more important things in life!
I'm so thankful for every day
after my dark depression!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

For all those who haven't read my World Wide Artist Blog Hop post:
A picture of me proudly presenting my blanket! ;-)

Stay awesome you wonderful beings,
your friend Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

Montag, 25. August 2014

World Wide Artist Blog Hop

My friend Zelna of Zooty Owl has invited me to join the
"World Wide Artist Blog Hop"!
I'm a huge fan of her fabulous crochet patterns 
& so it's a great honour for me that I was invited by her
with Dedri of Look At What I Made!
I so have to create her Sophie's Garden pattern!

But what is this "World Wide Artist Blog Hop" all about?

Artists around the world post answers to 4 questions on their blogs 
& link to 3 (a minimum of 1) artists who post their answers 

The blog post looks like this:

 • Link/ intro to the person/blog who invited them on the blog-hop.
 • Answers to these 4 questions:

1. Why do I do what I do?
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3. How does my creative process work?
4. What am I working on now?

1. Why do I what I do?

Because crochet is a part of me! It's not a hobby it's like breathing for me. 
I'm crocheting everywhere: 
At home, in university, on Parties, in Clubs & Pubs, wherever I roam. 
You can even see me crocheting while walking down the street. 
Getting typewriter's cramp is my biggest fear!

I'm a natural born freeformer - in primary school I've crocheted a potholder. 
The first rows were ugly, the rest beautiful 
(I've cheated & my mom created the following rows at home...). 
Eleven years ago I was living in a mountain village in Ticino, 
the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. 
I was an extreme reader but somehow I needed something else, too. 
They had crochet hooks & yarn in the only store of this village. 
I got me my first hook, a ball of neon yarn - and had no idea how to start. 
No internet, no crochet book. I've made a knot around the hook. 
Seriously: I still have no idea how other people begin. 
I don't care anyway, it works.
I'm a scientist from the bottom of my heart.
When I see an interesting stitch on a photo
I'm trying to create it without looking at a tutorial.
Many years I've crocheted without patterns.
I didn't see the sense in it because you can grow everything without.
Until I saw the Nana Amigurumi pattern...
I've crocheted all in all around 40 so far.
(But I've simplified the pattern for myself...
You can't hang around with friends & stare at a pattern all the time!)

I've learned to kind of like patterns -
but only if they are:
A short look at it - ok, I know what I have to do!
I wanna talk with people or listening to audiobooks,
no time for looking at a pattern all the time!
I would say 95 % I crochet is still freeformed -
as much as I give away as presents.
Hundreds of persons have something crocheted from me,
bracelets, hearts, flowers, mushrooms, pillows, Nanas -
I'm yarnbombing the world & I love it!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don't wanna sell you patterns,
I wanna encourage you to leave them!
To create your own ones!
It makes me sad to see that so many people are just recreating patterns!
It can be so much fun to find your own crocheted path.
There's so much freedom in crochet
& it's so much better to do art!

I'm also creating blacklight art -
for psytrance parties!
(Nothing better than a wonderful psytrance-festival!)
I love neon colours since I'm a little girl, seriously!
By accident these neon colours are also awesome in uv-light!
And even it is dark I can still crochet because the yarn is glowing! ;-)

Another difference:
I'm totally unprofessional!
I don't have equipment like a good camera
& I don't even have a laptop anymore
since mine has died.
I just borrow a laptop when I have to create a post!
I have a lot of mistakes in my posts, too!
I'm Bavarian & sometimes my English skills could be better!
But I don't care, I have support!
Sandy of  Sandy's Sundries
isn't only an awesome freeformer
but also such a lovely proofreader!
Thank you, Sandy! ;-)

3. How does my creative process work?

The world is full of inspiration!
And I have too much fantasy!
I don't make sketches,
I just let it grow!
The more colours the better!

Ideas are just coming over me,
even when I crochet with patterns...
I've crocheted Zooty Owl's fabulous 
(with a 12mm hook)
& had a coat in the end. It just happens!
A tutorial until the arm part is to find here!

4. What am I working on now?

I've had a strange idea -
I did kind of a weekly Freeform Friendship CAL.
Pub on Sunday with my best friend Stephan,
he decided which colour to use next
& I've created a puzzle piece every week.

I've decided to start a Freeform Crochet project on my blog...
It is called "YOUR Personal Freeform CAL".
We are creating kind of a visual diary -
a blanket with things with a meaning for us.

Our favourite pet, the most beloved toy of our childhood,
our favourite songs, books & so on!
I'm so proud of all my members!
Have a look at our photo album!

Here you can see a collage I've created
when we were 30 Ladies doing this Freeform Crochet adventure!

At the moment we are 31 members!
Yesterday the first guy has joined us!
Here you can see me with my own
YOUR Personal Freeform CAL...

I love this project!
I don't think I've ever done something better in my life!
It's so much joy for me to see the member blankets grow!
And it's a therapy for me.
I went into a depression last year
while I was living in Scotland.
I'm back in Germany now
& I still have to fight a lot
because I've totally ignored the world.
It's normal to be weak & exhausted
after such a dark phase.
I think I wouldn't have left this state without my CAL friends.
They brought me back to life with all the joy & smiles they gave me!
This project is a long-time CAL.
We all use different hooks 
& our "puzzle pieces" have a different size.
But of course it will run as long as my members 
have completed their CALs!

I will just integrate the following projects
after I've completed my own Freeform CAL
in another project...

I won't stop having my monday-post.
I will go on with short time CALs -
I'm already preparing a Freeform Crochet Coat tutorial
& several other projects.
Bags, pillows, jumpers, freeformed plushies & so on...
I will freeform all my life so I will crochet along with you all my life!
52 weeks a year... I love to do it!
I will recreate famous paintings
in step-by-step 4-week-tutorials.
I will NEVER start taking money for patterns or tutorials.
Except I can have the opportunity to publish books one day.
I love books so I really would love to write & create some!
But editors won't give them away for free I guess! ;-)
Freeform should be free
& I wanna spread the world with it!
And of course I wanna increase the neon revolution!

If you are interested in creating your own 
YOUR Personal Freeform CAL
you find the links to the weekly projects here!
It doesn't matter WHEN you are joining our freeform crochet playground,
I will always upload your progress pics on my Facebook page!

So, time to annouce the artists
I'm inviting to post answers next week...

Tracy with her wonderful blog Eden Reborn
Shawn with  her gorgeous blog Dragonbird Creations

Both Ladies are having pages with more than beautiful patterns...
Blogs with heart & soul I really love to read!

Montag, 18. August 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 14

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
We really don't have time pressure!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our amazing photo album!
If you wanna join our freeform adventure you can find the first puzzle piece here!

This week I wanna start my blogpost
with some lovely presents!
I have received post from two of my CAL friends!
Our multicreative friend Michi has sent me a children's book -
written & illustrated by herself!
Some of you might have noticed that I'm a big child, haha! ;-)
The book is written in german
& I read it to my flatmates!
If someone with german skills is interested
here are some informations!
We have all enjoyed this lovely story about Mia & her adventures!
I have to show you some of her gorgeous illustrations of course ;-)

My friend Gwenda from Australia
has sent me some wonderful handmade presents!
It is such a wonderful thing to receive something
created by a friend who lives so far away!
Something you can see & touch
with your own eyes & hands!
I was so amazed about this presents -
Swirly Heart & two bullions!
And of course they find their places in my CAL!
Thank you so much Gwenda!!!

MariaElena has received a present, too!
I've decided to do a secret give-away -
I've created a stained glass window
as an alternative project for Roberta.
She already had a tree in her beautiful CAL &
so I've created two projects for this week!
MariaElena has commented on my church window & has won it!
I'm so happy that she has framed it
& that she is so amazed about her neon wallhanging!


Another wonderful thing has happened this week:
Pamela of Crocheters Anonymous has asked me
if I would like to support her & her team
on Crocheters Anonymous Yarnbombers.
I don't have much time at the moment
so it's just for a few posts every week
in the next month.
But I'm very proud to be part of this team now!
There is also Ana with her page Ana's Knits and Pieces,
Sonia of StoryMakers - Portuguese Urban Crafts
who has joined the Yarnbombers page as well
& De'Anna of Unique2who!
We all love special & unique crochet art
& have pages because crochet is just so much more
than just a hobby for us!
I'm happy to be part of this fantastic team now!


So, a few words about a sad but important topic, too.
Some of you already know that I have disabled the message function
on my facebook page.
This has a reason of course.
I totally appreciate that I have many lovely followers
but it was really too much traffic for me now.
I've tried to reply to all messages every day
but it's just not possible anymore.
My page is a place to share my passion with others
but it has become an office.
Sometimes I've had really 18-hours-days -
without the chance to crochet.
I have to solve a lot of problems
because of my depression -
I have ignored reality too long
& have to rescue my studies now
& have to solve financial problems.
I didn't open letters anymore -
quite usual for depressed persons
& there are a lot of problems because of it.

The last thing I need at the moment is stress & pressure.

This CAL has helped me to come out of a real bad state.
I've seen a psychologist last week
because I'm afraid to fall back into a depression.
It has happened to me for the first & hopefully the last time last year.
I know a lot of people who have or had the same problem.
I've also worked in a mental hospital
- teaching patients how to crochet.
A lot of them were in this mental hospital because of a depression.
It's a serious topic & I can only give the advice to visit an expert.
It's important to have friends
but they can't take the responsibility for our life.
And our life is definitely in danger during a depression.
It can lead to problems like homelessness or suicidal tendencies.
It wouldn't help me at all to receive a lot of messages now.
I know, you would be there for me! :-)
Some of the Ladies have similar problems & we already help each other.
The psychologist told me that I'm on a good way -
I'm quite emotional in a positive & also in a negative way.
Much better than feeling nothing! ;-)
I can enjoy my life again & I have wonderful friends.
But I have less energy than I've had before.
And I really don't want an office anymore!
I've worked 5 years as an administration clerk
for the city of munich & it was hell for me!
I wanna be a good social worker or have my own yarn store one day.
So: No office anymore, yippieh!
I wanna share my crochet passion with other persons
& I love to reply comments but I need to focus on my life & crochet! ;-)

This CAL is so important for me
so my page will totally be dedicated to it as long
we are on this journey! ;-)

Haha, the first collage for today!!!
We are really 30 CAL friends now, amazing!
And in this mosaic we can see a beautiful collection of our progress pics!

30 official members, just wow!!!
(And xx secret members! Hello to you!)

My huge "THANK YOU!!!"
goes to my wonderful CAL friends -
Roberta who has made such a beautiful wall hanging with her "Starry Night" project
(I hope you have all seen it, it's in our CAL album now!),
Jodie who has had a fabulous idea,
I can't tell you about it yet but maybe in one of the following weeks... ;-)
Ulrike who has already created on of my Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral's too,
Gwenda - my lovely australian friend who made me so happy
this week with her crocheted presents,
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - a wonderful supporter of this project
& a multicreative person as well
(She is also sewing Cosplay costumes for her daughter!)
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations who has started her "Starry Night"
with a gorgeous spiral moon,
Marina our lovely host in the Freeform Crochet World Group
(best group ever of course!)
& also the administrator of the fab page Freeform Crochet World!
I love her page Snovej, it's great fun to read her blogs!
(Snovej Crafts on facebook - many creative ideas to decorate your home!)
Anouk with her lovely Een steekje verder -
she will be pretty surprised to see our project for this week!!!
MariaElena - not only one of the most funniest persons on earth
but also such a wonderful friend to have!
Lin with my beloved page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
I'm very happy that I've found this beautiful soul in this crochet world!
Shawn of Dragonbird Creations who has a love affair with knitting as well -
she has published such gorgeous knitted creations
in the last weeks that I eventually have to try the knitting thing again too...
Lisbeth - I'm so glad that I've asked her to join this project,
& couldn't imagine this CAL without her awesome puzzle pieces anymore!
Jane from Scotland who doesn't have a problem at all
with the historical mistakes in the movie "Braveheart"!
(Shawn has yarnpainted this movie this week!)
Some of my scottish friends could really learn from her in this case!
Tracy of Eden Reborn - such an open-minded & clever friend!
We share more than the love for crochet, philosophy & music.
It's wonderful to be your "neon firefly" my cute little fox!
So glad you are back in the virtual world,
you are such a strong Lady,
hope life will soon be easier for you again!
Tracy's blog is gorgeous as well by the way!
Jenny with her amazing page Craft Cove & her blog,
I'm so sorry I couldn't complete your pattern testing in time,
it's completed but I want to read the pattern & my notes again,
I just needed a doing-nothing-break this weekend...
Donna of Walker's Whimsies with her brilliant eye for art!
Sometimes I wish I would have a more-than-crochet-related-page,
than I could share so much from her page!
Anne who is a passionate fan of crochet art as I am!
There is Zelna of Zooty Owl, my favourite patter designer
but also a fabulous friend in this virtual crochet world.
Her Happy Days CAL is such a wonderful project for me -
I will show you my progress in a few days!
Monique of Yemanja who is presenting her puzzle pieces
in Greece in public -
it's wonderful to read that so many
people are fascinated about our free way to crochet!
Saskia who has the artist name "MalleSas"
when she is painting her wonderful art!
Cilly who has lots of fun with this project
& has also discovered her love for neon orange!
Michi with her beautiful page Knittenfee
who creates awesome freeform stuff
& is also a damn talented author for children's books!
Thank you so much for sending me your book!
Brenda who has joined us on this freeform adventure
& grows a beautiful multicoloured glitter CAL!
Enna with her page Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her blog Mishook -
she is creating such beautiful freeform accessoires, so inspiring!
I hope we can freeform together for a few hours
when I'm in Leipzig the next time!
Nancy who has great fun with our CAL but is
already creating other beautiful freeform scrumbles
as we could see this week in the "Freeform Crochet World Group"!
Judy who has joined us last week with her beautiful first puzzle pieces,
she has just started freeforming with this project
& it looks great what she has yarnpainted so far!

And a heartly welcome to our new friends:

Nora has joined us now & has already crocheted her first 3 projects!
There's already a lot of creative spirit to see
& I can't wait to see it grow!

Jacqui has entered our team with her page Hooky Delights.
She is already an experienced freeformer
& I'm a huge fan of her mandrakes, have a look at her page! ;-)

And we have Denise now in our team -
she has already crocheted her first parts of this journey
& we have obviously another creative soul in our amazing CAL Club!

♥♥♥Thank you so much!♥♥♥

Time to show you some new progress pictures!

Progress collage 1:

...and number 2! Awesome!!!

Collage 2:

And our new favourite-movie-projects!
So beautiful!

Now someone will be quite surprised, haha!
Anouk, this week's project is based on YOUR idea!
We will yarnpaint one of our feet!
Anouk has showed me this picture when she has started her CAL...

I haven't realized that it has 6 toes!
We have already seen Lin's 6 finger hand
but: Why not?
There are really persons in this world with 6 fingers or toes!

I think it's time to celebrate our feet.
I find it kind of sad that a lot of people don't like their feet.
They aren't ugly, they are damn special & unique!
And they bring us to our favourite yarn store!
You might remember that I have huge hands -
my feet are huge, too!
My european shoe size is 42 (UK: 7 1/2, US: 10)!
I'm pretty proud of my big toe -
it's very big as you can see on this picture!

We need a sketch, so I really want you to colour one of your feet!
I've used a sheet of paper & have painted my foot with watercolours!
It tickles a little bit but it's great fun!
If you don't have flatfeet you have to add some colour in the end...
(My pink parts!)

I've missed to crochet with my 12mm hook,
so I just took 3 yarns at once & my favourite hook size.

In the end my foot project looks like THIS!
I like it! ;-)

Thank you so much for the idea, Anouk! ;-)

I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!
Next week we will crochet an idea of Lisbeth! ;-)

Stay awesome,
your friend Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

Montag, 11. August 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 13

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
We don't have time pressure!
Even it is the year 2018 or whenever now I will still post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our amazing photo album!
If you wanna join our freeform adventure you can find the first puzzle piece here!

I'm starting this post today with Jenny's fabulous tree project!
A few people have asked because of a pattern & indeed:
A lot of our puzzle pieces would be really complicated
to transfer it into a pattern
but this tree is just perfect to realize & publish it!
I find it great that this CAL project
has given Jenny the inspiration for it.
It's still in the testing phase
but soon it will be available...
If you don't wanna miss it like her beautiful page Craft Cove!
(She is creating awesome jewelry & beautiful gifts as well!
Have a look at her webpage!)

Every Lady is able to freeform without patterns now,
so all of you can be a designer!
If you have a wonderful pattern idea go for it!
I will totally support you!

We have 27 official members now, wow!!!
(Hello to secret members of the Club as well!)

My weekly
goes to my lovely Ladies -
Roberta who isn't only sharing her puzzle pieces with me
but has also become a real good friend,
Jodie who is supporting our CAL friend Jenny this week
with testing her amazing tree pattern,
Ulrike who will probably crochet her own huge Nana now
(I've made a big version of the free
Nana-amigurumi pattern with a 10mm hook...),
Gwenda who has crocheted more than one puzzle piece for our toy-project
(on my facebook page you can also see the little Gwenda with her friends!),
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - my gorgeous english teacher!
I'm not only learning new words, she is also making me aware
of my mistakes, thank you my dear!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations (have a look at her gorgeous
fox cowl she has created in collaboration with her knitting mom!),
Marina with her awesome Freeform Crochet World Group,
& the fabulous Freeform Crochet World!
Such important places for us freeformers!
I can only repeat myself that her free Freeform tutorials on her page Snovej
(Snovej Crafts on facebook) are brilliant & a fab way to create
details for our growing CALs!
Last week she couldn't find her scissors anymore
during her freeform fun with her CAL!
(Just in case someone has missed this gorgeous pic!)

Anouk in our team with her cute page Een steekje verder,
MariaElena who says a lovely good night wish to me every day,
even for her it's just afternoon!
Lin with her gorgeous Crochet in Colour page & her Etsy-Shop -
she has completed the beautiful presents for her beloved grandchildren now
& can't wait to start her "Starry Night" project!
Shawn of Dragonbird Creations who has just invented a gorgeous hood-pattern!
Can't wait to wear my neon version after the pattern testing!
Lisbeth who is an amazing yarn artist
& lovely supporter of my crazy neon page!
Our lovely member Jane from Scotland who grows such lovely details
in her beautiful freeform blanket,
Tracy of Eden Reborn with her wonderful blog
and her heart-warming way to be!
Jenny & her amazing page Craft Cove & her blog
(Can't wait to go on with the pattern testing for your tree!)
Donna of Walker's Whimsies who has published a CAL progress album
on her fabulous page now! So much beautiful pictures to see!
Anne who is a real crochet artist,
I'm looking forward what she will create next!
There is Zelna of Zooty Owl, I'm so enjoying her Happy Days CAL
at the moment, it's not to late to join this adventure as well!
Monique of Yemanja who has finally time to grow her CAL again,
your Cat & your olive tree are awesome!
Saskia aka MalleSas who is already waiting for this blogpost!
Such a pleasure to see how she loves this project!
Cilly who has started her freeform passion with this project
& creates so many fabulous puzzle pieces!
Michi our multicreative new CAL friend,
she is presenting awesome crochet creations on her page Knittenfee
& soon I can read her book for children, too!
Brenda who has already completed her first puzzle pieces
& seems to have a lot of fun with this CAL!
Enna (in Facebook Mishook aka Strikkeliese) who really loves this project!
She has just started a new blog called Mishook,
it's in german but I'm sure she will integrate a translation option to her page
so all of you can understand what she writes about this project! ;-)

Haha, and we have 2 new members, yippiehhh!

Nancy has joined us with her first two beautiful puzzle pieces!
A heartly welcome to you, I love your colour choice
& can't wait to see your blanket grow!

And Judy has joined us now as well!!!
I'm so glad her picture has arrived me now!
It's to late to become part of the collage
& so I will publish her first beautiful puzzle pieces as a single photo!
Welcome in our team Judy, have a wonderful adventure with us!

Let's first have a look at some amazing progress pictures!
I've made 2 this time because the pics are getting to tiny with so many pics!

Collage 1:

Collage 2:

And our wonderful toy-projects!

So but now you all want to know what we will yarnpaint this week...
I've realized an idea based on the idea of more than one member.
Gwenda, Shawn, Tracy, Sandy & Michi
have all brought this idea to me,
so yes: We will yarnpaint our favourite movie!!!
Thank you so much for this week's idea!

It was quite difficult for me!
We are 6 flatmates but we all agree
that we don't wanna have a television possibility in our home.
It's so much nicer to talk to each other
while listening to music!
Of course I love some movies
but actually I haven't really thought about it
before I first got this idea...
And I really needed time to think about it.
Most movies are a waste of time for me
but there are a few I really like!
The scottish movie Trainspotting for example
& "Velvet Goldmine", the movie with the best Soundtrack ever!
But something which will become part of my CAL
has to be REALLY special.
Something that has really touched me deeply.

I thought it's the best to start in the childhood...
I loved 2 movies badly when I was a child
& I'm still watching these movies sometimes:

"The last unicorn"
"War of the buttons" 
(only the version of 1962!!! For me the remakes are a real crime!!!)

The best movie I've seen in the last years is "Frida".
I'm so glad Karen of Crochet me a rainbow 
& I have watched it last week.
It's so hard to make a movie about a person like Frida Kahlo
& it has impressed me so deeply to watch it again.
Before they made movie they were not sure who should get the star role.
I swear I wouldn't have watched it if one of the other
actresses would have got the Frida role.
Salma Hayek was nothing but perfect for this movie.
A great movie about a great woman
& so much better than the usual Hollywood trash.

So here is my puzzle piece for my favourite movies:

The scrumbles to the left & right of Frida Kahlo
are symbols for battlefields -
with the buttons on it they represent
"War of the buttons".
Frida is "Frida".
Maybe not perfect, but for me it's fine.
The unicorn is... "The last unicorn", of course!!!
I like it!

I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry