Montag, 4. Mai 2015

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL - "Week" 26

You need such a visual diary blanket as well?
It's really never to late to start it!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


I'm so blocked when I think about crocheting
the very last puzzle piece!
I have a fabulous idea (given by Sandy)
but I just CAN'T realize it!
So I'm really happy that Saskia
has given me another idea
for a puzzle piece...
Great to have some more time before
going on with the last one! ;-)
Can't say goodbye to this project yet!

It means so much to me
& I'm so happy about
the friendships it has made!

Isn't this amazing:
Lisbeth has crocheted this gorgeous monkey
& has sent it from Denmark to the USA!
A present for her CAL friend MariaElena!
(MariaElena/Malena has also sent lovely gifts
to Lisbeth & me!) 

I bet MariaElena & Greg
have lots of fun with their growing kindergarten!

I received a dreamcatcher &
a crocheted granny heart from MariaElena! ;-)

AND a wonderful scrumble for my CAL
with a beautiful handmade card from Saskia (MalleSas)!

It's so special to have something in your hands
crocheted by lovely friends.
The world is becoming smaller
& it's just amazing to have found
such great playfellows!

And I have to show you some newborn Nanas! :-)
Both are created by our CAL friend Nora
& really special!
On the left a flaming heart Nana
(I might have to borrow your idea, Nora!)
& on the right side
a Nana wearing the colour of Nora's motorcycle!
Nana-Power, yay!
(The free pattern is to find here!)

I'm also in progress with a new Nana!
My Facebook page will have it's
first anniversary on 7 May 2015
& there will be another giveaway Nana! :-)


My greetings go to:
Sandy (Sandy's Sundries),
 Alicia (Marcalic Eve)
Marina (Freeform Crochet World, Freeform Crochet World Group,
Snovej, The Snovej Circle, Snovej Crafts & Kal's of Maine),
 Anouk (Een steekje verder), the highness MariaElena,
 Lin (Crochet in Colour)
Shawn (Dragonbird Creations) Lisbeth,
   Princess Saskia ("MalleSas"),
Michi (Knittenfee),
Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & Mishook), Nancy (Needleful Things),
 Jacqui (Hooky Delights.),
Denise (Wickedcrochet),
Kerry (Silver Owl Promidi),
Shelly (or Shell!)
& Anoinette (Moonbrush Wood Studios)

 ...and: A new member of the CAL Club!
Christine Leconte has found her way to us!
She is a really inspiring freeform artist from France
& I'm so happy & proud she has joined us!

 Here is her puzzle piece number 1,
unique & colourful as all her makings:

And her beautiful hand project:

Welcome to our CAL, Christine!
I wish you a wonderful adventure!

But there are more progress pictures to present!

Bj has crocheted this amazing yarnpainting,
what a wonderful place to stay!

Some gorgeous puzzle pieces of Monique (Yemanja)
have arrived me, first her gorgeous childhood memory project:

Here is Monique's sunny days puzzle piece,
makes happy just to look at it!

...and: Her sensational CAL in progress! Just wow!

And our Antoinette (Moonbrush Wood Studios)!
It's such a pleasure to see your works!
Here you can see her wonderful heart project:

...her homage for Terry Pratchett,
what a piece of art!

And her favourite childhood toy:
Pencils, of course!

And what a tiny detail work for Antoinette's favourite movie:
Groundhog Day! Awesome!

...and just in time this beautiful foot has arrived me!

Thank you so much for presenting me your works,
means so much to me to see it grow!


Our topic this week (haha!) is crocheting
our favourite symbol!
What a great idea of Saskia ("MalleSas")!
I'm attending a real interesting lecture about symbolism
in university at the moment
& actually I wasn't sure what my favourite symbol is
when Saskia gave me her inspiration!

I wanna start with her project
& her own words about it!
Saskia's favourite symbol in yarn:

And her words about this gorgeous crocheted symbol:
"My symbol is the pentagram, it is used by Pagans/witches. I own a lot of pagan books because I am interested in what pagans do. It is a nature religion, you can do what you want but don't harm anyone. I love this, everybody should live by that one rule, there would be peace on the world. :-) "

A beautiful work by a wonderful Lady!
Hugs to my good witch! ;-)

And now my symbol...
First I thought about the "ankh" symbol:

 It's an egyptian hieroglyphic character
& it has different meanings.
It can symbolize life, sun
& it has also inspired the sign for the goddess Venus.

But then I remembered another symbol
which is just perfect for a person like me...
And actually the "ankh" is integrated in it!
An anchor!

An anchor has also several meanings,
it stands for hope & home.
And it's one of the most
popular tattoo symbols ever...
Hope & home are wonderful meanings
but I love this symbol for another reason.

Because of a real special Lady!
She was born as a bavarian princess.
(Of course I'm also a bavarian princess
but she was officially royal!)
Some of you might have seen the Sissi trilogy movies
with Romy Schneider...

I honestly love this movies -
but I read lots of biographical books about the
Empress Elisabeth of Austria 
& her own poem book...
The movies don't show
all the fascinating shades of her personality.

She grew up as a wild nature child 
in the countryside
& married when she was 16.
To become a caged bird.
As a free mind she was suffering
because of the formal & structured life.
One of her daughters died early,
her other children were raised
very strict by her mother-in-law.

She escaped her golden cage
& has travelled the world -
she had problems with her lungs,
the best excuse for her journeys.
She was open-minded,
loved to learn languages
& meet other cultures.

And Sisi (she hated it when people called her "Sissi")
got a tattoo!!!
Her husband Franz Joseph I of Austria was shocked!
About the anchor on her shoulder!
Sisi didn't care.
For her the anchor represented
desire of freedom
& her love for the ocean 
& being on a ship.

The end of her life was so tragical.
An italian anarchist stabbed Sisi
 with a sharpened needle file.
He only knew she was royal.
I wonder if he would have done this to her
if he would have known what
a libertine, rebel & free soul she was. 
What a pretty, strong lady!

There would be many more stories to tell is my anchor!
For my soulsister Sisi
in loving memory:

Haha, I love it!
For the background I tried something funny:
Granny freeforming,
I just played around with granny stitches,
so much fun!
Who says they should be squared?

  PLEASE give me some more ideas!
I don't want to complete this CAL 
but I'm running out of ideas! :-(
And MalleSas,
THANK YOU for your support again, my princess!


Stay awesome my princesses & princes,
 your friend Dada (or Julia)!!!


Let me see your art in Marina's & Donna's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry!