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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 11

You have missed the first 10 weeks? We don't have time pressure at all!
If you want to join our freeform adventure you will find the first puzzle piece here!

We have 22 official members now!!!
(And also some secret members of the Club...).
I hope we will get some more members now:
My small Dada Neon Crochet page has received
Crocheters Anonymous huge support,
Pamela & her team have shared my page on several
Crocheters Anonymous pages...
It's really a honour for me as I'm a huge fan of all pages.
If you don't have these pages in your newsfeed:
Go for it, they are all amazing!
Here is our collage I've created for the 1000 friends milestone.
I've started this page on my own but it has grown to a team -
it's such a pleasure for me to see in how many ways
you are supporting me.
I have to complete my studies now & have less time
so it's fabulous to have your support:
I'm getting shouts in comments when someone has spied
an artist or picture I could share on my page
& it's wonderful to see how you are trying
to encourage people to join us.
You have created something beautiful, you have a fabulous idea,
you have invented a lovely pattern:
You can totally use my page to share your ideas!
I'm so proud of all of you!

In the beginning of this post I have to speak out a special "Thank you!!!"
to my first Ladies  
Our warm-hearted Roberta who has invented
such a fantastic & unique freeform technique,
Our lovely Jodie who is not only a fabulous freeformer
but also a passionate Ukulele player
(I so have to learn it, too!!!),
our talented & creative Ulrike who is supporting our project in other groups
as the Freeform Crochet World Group as well (Thank you!!!),
Gwenda with her outstanding beautiful name & her lovely soul
(I hope you have all seen her amazing freeform coat I've posted
on my page some time ago!),
Sandy who is so damn talented that she often drives me to tears
because of the beauty of her yarnpaintings
(Sandy's Sundries & her lovely Etsy-Shop).

I was in a bad state when I've started this project.
I couldn't feel joy anymore & I wasn't able anymore
to care for myself or my daily life stuff.
Step by step & week by week
you made me feel better & better.
You are all damn special & talented persons
& I'm sure I wouldn't be back to life again as I am now
without you beautiful souls.
Thank you for saving me.

But of course also a big "Thank you!" to
Alicia with her page wonderful page Marcalic's Creations,
Marina - our lovely host in the Freeform Crochet World Group
& the Freeform Crochet World, too!
She is a self-declared "busy bee" & I think she won't mind
if I'm repeating these words here... ;-)
Multicreative people need several platforms -
If you don't wanna miss posts on her fabulous webpage Snovej
join her Facebook page Snovej Crafts  ;-)
I so respect her work -
Freeform, Crochet, Recipes, Tutorials, DIY -Wow!
There's our Anouk with her gorgeous bilingual page Een steekje verder
our MariaElena who has captured our hearts by storm, 
our lovely Lin with her wonderful page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop
(I couldn't imagine Facebook without her page anymore!),
Shawn & her outstanding page Dragonbird Creations
(so glad you are back again from your journey!),
Lisbeth who fell in love with Swirly hearts in the last week,
our gorgeous spiral-addicted Jane,
there is our Tracy & her fantastic page Eden Reborn -
please read her blog, too! It's damn interesting & important
what she has posted last week!
Thank you to Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog,
(she is creating such beautiful things, have a look!)
& our yarn artist Donna of Walker's Whimsies who is always a great help
concerning crochet techniques & art!
Our Anne... I could see amazing Crochet Art on her profile... Wow!
(Please change the settings of your pics to "public"
otherwise I can't share it!)
We have Zelna in this team now -
her page Zooty Owl & her blog are so important for me!
Thank you for having freeform fun with us now!
Our Monique with her interesting dream job
& her creative page Yemanja are also part of this team...

...and: I can announce 2 new members, yay!!!
Saskia has found our way to us & her CAL is already growing so fast & beautiful!
And we have a new member from Germany:
Cilly - She has joined today with her first fabulous puzzle piece!
Here are some beautiful progress pics:

And here are hearts for people we have lost
& miss badly...

So: but here is the project for this week...
A few Ladies have the same wish for a project
but it has to wait - I have no idea what to realize yet
because it's just not my world, haha!
But there's one thing I know for sure:
It's my favourite book!
I'm a great reader & my Dad has introduced me
to his favourite author when I was 12.
He gave me the book "Siddhartha" written by Hermann Hesse.
I so fell in love with this author, too.
I read everything - the novels, the poems the short stories, 
the philosophical & political books,
the biographies about him.
I'm collecting editions in all languages of my favourite book
- Steppenwolf -
& I've travelled to all his life stations...
Here is a pic of me with a Hermann Hesse statue
- it's in Gaienhofen in Germany where he has built his first house:

I also lived near Montagnola - in the italian speaking part of Switzerland.
Actually I only wanted to visit his grave & the places he has loved so much.
I love travelling on my own with my little tent -
and the destinations of my journeys are prefered places 
where my favourite philosophers, poets & authors have their grave.
Hesse has spent more than half of his life here.
His grave is in Gentilino near Montagnola & I've visited it quite often.
Because I've decided after 2 weeks in Ticino
to quit my job & move to this beautiful area. ;-)

But enough about me, here is my project:
I've chosen a Andy Warhol portrait of Hermann Hesse
for my Steppenwolf interpretation
because you just can't separate this author from his work.
He wrote it during his tough midlife crisis -
his best friend Hugo Ball has died
(He gave the Dadaism to this world by the way -
the first name of my inner child Dada Neon is based on it!)
& he made a psychoanalysis with C.G. Jung.
I could have easily yarnpainted a wolf
but it's not that simple.
You can't see the wolf of a person
because the wolf hides itself in the inside of  a person.
Hesse was a Steppenwolf & so am I.
This is Andy Warhol's version:

And here is my neon interpretation:

It's pretty hard to yarnpaint a face...
I've tried it in different ways
& started it again and again...
I will work out more details
but all in all I'm quite satisfied now - finally!!!
Hey, you don't have to create the author -
get inspired by looking at covers of your favourite book,
if you can't decide choose
the favourite book of your childhood,
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" or whatever...
And if you don't know how to realize it ask me.
I really enjoy projects with completely different versions of a puzzle piece -
Be creative! (I know you will!)

And something else:
Actually I wanted to write about it in the last CAL blogpost
(no worries, still 20 or 30 or whatever weeks left!).
But there's someone in our team who has the same opinion
& also totally believes in what we are doing here...
Tracy also thinks the world has to see our art!
I will send you to a photographer in the end.
I want a printed art book with our CALs & your stories about it.
It's special what we are doing & we have to do it not only
because I love books & because I'm your biggest fan.
We need it to see our blankets in an art gallery one day.
Not in a small town gallery or something like that.
Our works are priceless & we need a damn good gallery
that can guarantee for the security & safe shipping of the afghans.
It will take a few years - the big galleries
have planned their exhibitions long before it's happening.

We have a network -
members from all over the planet.
Once we have a book we can go to gallerys,
we can carry it around every day
& if we meet persons by accident with good connections
we have something to blow them away.
I know that some Ladies have a financial problem as I do.
So it's time to start saving money NOW.
It can be in a few years in Africa, Australia, in the USA, in Europe - wherever.
I wanna give ALL of my Ladies a huge non-virtual hug
when it will happen!

So, now I should actually tell you another reason
why you are princesses for me.
But I need a reason of my post last week again:
I totally believe that something can happen in the real world
if many people have the same dream.
And when all of my princesses
believe in this project & what we can achieve
it will happen.

Dream on as strong as you can
& help Tracy and me to make our dream come true.
Stay awesome & sorry again for the belated post:

Your friend Dada 

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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