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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 10

You have missed the first 9 weeks? We don't have time pressure at all!
If you want to join our freeform adventure you will find the first puzzle piece here!

Unbelievable things are going on & we have
20 official members now!!!
(Hello again to our secret members of the Club!)
I'm so glad about every single person in our team, so:
Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike, Gwenda,
Sandy with her page Sandy's Sundries & her beautiful Etsy-Shop,
our CAL friend Alicia with her page Marcalic's Creations,
Marina who gives us freeformers such a lovely home in the Freeform Crochet World Group
& shows us awesome Freeform Art in the
Freeform Crochet World, too!
On her website Snovej she is offering us fantastic freeform photo tutorials -
perfect for creating some gorgeous details for our growing CALs by the way! ;-)
We have Anouk in our team with her lovely page Een steekje verder
our MariaElena (I so love her humour!!!), 
my friend Lin with her feel-at-home-page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop,
our new CAL friend Shawn who blew us away with her Dragonbird Creations
& her shiny positive energy,
our Lisbeth - it's so much fun to see how she enjoys this project,
our spiral-loving CAL friend Jane who loves to grow her CAL
with the lovely company of her cute little daughter,
we have Tracy & her fabulous page Eden Reborn in our team -
this morning I found an overwhelming photo of her family hand project
in the Freeform Crochet World Group... Just wow!
Jenny with her colourful page Craft Cove & her beautiful blog
has already crocheted her wonderful first 5 puzzle pieces
& my friend Donna of Walker's Whimsies has crocheted her
first projects with so much love, skills & details,
a huge welcome to our new member Anne
who has decided to walk this freeform way with us!
It's so unreal for me to write the following lines
because I still have doubts if I went totally crazy now or not:
My favourite pattern designer Zelna Olivier
has decided to join this CAL project.
Zooty Owl is responsible for so many projects on my to-crochet-list
& her blog is such an important place in the world-wide-web for me!
Thank you so much, Zelna!
You really made me feel like being in a fairy tale!
She has just started a wonderful CAL on her blog, too...
I really don't have much time at the moment
but I will totally join it with a neon version of her Happy Days CAL!
She gives us comfortable two weeks for every project...
Would be great if some of you would join, too!
Just in time a new member has officially joined!
Her name is Monique & on her page Yemanja you can see
that she isn't just crocheting but also having a dream job:
Doing creative things like theater fun with children!
At the moment in Greece, wow!!!

Let's have a look at some beautiful creations of the
paint-your-favourite-song project!

And here is a playlist with our favourite songs - 
even all the future projects will be added to it
so we can enjoy all beloved songs of our members!

Here you go!

And of course I will also show you some new progress pictures...
So beautiful!!!
It's becoming quite complicated with so many members -
just in case I forgot pictures:
Complain! I can just create a new collage & edit a post ;-)
And again: Picasa decides how big the pics are, not me!

It's not only wonderful for me to see your CALs grow - 
there's something special about this CAL Club.
Friendships have started
& this week's project is actually the project of my friend Gwenda.
We are sharing more with each other than crochet.
She knows when I'm sad or happy
& even she lives in Australia
- so far away from Germany -
we have a deep connection.
Gwenda will share something with us now -
her project has touched me deeply.
It's about one of the hardest things
we have to cope with in life
& a quite sensitive topic.
It's about losing a beloved person
& Gwenda will introduce us to a wonderful person
- Lucy -
in a way which makes you cry & smile at the same time.
Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us, Gwenda!



I first met Lucy thirty-seven years ago. 
She is the mother of John (husband), and the Grandmother of our children. 
She was the most wonderful mother, mother-in-law, 
grandmother and friend anybody could have.  
She never interfered, and I know she probably would have liked to, 
she always gave us her time and listened to all we had to say. 

Lucy had a devastating stroke on Friday the 27th of June, 2014 
and passed away on the 1st of July, 2014. 
She was 95 years old. Far too young. 
As soon as we realised the severity of the situation, 
I made a heart for Lucy and I will be reminded of this “Heart for Lucy” 
every time I look at the blanket.  

I saw the heart a little while before Lucy got sick 
and copied it as I remembered it. 
I love it and the original comes from, Marina's heart pillow. 
Lucy held the heart just before she passed away and also the blanket 
which she had asked me to bring for her to see when we first started the CAL.  
She loved all the hooking I did and she was making booties 
for babies in hospitals until she had the stroke. 
I now will put the ribbons in them.  
Lucy really didn’t like putting the ribbons in the booties 
and although I offered to do it for her on many occasions, 
she never took me up on the offer.

Lucy wanted four red roses on her coffin, one for each of her children. 
Today the rose is fully open. Beautiful.

Today I think “I must tell Lucy that.”  
I guess it will take a while to be comprehended fully that I can’t do that. 
I will miss her and always remember her with enormous love and passion. 

The colours in the heart are colours Lucy loved.  
Memories of Lucy by Gwenda.


Here you can see a photo of Marina's beautiful pattern
Gwenda has used as an inspiration for her "Lucy Heart".

So, that's my heart I've planted
for all the beloved persons
I've already lost on in my life.
There were so many memories
coming over me while creating it.
I've used Marina's Two-Color-Spiral tutorial for my heart.
(And have learned to create a magic ring with one of her photos!)
And I've planted a Forget-me-not flower on it.
Because I think it's important
to keep beloved persons in our thoughts.
(Even it can hurt badly!)
And maybe also a little bit because
I don't wanna be forgotten myself
when I'm gone.
In german this flower has the same meaning & name:
Isn't it a beautiful name?!

Here is a picture of me with my CAL,
MariaElena wanted to see a photo & her wish is my order! ;-)
Two of my favourite things on it:
My CAL & Zooty Owl's Road Trip Scarf ;-)

And now some of you are maybe interested
why you are all princesses & princes for me.
I will write down my first intention now:

It needs a lot of courage to leave the patterns
& to go your own way.
Freeforming also means
to create your own rules
& not to follow a structure given by another mind.
It's art, it's a cure for our inner child
& you need fantasy & the ability to dream to create something unique.
Art brings us in touch with our feelings,
what we actually are.
And all of you have found YOUR way in this adventure.
That's only one reason for me
why I have planted a crown on top of my
CAL Club Heart,
I will tell you one more next week...

Dream on & stay awesome you wonderful beings!
Your friend Dada or Julia - whatever you prefer ;-)

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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