Montag, 14. Juli 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 9

So many new CAL members these days!!! You have missed the first 8 weeks, too? We don't have time pressure at all, if you want to join our adventure you will find the first puzzle piece here!

Such an exciting week with so many new members!!!
One of our new CAL friends - Shawn - had a brilliant idea!
But first I will show you some progress pictures & works of new CAL friends!!!
Have a look at these beautiful eye creations for the project of week 8!

The size of the pictures has nothing to do with me by the way!
I'm creating them with Picasa & this software just does what it does!!!
And these are the projects of our lovely new CAL friends
& more progress pictures of good old members!!!

We have 17 official members now!!!
(Hello again to our inofficial Freeform friends!)
Thank you to all my CAL Club members
who are sharing this art adventure with me!
Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike, Gwenda, Sandy
(This lady makes me flabbergasted - many weeks after she has joined this CAL
I found out by myself that she has an Etsy-Shop
& a Facebook page called Sandy's Sundries!!!
Sandy: You are a damn special person,
so glad to have you in this team!),
Alicia (Marcalic's Creations),
Marina (Snovej),
Anouk (Een steekje verder), 
MariaElena (Have a fabulous time in Canada!), 
Lin (Crochet in Colour) - I hope you have all seen her 6-finger-hand!!!,
Shawn (Dragonbird Creations)...
I have to write a few words about Shawn...
She has made something unbelievable:
It took her a week to catch up with my own progress!
I've had her amazing Freeform Blanket in my favourites on Ravelry,
searched for her on Facebook & was shocked:
82 likes & such a wonderful page!
I've asked her if she would be interested in joining our CAL
& I'm so glad she did it!
The idea I've realized for this week is hers, too...

Shawn is awesome, isn't she? ;-)
But let me go on:
We have Lisbeth in our team now with her non-reversible expressionistic style,
we have a new CAL friend in Jane from Scotland - she loves spirals
& I'm sure we can expect even more spirals in her beautiful growing CAL,
there is Tracy with her gorgeous page Eden Reborn -
she came to the brilliant idea to crochet all hands of her family members...
We have Jenny in our team now with her fabulous page Craft Cove
& it's a special pleasure for me to tell you that my friend
Donna of Walker's Whimsies has decided
to join us as well!!!

Wow! So much to write but now it's time to present you the project of week 9!
Shawn has given me her inspiration for this week...
We will yarnpaint our favourite song!!!
Music is something damn important.
And everyone has a special song with a special meaning.
I've already showed you my favourite Song two weeks ago:
"Welcome Home" by Radical Face.
I've used some lines of the lyrics for my own project:

"Ships are launching from my chest,
Some have names but most do not
If you find one, please let me know what piece I've lost"

Haha, you can't see the ships!!!
I've ordered small ship patches, my ship experiments were looking too funny!
I need smaller hooks!
Here you can see a picture of my CAL...

If you aren't sure about your favourite song
listen to some music you love.
You will feel it.
If your favourite song doesn't have lyrics
yarnpaint what you feel when you are listening to it.
If it's a classical composer who gave birth to a melody:
Yarnpaint her or him!
I've done it before with my favourite composer Bach!

If you aren't sure how to paint it, ask me on Facebook,
I have too much fantasy & will surely find inspirations for you.
I've added my own Swirly Heart & it is wearing a crown.
The heart is a symbol for all of my CAL friends.
Even if it may take some time - all of you will receive one.
In the following weeks I will tell you step by step
why you are princesses & princes for me.
If you attach the heart to your CAL or not:
I want you to add a crown yourself
when you are reading one of my reasons
while having the feeling:
This crazy crochet woman is speaking the truth:
I am a princess - or a prince!

Let me see your art on Facebook or Ravelry
& don't forget to stay awesome!

Your friend Dada

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