Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 20

You need a personal freeform blanket, too?
Whenever you start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


 Yay, time to celebrate!
We are on this freeform adventure for such a long time now -
20 unique puzzle pieces, awesome!
I'm bad with my time management again - as always!
But yesterday I just had to spend the day outside with friends -
maybe it was the last day of summer
& so I had to enjoy the sun outside! :-)
I'm so excited about my Happy Days CAL (Zooty Owl),
yesterday I could almost complete my last square -
only one row was missing before I ran out of neon yellow! :-(
Here is a pic of my CAL parts 1-7:

Straight after the blogpost I will crochet the last row
& soon I'll have a fantastic blanket! :-)
Haha, thank you Zelna!!!

Just a few words before my weekly "Hello!",
I always wanna write about it & then I forget
about it again:

Please don't care about the number of "likes" on your works 
on Facebook, they really don't say much!
If you don't pay money for "promoting" a page
(something I would never ever do)
posts don't appear in all newsfeeds.
The other page Ladies know what I mean -
we can see the reach of every single post
(how many people have actually seen a post).
Some posts have 3 times the reach than others
& of course they have more "likes" for this reason.
On the weekend the reach is always smaller -
people spend more time with their families
& page owners with a Monday-to-Friday full-time-job
have more time to make posts.
Many people look up their newsfeed
on a smartphone -
if you wanna make sure that they can see your
full photo cut it as a square -
this makes your work totally visible
(Otherwise they may only see two third of the pic or so).
You can all be proud of yourself!
I'm only using your first names
in the post but you are totally
invited to use the tag-option on the photo!


A huge "Thank you!"
to my awesome CAL Club members!
34 CAL friends now, wow!
(Lovely greetings to our inofficial members, too!)

Lovely greetings to Roberta,
 it's so beautiful to see your creative makings!
Love your "His Eye is on the Sparrow" work!
Haha, Jodie it made me laugh to see
that you also would love to do
Dedri Uys Block a Week CAL 2014!
Hey, we are late but there is no too late! ;-)
Lovely greetings to our CAL friend Ulrike in Austria!
A special "Thank you!" to Gwenda!
The project for this week is based on your idea
& it was wonderful to create this puzzle piece!
 Thank you to Sandy (Sandy's Sundries & also here on Etsy) -
hugs, hope everything is shiny around you!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
 now I have my spinning wheel!!!
I also got me 3 kg of fresh sheared wool.
Will start my adventure in the next days, too! :-)

Thank you to Marina & her wonderful Freeform Crochet World Group
& her Freeform Crochet World!
 Always lots of links when I'm sending my greetings to you
but all of them are important for us,
so here also the advice again to visit
(Snovej Crafts on Facebook!).
I hope you are enjoying being at home again
after your adventures while travelling! ;-)
"Hello!" to the Netherlands & CAL friend Anouk of Een steekje verder!
 Ohhh MariaElena, you lovely tree hugger!
At the moment you are on top of my timeline
while cuddling a tree made of yarn!
It's so great to have people on this planet like you -
the earth is in need of people bringing smiles to the world. :-)
Thank you so much for your shiny energy
& for being a friend!
Hugs to Lin with her beautiful page Crochet in Colour
(also here on Etsy!)!
I'm so happy to have you & your page in this virtual world! :-)
I just found the link to Make Falkor's Story Neverending
on your gorgeous page
& I will spread this story here, too:
A lovely dog needs a surgery
but the family doesn't have the money.
They will make an auction & sell homemade creations,
please like this page & spread it!!!
 Lovely greetings to Shawn of Dragonbird Creations,
 your dreams are as funny as you! ;-)
You can read the dream on her page,
she has joined a crochet contest
& could only present a scarf made of cheese
while the others were presenting
afghans sized like sky scrapers!
Haha, no worries Shawn!
I'm sure you could win every contest! ;-)
Thank you for being part of this CAL, Lisbeth!
Your freeform makings are so inspiring
& it made me so happy to see
how much you enjoy the Sophie's Garden pattern, too!
 Greetings to Jane, I'm so happy to have guests from
Scotland here at the moment! :-)
Hugs to Tracy of Eden Reborn & also All Our Own Crafts Gallery now -
 I love your octopus! Need one, too!!!
Greetings to Jenny & her beautiful page Craft Cove
(also here with lots of awesome makings!)!
 Donna & Walker's Whimsies -
it's awesome what you are discovering
in the world of art,
such a pleasure to visit your timeline-gallery!
 Lovely greetings to Anne,
great & cute yarnbombings again!
Still think you NEED a page! ;-)
Zelna of Zooty Owl -
in the next days my Happy Days CAL will be completed!
Somehow I'm also a little bit sad!
I hope you will do other CAL's in the future,
I'll join it again, promise! :-)
Sending you lovely greetings to South Africa!
Monique of Yemanja -
 you have made such a great yarnbombing
with 2 of Zelna's patterns
(Starflower Mandala & Dahlia Mandala)
have to show it here again, awesome! :-)

Lovely greetings to Saskia ("MalleSas")!
 Hope you have a wonderful stay in Belgium!
Sooo cool having a friend like you,
can't wait to see our special future pics with our CALs! ;-)
Greetings to Cilly -
don't forget to show me your progress with
your awesome huge yarnpainting!
 Aww, Michi! (here is her virtual home: "Knittenfee"!) -
we have the best childhood hero ever:
Pippi Longstocking - what a princess
creating her own world!
Lovely greetings to Brenda,
hope everything is fine around you!
Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & in the blogworld Mishook) -
sending you "Liebe Grüße" to Leipzig!
  Nancy of Needleful Things!
It's great to see how much you enjoy this CAL
& the freedom we have because of freeform!
 Lovely greetings to Judy!
I'm sending greetings to our CAL friend Nora!
Jacqui of Hooky Delights. -
haha, I've just seen you have already crocheted
a fantastic DeathStar Cushion!
It's on the to-crochet-list of our CAL friend Alex, too!
Sooo cool! ;-)
Denise of Wickedcrochet (her on Etsy!)
OMG, you are a genius!!!
I've already admired this awesome piece of art when I saw it before...
I had no idea it was your work,
I love Edvard Munch's "The scream" painting!
And your chair is nothing but adorable!
Please have all look at THIS:
IFFCG 2012 Challenge
Please upload it on your page,
I HAVE to share it! ;-)
A hug to Alex, he is already in bed!
Today he has bought his first own yarn!
(That's ok, I really have enough!)
I've teached him crocheting short time ago
& it's unbelievable what he is freeforming.
Seriously: we can expect something awesome!
Some people are just natural born freeformers...
 Lovely greetings to Lisa of Knotty Girl Yarn Art!
Can't wait to see your CAL grow!
Lindy, your CAL has grown so beautiful & fast!
I really love your style & your yarn choices!

And: We have a new member again!!!
Anne has joined us with her first gorgeous puzzle piece!
Thank you so much for going on this adventure with us,
it's so much freedom to leave the patterns
& you will have the best company
with my lovely Ladies & our Gentleman! ;-)
Welcome to our CAL Club, Anne!

Of course we will have a look at some beautiful progress pics!

Collage 1:

Collage 2:

...and Collage 3 (with the teddy of Denise!!!)

And here is already the favourite-colour-puzzle-piece
crocheted by our CAL friend Michi!
She has also more than one favourite colour
& has started her beautiful work
with Marina's 4-color-spiral-tutorial I guess!


 This week's project is really special
& it's based on the idea of our CAL friend Gwenda.
You may wonder why my puzzle piece looks like it does -
it depends on my favourite poem!
Gwenda wrote me that she would love to crochet her
most beloved poem.
I never read this poem before
but now I love it, too!
It's a wonderful poem by Jenny Joseph:



When I am an old woman I shall wear purple 
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me. 
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves 
And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter. 
I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired 
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells 
And run my stick along the public railings 
And make up for the sobriety of my youth. 
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain 
And pick flowers in other people's gardens 
And learn to spit. 

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat 
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go 
Or only bread and pickle for a week 
And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes. 

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry 
And pay our rent and not swear in the street 
And set a good example for the children. 
We must have friends to dinner and read the papers. 

But maybe I ought to practice a little now? 
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised 
When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

Jenny Joseph


I can't wait to see Gwenda's puzzle piece -
I'm already sure she will integrate purple & red yarn! ;-)

Sooo, my poem...
I know it by heart even it is quite long.
I'm quite into poetry & have a huge collection of books
but no other poem can touch me the way
Rainer Maria Rilke's "Die Blinde" does.
It wasn't easy to find a translation into the english language
but here it is:



you arent't afraid to speak of it?

It's so far away. That was someone else.
Who saw back then, who lived, lived aloud and looking,
who died.

And died a hard death?

Dying's cruel to the unsuspecting.
One must be strong even when strangers die.

She was a stranger to you?

----Or: she has become so.
Death estranges even the child from the mother.
But it was terrible in those first days.
My entire body was a wound. The world
that blooms and rispens in things
had been torn out of me with its roots
with my heart (it seemed), and I lay
like churned-up earth and drunk
the cold raining of my tears,
which out of dead eyes ceaselessly
and softly streamed, the way from empty heavens,
when God has died, the clouds fall.
And my hearing was open to everything.
I heard things that are not audible:
time, which rang in thinnest crystal,--
and felt: close to my hand the breath
of a great white rose went past.
And over and over I thought: night and: night
and believed I saw the bright strip
that would fan out like a day;
and believed I neared the morning
that had long rested in my hands.
I woke my mother when slept slowly
fell down off my dark face,
I called to her: " Mother, come quickly!
Bring light!"
And listened. Long long it was silent,
and I felt my pillows turned to stone, --
then it was if I saw something shine:
it was my mother's grief-filled weeping,
about which I no longer wish to think.
Bring light! Bring light! I screamed it in dreams:
Space has caved in. Take the space
off my face and off my breast.
You must lift it, lift it up high,
must give it back to the stars;
I can't live like this, with the sky upon me.
But do I speak to you, Mother?
Or to whom? Who is over there?
Who stands behind the curtain? -- Winter?
Mother: Storm? Mother: Night? Say something!
Or else: Day?....Day?
Without me! How can it be day without me?
Am I missed nowhere?
Does no one asked about me?
Are we entirely forgotten?
We?.... But you are there;
you still have everything, no?
All things still busily attend your sight,
caring for its needs.
When your eyes rest,
and no matter how tired they were,
they can still rise again.
.....Mine are silent.
My flowers will lose their colors.
My mirrows will freeze over.
In my books the lines will run together.
My birds will flutter in the narrow streets
and hunt themselves at unknown windows.
Nothing is joined with me anymore.
All have abandoned me.
I am an island.

And I have come across the sea.

What? To the island?.....Journeyed here?

I am still in the skiff.
I have lightly berthed it ---
next to you. It rocks gently:
its flag blows landward.

I am an island and alone.
I am rich.---
At first, when the old paths where still
in my nerves, well-marked
from so much use:
then I suffered too.
Everything in my heart went away,
I didn't know at first where to search;
but then I found them all there,
all my feelings, all that I am,
stood together and thronged and screamed
at the walled-up eyes, which refused to move.
All my led-astray feelings....
I don't know if they'd stood like that for years,
but I remember the weeks
when they all came back broken
and recognized no one.
Then the path to my eyes grew over.
I no longer know where it is.
Now everything moves about in me
confident and carefree; like convalescents
my feeling move, enjoy the walk
through my body's dark house.
A few like to read
about memories;
but the young ones
all look out.
And wherever they step toward my edge,
my garment is of glass.
My brow sees, my hand reads
poems in other hands.
My foot talks with the stone it treads,
my voice flies out with every bird
beyond the daily walls.
I no longer have to do without now,
all colors are translated
into sounds and smells.
And they ring infinitely sweet
like tones.
Why should I need a book?
The wind leafs through the trees;
and I know what passes there for words,
and sometimes repeat them softly.
And Dead, who plucks eyes like flowers,
doesn't find my eyes.....

I know.


Ohhh, this poem does something with me!
When Gwenda told me about her idea
I didn't have to think about it.
Of course it's "The Blind Woman"!
But how to crochet such a puzzle piece?
I've crocheted "blind" before
& so I came to the idea that I have to create this poem
without using my eyes, too.
First I had to get me lots of yarn strings...

I set an alarm - 2 hours of time.
And I have bandaged my eyes.
I had the yarn mess in a bowl sitting on me.
Crocheting without seeing is strange -
you have no idea which colour you are using
but you can feel the structure.
I never try to feel where the next stitch is -
you just find a loop & you take it.
While crocheting I was quite curious -
how much time has passed?
What will it look like?
Here is my result:

I'm quite pleased with it
& I think I wanna do a framed picture with scrumbles made this way.
There are awesome blind crocheters on this planet
& I think I'll do a blogpost about this topic soon.

I thought about this poem topic in general -
there are people close to poetry on this planet
but maybe some of you don't have a favourite poem.
I think we can totally find poems
in the lyrics of songs, too.
Or maybe you are interested in trying
to freeform without seeing?
Then you can also do a puzzle piece this way! 

A huge "Thank you!" to Gwenda for her wonderful idea!
I can't wait to see YOUR favourite colour projects!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome my princesses & princes,
 your friend Dada (or Julia)!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 19

You need a personal freeform blanket, too?
Whenever you start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


 I hope all of you had a great week!
Mine was pretty good!
Lots of new stitches,
one more guest from Scotland!
(Sarah's boyfriend Adam has joined us!) :-)

My brother surprised me with a visit,
this has made me so happy!
It's great to have such lovely support
& we have spent a real good time together! :-)

I just had to create another 20's hat,
I really fell in love with this pattern!
I'm thinking about crocheting me 4 more -
in my beloved neon colours of course!

You can find the free pattern here on Hopeful Honey's page! ;-)
And I could finally present my huge version of
Lookatwhatimade's fantastic Sophie's Garden Pattern!
For all who wanna have such a blanket, too:
Of course you can also make a normal sized version,
please try it, it's so much fun!

I don't spend much time on Facebook at the moment,
I hope I don't miss too many notifications of you.
I'm still present on the page
but I need much time for paperwork
& the rest of my time is dedicated to crocheting -
the best therapy anyway! ;-)


My weekly "Thank you!"
to my lovely CAL Club members!
We have official 33 CAL friends now!
(A hello to our inofficial members as well!)

Lovely greetings to Roberta,
 our multicreative CAL friend!
Many thanks to Jodie,
the project for this week was based on your idea
& it was a real pleasure to create it! ;-)
 Greetings to our CAL friend Ulrike!
Aww, Gwenda! Your childhood puzzle piece is such
a beautiful work again!
I can't wait to see your completed CAL in the end!
 Thank you to Sandy (Sandy's Sundries & also her beautiful Etsy-Shop) -
I've just seen I've missed your birthday,
a belated Happy-Birthday-Hug!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
hope you have had a great week!
I've bought me a spinning wheel now!
Sooo excited, hope it will arrive in the next days...
Thank you to Marina & her wonderful Freeform Crochet World Group
& her Freeform Crochet World!
 She is also offering us fab tutorial on
(Snovej Crafts on Facebook!)
Lovely greetings to our CAL friend Anouk of Een steekje verder!
 A lovely "Thank you!" to my friend MariaElena -
it's so much fun to have our little chats!
Hugs to my funny princess!
 Much love to my friend Lin with her beautiful page Crochet in Colour
(here is also the link to her Etsy-Shop!)!
Such a pleasure to see you bright & colourful makings,
it's so wonderful to see so many wonderful creations grow!
 Greetings to Shawn of Dragonbird Creations,
 you have grown amazing things again!
I love to visit your page,
there are always such unique stitches to find!
And so much fun!
Lovely greetings to Lisbeth in Denmark!
Your beach-yarnpainting is sooo beautiful!
I guess many of us have the sea
as the favourite place to stay, too!
Lovely greetings to Jane & Scotland, her wonderful country!
Tracy of Eden Reborn - also to find on All Our Own Crafts Gallery now -
You have made so many fingerless gloves, amazing!
I've just crocheted me some too a last week! ;-)
Lovely greetings to Jenny (Craft Cove & also represented on her blog) -
I hope I can finally complete your beautiful pattern this week!
 Greetings to Donna & her art page Walker's Whimsies
(She is also an admin of Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group now!),
you have an amazing taste in all kinds of art!
I'm always happy to find gorgeous artists on your page!
 Lovely greets to Anne,
love to see your unique makings!
Greetings to my friend Zelna of Zooty Owl -
this time I will make it in your next Happy Days CAL blogpost!
Time was working against me
but I've already started my Mandala Squares! ;-)

Congrats to our CAL friend Monique of Yemanja -
 I hope you have a wonderful celebration time,
Yemanja exists 5 years now, yippie!
Hugs to Saskia ("MalleSas" in her artist life)!
I love your creative makings,
your freeformed hood is so cool!
Thank you so much for your lovely support!
 Of course also greetings to Cilly & her beautiful dog!
I love it when animals are modeling for
your CAL pictures! ;-)
A heartly greet to Michi (fab page "Knittenfee"!!!) -
I'm still stuck in the progress for my portrait,
will take some more time,
too many projects, you know what I mean! ;-)
Greetings to our CAL friend Brenda!
A huge "Hallo!" to Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & in the blogworld Mishook) -
I hope everything i fine around you,
last night I've shared your first puzzle pieces again,
such a wonderful photo!
 Lovely greetings to Nancy of Needleful Things!
I've seen your first experiment with tapestry crochet,
just beautiful!
 Greetings to our CAL friend Judy as well-
I hope you are fine!
Of course also a greeting to our talented CAL friend Nora!
Jacqui of Hooky Delights. -
I love the psychedelic wallpainting you are creating for your son!
He can be so happy to have such a creative mother!
Greetings to Denise of Wickedcrochet (her to find on Etsy!)
Thank you again for your beautiful inspiration
for last week's project!
Alex is just sitting next to me!
I would love to show you some new puzzle pieces of him
but he is working on an amazing yarnpainting...
So wow, I hope I can show you some progress pics soon!
Lovely greetings to Lisa of Knotty Girl Yarn Art!
I think you have already a lo of fun with his project!

I can present a new CAL friend!
Lindy has decided to take part in our freeform adventure!
I wish you a wonderful experience on our freeform playground!
Here are her first gorgeous works,
I love to see that all of you have such an unique style!
Fabulous yarn choice, Lindy!

Let's have a look at some new progress pictures, yay!

 And here you can see Gwenda's gorgeous
childhood puzzle piece!


So, but what is the project for this week?
Jodie gave me a wonderful inspiration!
Some of you might remember
that I wanted you to start the puzzle piece for week 1
with yarn in your favourite colour...
It was only a small part in the middle of the project.
This week we will play around a lot with our favourite colour!
Jodie suggested we could try a lot of different stitches
to receive a real special puzzle piece!

It was so much fun!
I wanted to try new stitches as well
but first I've started with some favourite stitches...
The Popcorn Stitch, my beloved Bullion Stitch,
the Basketweave Stitch (I love to play with it!!!)...
It was already so big
& I was in the mood to freeform stitches
with 3D-effects so I didn't try a new one
but improvised...
So much fun to create stitches by yourself!

I can only tell that it was such a great
& also really a new experiment for me!
Because I love using different colours...
I love creating new stitches
(I always try to reconstruct stitches
by looking at a photo -
actually I don't know if it's actually
made in another way.
Doesn't matter if it looks that way!)
For those of you who like crochet videos
to learn new stitches I have to recommend
a wonderful page:

I don't use the videos but the collection of stitches
in the "Crochet Stitchionary" is awesome!
I love to scroll down in this selection
because it's so inspiring & all the beautiful stitches
are on one place to get discovered!
Even if you prefer photo tutorials
have a look at the stitches on this page.
If you fell in love with a stitch
you can just use your favourite search engine
to find a stitch description...

Haha, I guess you already know that my favourite "colour" is neon!
I just had to use all neon shades!
If you have more than one colour you really adore
or maybe a colour combination go for it.
But try to stay with one colour for a while! ;-)
If some of you have more than one favourite colour
you could also start with Marina's 2-4 color spiral tutorial!
I came to this idea when I was already in progress
but maybe someone of you want to start with such a spiral! ;-)

That's how mine looks in the end...
Somehow like a frog!

I can't wait to see YOUR favourite colour projects!
Hugs to Jodie, such a good idea! :-)

I wanted to ask you to take a pic
of your puzzle piece collection...
It doesn't matter if they are already attached or not!
As you all know I would love to have a book dedicated
to our YOUR Personal Freeform CAL.
I have to send awesome pics
when I'm writing to editors,
would be great if you could do me this favour!
If you want to you can be on the pic, too!
I love to see CAL pics with you! ;-)


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome you talented princesses & princes,
it's a pleasure to have such gorgeous playfellows! 
Hugs from your friend Dada (or Julia)!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

The "Sophie's Garden Mandala" as a Blanket!

There are some patterns in this world every crocheter 
should at least create once in a lifetime!
I fell in love with Dedri Uys "Sophie's Garden Mandala" by first sight 
but people who already know me know as well: Too many WIPs, haha!

I was really honoured when my friend Zelna (Zooty Owl)
has invited Dedri Uys of Lookatwhatimade & little me to join in the

When I've seen the beautiful version of the "Sophie's Garden" pattern
crocheted by my friend Lin of Crochet in Colour
I've made the decision to use my favourite hook size
to create a "Sophie's Garden" Blanket...

This work was a real yarneater
but such a pleasure to create!
The written pattern & the tutorial are nothing but perfect!
Almost every crocheter will learn something new -
& even persons with small crochet experience
can create it because Dedri Uys
has made a wonderful photo tutorial
& has also included tips to solve more difficult parts...
Haha & you always get a reason to laugh
because of small funny notes!
And even better: You can crochet this blanket within a short time!

Dedri Uys wrote me today that she was already
working on a big version as well!
She has hurt her finger & so she can't crochet at the moment! :-(
I hope your finger heals soon!
So hard not being able to crochet for a while!

For all of you who want such a huge version of this awesome pattern
I wrote down some information... 

The size: 1,55m x 1,55m (40 inches x 40 inches)

Dada's favourite hook size: 12mm
(I'm an expert concerning 12mm hooks -
PLEASE don't get yourself one with a holder!
You won't have fun!
We need lots of space on our hooks!
Use your favourite search engine
& type in "Acrylic hooks Set of 9"
You should find an amazingly cheap & colourful hook set,
the smallest sizes aren't too perfect
but I never found a better 12mm hook!)

The yarn: all in all 3,3 kg of bulky yarn!!!
(1815 m or so!)

- The neon yellow in the centre was crocheted with 4 skeins
of Schachenmayr Bravo at once
(If you don't have bulky yarn
but tons of normal yarn
you can also go for this option!)

- The neon green is by Schachenmayr Bravo Big,
i needed 2 balls of it (One is 200g)

- I had to go for a cheap option so I've used Zeeman Olga Bulky yarn
in different colours for the rest of my blanket...
All in all I needed 28 balls (100g a ball) of it (some little rests are left).
We have a Zeeman store in my city
& I had to go there again & again! ;-)
The blanket was totally worth it
but if you want to order the yarn
it might be better to visit a local yarn dealer...
  I always got me 5 colours or so
crocheted them away & went back to the store...

The last row needs 1,5 balls for example (150g)...

Just look out for yarn suitable for 10-12mm hooks
in your favourite colours!

Here is the link to the Sophie's Garden Mandala,
hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Some more pics...
I so love huge stitches!!!

Another blanket pic with a happy Dada!

Sooo warm!!!

Nothing better than a huge popcorn-stitch!

 I so hope some of you wanna create a huge version, too! 
If you do so PLEASE share a pic with Dedri on her Facebook-page!
Every designer loves to see your works
& she will surely transfer it to her Sophie's Garden (Mandala) Projects album! ;-)

Stay awesome my princesses & princes!
Your friend Dada!

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - "Week" 18 ;-)

Awww, your own personal freeform blanket as well?
It's never too late to start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


First of all sorry for letting you wait so long.
It's not an easy phase at the moment,
it was really hard for me to quit university.
Sometimes we just have to accept
that we can't stand too much pressure
& that it's more important to care for ourselves.
I really want to complete it in the future
but it's definitely the best to give it a break.
I got medical help & I'm feeling much better since the pain has gone
but my moods are terrible
& there is hard work to do to restructure my life.
It goes up & down at the moment 
but the up's are getting more, so I'm optimistic!
(But sometimes I'm really hard to have around I guess...)
I'm glad for the feedback I've received
after my last post as it was helpful for some of you
but also for persons who aren't part of this CAL Club.
It's important to have this diagnose
to make a change!
We will always be dreamers
but hopefully we will find ways to become
more organized dreamers! ;-)

I'm still bad with my time-management,
so typical me! Will take some time to get better in structure...
I wanted to complete my puzzle piece on Saturday,
write the post on Sunday without time pressure...
Haha, but of course a project came in between. :-)
I just had to create something with the beautiful yarn 
I got me on Saturday...

I was in town with Sarah, Inga, Marlene & Alex.
It's dangerous to come close to a yarnstore
but the others wanted icecream
& there's such a wonderful yarnstore almost next to it...
I tried to resist but...
The rest is history & this is how my new hat looks like:

I love this pattern by Olivia of Hopeful Honey,
so 20's & I really can only recommend it!
Saskia's to-crochet-list has already grown! ;-)


A huge "Thank you!"
to all my lovely official 32 CAL friends
("Thank you!" to the inofficial ones as well!)

Lovely greetings to Roberta,
I hope everything is fine around you!
Jodie is on vacation at the moment, I hope you have a wonderful time!
One of Jodie's creations had lots of shares last week,
I just have to show her beautiful version of Zelna's Cosmos Fields Shawl!

Lovely greetings to Ulrike in Austria
& to my friend Gwenda in Australia -
your favourite place puzzle piece is so beautiful
& your advice helps me a lot! ;-)
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries with her gorgeous Etsy-Shop -
I've just discovered your fab neon pincushion & your lovely words
to me on your page - Thank you so much!!!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
I love your spinning wheel experience pics!
I'm always spying on ebay to get me my own one!
Must be such a pleasure to crochet with home-spun yarn!
Marina & her wonderful Freeform Crochet World Group!
I really don't think there can be a better group on this planet!
Lots of inspiration to find in her Freeform Crochet World as well!
 If you wanna pimp your CAL this link will guide you to her
brilliant freeform tutorials on the end of the article...
(Snovej Crafts on Facebook!)
Anouk of Een steekje verder -
she has given a peak to one of her WIPs...
I'm not sure but could it be the awesome Sophies Garden Mandala
by Dedri Uys (Look At What I Made)?
Can't wait to see it & if I'm right!
 MariaElena - thank you so much for your positive energy,
you are such an important support my dear!
On top of this collage you can see
potholders made by MariaElena's great-grandmother
a long, long time ago.
It's wonderful to have such a crocheted memory...
And I also wanted to show these makings by MariaElena -
so creative & so much fun! :-)

...and of course my friend Lin with her lovely page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
this page is so important for me.
I feel immediately better when I'm visiting her virtual garden
& I love to see all the bright colours
& warm words you can find here. 
 Our amazing CAL friend Shawn of Dragonbird Creations,
 her makings are so wonderful -
even they are knitted sometimes! ;-)
Sometimes I really think I should try knitting again...
Haha, but actually my to-crochet-list should last for a lifetime
so I better stay with my hooks!
Our Lisbeth has crocheted such a gorgeous yarnpainting again,
it's fantastic to see your creations!
It brings so much joy just to look
at your beauty with ponytail & flower!

Greetings to my CAL friend Jane in Scotland,
I better don't start writing about the referendum...
Anyway, many people got more interested in politics
& I hope it will stay this way -
I wish your wonderful country all the best
straight from the heart!
Tracy of Eden Reborn - exciting times!
Amazing that you are a part of All Our Own Crafts Gallery now -
must be fantastic to sell handmade creations in a shop
with other creative persons!
Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog -
 I still haven't completed your wonderful Spiral Geometry Mandala
but I can hopefully present it soon!
My crab stitch wasn't too pretty
for my first star so I've decided to make a second one...
But all the other WIPs, I'm so chaotic with my projects! ;-)
Donna & her beautiful art page Walker's Whimsies,
congrats to you!!!
It made me so happy to see that you are an administrator
of Marina's "Freeform Crochet World Group" now!
Anne this awesome artist -
she has such a talent to make
fantastic small crochet installations
& shows them on her private page.
I still think you need an official page! ;-)
Zelna of Zooty Owl - my Happy Days CAL has grown again
but I couldn't complete it in time for your last blogpost.
Will give my best to make it in time,
so nice to be in one of your posts!
Hope you are fine my dear!
Monique of Yemanja - you have grown awesome works again!
And I love the yarnbombed stones
on your new facebook cover!
I think I'll yarnbomb some too
& leave them on beautiful places! ;-)
Saskia also known as "MalleSas",
I loved your favourite place puzzle piece,
actually the creative part of my brain
is also my favourite place to stay! :-)
And of course here also your cute little Helloween monster!
Thank you for your caring & funny support my dear!

Cilly is working on something awesome:
She is crocheting a yarnpainting of an impressive building
in her city, the "Aquarius Wassermuseum"...
Sooo special, let me see your work when it's completed! ;-)

Michi & her fabulous webpage "Knittenfee" -
 you have crocheted such a gorgeous Elvis
& both of us are in progress with a self-portrait!
Maybe I'll integrate it in my CAL! ;-)
But here is your great crocheted first portrait, wow!

 Brenda - I would love to see your CAL grow,
sending you lovely greetings!
Greetings to Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her blog Mishook) -
I hope everything is fine around you in Leipzig
(I love this city!!!)!
 Nancy (now to find in Facebook as Needleful Things!)
- I think it's fantastic that you might give a wonderful
recreation a try... Nancy has lost a beloved neongreen/forestgreen poncho
made by her mother & wants to create a new one!
Please show me your fab future poncho! ;-)
Greetings to Judy -
I hope you will go on as your first freeform works were really beautiful!
Nora - I've made a freeform case for my
phone now, too: Thank you for the inspiration!
Lovely greetings to Jacqui of Hooky Delights. -
your yarnpainting of your dog is wonderful.
So good your friend Karley has a place in your CAL now...
Denise has joined us (She has a Facebook page & an Etsy-Shop as well!)
I've seen you have crocheted such a beautiful work
for the International FreeForm Fiberarts Guild's challenge 2013!
Thank you so much for the inspiration for this week's project! :-)

Alex is crocheting a lot,
also for his CAL -
it always makes me so happy to see
him crocheting his crazy stuff
(with my yarn!)!!! :-)

And I can announce a new member!!!
Lisa of Knotty Girl Yarn Art has joined our adventure, yay!!!
I could already show you her first beautiful puzzle pieces,
a heartly welcome Lisa, I hope you'll have fun!

Let's have a look at some new progress pictures!
Collage 1:

...Collage 2...

...Collage 3...

...& Collage 4!

 And here you can see the Collage with
the first favourite places...


Sooo, but what will we crochet next?
Denise (Wickedcrochet) has given me some inspirations...
I have prepared one of her ideas for this week:
Childhood memories -
this project will cause many different & unique puzzle pieces again! 
Denise has suggested to yarnpaint our school buildings, too.
I think it's a great idea for all of you who have enjoyed school,
for me it would be difficult as I have visited too many
& I really didn't like going to school...
I've enjoyed my spare time much more
& so I've only crocheted symbols of my free childhood! ;-)

I loved football (american: soccer...)
& so I crocheted one!
I've used a free pattern by Elbpudel
after my first ugly straight freeform try! ;-)

My brother was my best friend during my childhood
but he sadly had a pet hair allergy
so we couldn't have dogs or cats... :-(
We had a garden pond & I loved sitting there
to watch our fishes - goldfishes & small kois.
I've decided to crochet two little fishes
in a garden pond representing also my brother & me.
So glad I've had him,
I was quite a misanthrop when I was a child
& didn't have much friends except my brother Claus.
Dreaming, reading, music, painting -
I wouldn't have had much time for friends anyway!

It has become heart-shaped with the pond,
the football & a table tennis racket... ;-)
You can never have enough hearts in your CAL!

It will have to grow,
I have to create more details,
books & music instruments...
I can't let you wait longer, 
so here is my puzzle piece in progress!
Thank you again to Denise for her inspiration,
I hope you have lots of fun while creating symbols
of your childhood!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome my wonderful princesses & princes,
so glad to have you all!
Your friend Dada or Julia!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry