Montag, 30. Juni 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 7

Oh no! You've just recognized our Freeform Crochet adventure? 
It's never too late to join us, here you can find our first week!

Our Crochet Alongs are growing & so is our CAL Club!
Ulrike has posted some true words in Marina's facebook group
It's not a competition!
It doesn't matter if someone has missed the first weeks
or if you don't have the time to create a puzzle piece within a week.
I love how the members in this group are celebrating
the different styles of the others!
It's art & we all can get inspired by each other -
the more styles the better!
Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike, Gwenda & Sandy are surely
as amazed as me about our new CAL Club members

& Marina Hoffstrom aka Snovej Crafts on facebook (related to her 
wonderful webpage Snovej) aka Freeform Crochet World 
aka Kal's of Maine (She is producing yummi food with her husband as well!).

& Anouk aka Een steekje verder ;-)
(I may have forced her a little bit to join our team -
I saw her beautiful freeform heart
& wanted her so badly in our CAL Club!
She is posting in dutch AND english now!)

& last but not least MariaElena!
All of us might have seen her beautiful first Freeform Crochet picture
in the Freeform Crochet World Group
& we are glad to have you in our team now!

A few more ladies are already interested in joining,
I'm so looking forward for new puzzle piece crocheters!

This week's project means so much to me.
We will yarnpaint the place we call home.
Of course our home is more than a building
but I think a house is a suitable symbol for the feeling of being home.
I hope all of you have the luck to live somewhere
where you can really feel at home.
If not you could maybe crochet the house of your childhood
if you have had a good one.
Of course you can also crochet the house of your dreams!
THIS is my home, my house:

I was living in this building since I've started 
my studies in the university of Gießen in Germany.
I'm quite a restless person, I'm 32 years old now & you won't believe 
in how many different cities & countries I've lived so far!
After a year or so I'm getting bored of a city & I was used to leave 
& move to somewhere else.
In Gießen I've finally found a home with 5 wonderful flatmates.
Sometimes flatmates move out but there's always a special connection
between the people who were living in this flat even when they move out.
I always wanted to stay in this house until I'm old & grey.
It is well known in Gießen as the "K1", a short cut of it's adress.
Last year was a hard year for me.
Somehow it began with the death of my beloved rat Erwin.
I broke up my relationship with one of the best persons on this planet.
It got harder for me to get the usual life stuff done.
I was glad to have my best friend Stephan.
He was planning to move to Aberdeen in Scotland in September.
A few weeks before he has left I've decided to join him.

In the beginning it was an adventure
but after the first months I got so sad!
I was crocheting around the clock
(it always helps me to feel better but it was really to extreme!),
& didn't meet friends anymore.
I got quiet & sad and actually it got only better since I've started this CAL project.
A few weeks ago I went to Germany & I realized
how much my home, my friends & my old flatmates mean to me!
I really love Scotland but here in Gießen is my heart.
I felt so much better here & I just didn't want anything more in life
but coming back to my old life.
Of course someone else was living in my old room now.
I've talked to Inga who has spent a wonderful time 
with my flatmates in the last 9 months.
I asked her if there's maybe a possibility somewhen in the future
to move into this flat again.
She did something extraorinary & unbelievable:
She has applied for a free room in the same house
& that's why I can come home again.
She got this neon unicorn I was creating during the time of waiting for 
the decision but actually I can never pay back what she has done for me.
But hey: She wants to learn to crochet
& we are planning to yarnbomb our bicycles!

Before I show you my crocheted home I would love to present you
my favourite song of my favourite singer, Radical Face.
The topic of our project is perfect to listen to it
& even if I adore this song since 5 years
it has never meant so much to me than now.

This is my crocheted home:

It's still in progress, I will surely add some more details
& I still have to find the right place for my Swirly Heart!
I've crocheted the street because it was easier 
to combine it with the first 6 weeks of the CAL in this way ;-)

Here are instructions again, maybe they can be helpful
(even if I think you're painting your way!).

Maybe another inspiration, a house I've crocheted for an exhibition a few years ago ;-)

I hope you've had a nice time while crocheting this personal puzzle piece for our CAL!
So looking forward to see your yarnpaintings on Facebook or Ravelry!

Stay awesome!
Your CAL friend Dada ;-)

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