Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 21

You want a freeformed visual diary blanket, too?
It's never to late to start it!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


A real belated post 
 but I'm finally in a better condition to get the blogpost done! ;-)
 I was totally out of a regular structure
& it was a pretty hard decision to quit university.
It was important for me to escape from the uni pressure.
I've joined a working programme of the local jobcenter until Friday
which was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Getting up early, getting in contact with lovely people,
having real good coaches -
it has helped me a lot to get into a regular lifestyle again.
But it was exhausting for me!
It made me so much pressure to keep Dada Neon running
that I needed a break from the online world.
Sorry to all my lovely friends!

I'm feeling sooo good again,
self-confident as usual,
able to be happy for small reasons
& I'm feeling strong enough again
to get my university studies done! :-)
I've applied again for the semester starting in April
& I really hope I'll get the opportunity!

For christmas I went to Bavaria
spending time with my parents & my brother,
it was so good to see them all again.
Family is so important
& I'm really sorry for getting out of touch with them
while my depression.
It was such a nice christmas
& I was so amazed about your christmas related
puzzle pieces for your CALs! :-)
Here are the christmas creations of Gwenda, Saskia & MariaElena!

At the moment I'm totally addicted to creating Nanas again -
I wanna try to keep all my Nanas born in 2015,
it's so lovely to have many of them.
Usually I'm giving Nanas as birthday presents
but now I've given away more than 50
& I need some, too! ;-)
I just love the french artist Niki de Saint Phalle
& her Nana statues!
As I have simplified the free pattern of the austrian page Nadelspiel
my Nanas look a little bit different
but you can make a similar Nana with this english translation! ;-)

I don't wanna crochet to much pattern-stuff this year
(Freeform is just so much better!!!)
but I'm totally excited to join the Sophie's universe CAL
by Dedri Uys of Lookatwhatimade!
Her patterns are so funny & so perfect
that you actually forget that you are using a pattern!
Join in, it'll be great fun!

Haha, and of course I hope many of you talented freeformers
will join Prudence Mapstone's awesome event:
Would be great to have my stitches combined with yours
in a freeformed wall hanging!

Trying to stay away from cigarettes is pretty tough for me
at the moment!
I really want to quit but my mood is terrible
& I'm thinking about rolling a cigarette all the time!
I've started smoking when I was 13
& with a year of interruption in between it's 18 years of smoking now!
Way too long!!!
ADD people like me use nicotine as a self-medication
& so it's even harder to let go.
I received a lot of great advices
& I will get me a e-pipe now
to get me some healthier nicotine
when I'm too stressed...
(I'm a real monster right now!)

For all of you thinking about leaving cigarettes behind
a wonderful quote of MariaElena:

"Think of your lungs as rosy little babies,
you wouldn't want to contaminate them with dirty smoke,
would you??"

A huge "Thank you!"
to my awesome CAL Club members!
37 CAL friends now, unbelievable!
(Lovely greetings to our inofficial members, too!)

Greetings to Roberta,
 I'm so happy you love my crocheted Nanas
& that you want to start your own collection!
Jodie, both of us have missed the start of
Dedri Uys Block a Week CAL 2014!
The CAL 2015 is calling us! ;-)
All the best wishes to our CAL friend Ulrike in Austria!
And also this time a huge "Thank you!" to Gwenda!
Puzzle piece 21 is based on one of your ideas again!
Such an important topic again! ;-)
Give a cuddle to Penny,
I wish I would have such a lovely dog
hidingme from my WIPs!

 A huge hug to Sandy (Sandy's Sundries),
I've seen your neon cupcake pincushion on Etsy too late,
if you are crocheting another one let me know!
I really need one because my needles always get lost!
A few days ago I had one pinned in my back
after sewing on Nana breasts! :-)
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
 I'm sending you much love & happiness,
I love your multicreativity:
spinning, drawing, felting, crocheting, awesome!
Such a cool idea to pick your giveaway winner
on a video! Haha, I might borrow your idea
for my next giveaway! ;-)
Lovely greetings to Marina!
 Your Freeform Crochet World Group
& your Freeform Crochet World
are such important places for us freeform crocheters! ;-)
 Haha, the linklist is growing again!
Great to be part of the group The Snovej Circle now, too!
Snovej.com is sooo inspiring
& all freeformers should have Snovej Crafts in the newsfeed!
I've just seen you & your Kal are selling
selfmade wild blueberry mustard?!
Sounds so yummi! (Kal's of Maine!!!)
I couldn't find a way to order a glass,
let me know how to get this mustard
& greets to KAL from the CAL ;-)
Greetings to the Netherlands to our CAL friend Anouk
of Een steekje verder! You have grown some awesome things
on your page since I've last visited it!
 My highness princess MariaElena,
I've missed your humour & care
while I wasn't online!
Sooo good to have you back! :-)
A huge hug to Lin with her fabulous feel-at-home-page Crochet in Colour!
I'm happy to be back in Facebook to see your makings grow!
It's great we both have joined Dedri's Sophie's Universe CAL,
somehow it's like crocheting together! ;-)
(If you want something crocheted by Lin she is here to find on Etsy!)!
Shawn of Dragonbird Creations,
 your current knitting projects are awesome!
If someone brings me to knitting one day
it'll be you!!! :-)
Ohhh, Lisbeth!
It's so nice to imagine how my freeformed Nana
is having fun with your Nana now!
Hugs to Denmark & a cuddle to your Nanas!

 Greetings to Jane & my beloved Scotland! ;-)
Hugs to Tracy of Eden Reborn!!!
I can't wait to see your crocheted ducks
in their full prettiness!
I need one, too!!!
Lovely greetings to our multicreative Jenny & her beautiful page Craft Cove,
I love the peacock earrings you have made!
 Thank you to Donna & her page Walker's Whimsies
for being part of the CAL Club
& for your helpful tip concerning my nicotine addiction!
(Put smoked cigarettes into a jar with water, put a lid on it,
everytime you wanna smoke smell on it!!! Bahhh!)
Lovely greetings to Anne in Brussels! ;-)
Hugs to Zelna (Zooty Owl) -
one day you have to win an award
as the most productive crochet designer on this planet!
I've missed so many of your new patterns,
haha, already crocheted in the future, yes! ;-)
Lovely greetings to Monique of Yemanja -
 it's so cool that you have inspired Marijke to join us
& that you have done the "blind" puzzle piece together!
Your bicycle is almost totally yarnbombed, sooo cool!
Looking forward to see it completed! ;-)
So much love to Saskia (our "MalleSas")!
 Thank you so much for your support & care!
It was so touching to see your christmas puzzle piece
dedicated to me! Hugs!
Greetings to Cilly -
so curious how your watermuseum yarnpainting is growing!
 Belated birthday greetings to our CAL friend Michi!
All the best for you & your page "Knittenfee"!!!
A thank you & greetings to Brenda!!!
Haha, ganz liebe Grüße an Enna
(Mishook aka Strikkeliese & Mishook)!!!
After my studies I'm already planning to move to Leipzig!
We can yarnbomb the city together in the future! ;-)
  A hug to Nancy & her page Needleful Things!
You have created some stunning things again!
 Lovely greetings to Judy as well!
Congrats to our CAL friend Nora!
I've just seen you got engaged in the end of last year!
Yay, time to crochet a wedding dress! ;-)
Haha, Jacqui of Hooky Delights. -
your hat creations are wonderful!!!
Greetings to Denise of Wickedcrochet (here to find on Etsy)!
Your favourite poet is your brother & so you have crocheted him
representing the favourite poem project in your CAL!
I couldn't find the post with his name anymore
but it would be great to present one of his poems
when I add this puzzle piece to our CAL album! ;-)
And of course Alex!
Thank you for being so patient with me
while I'm such a monster because of my nicotine absence! ;-)
 Greetings to Lisa of Knotty Girl Yarn Art &
your beautiful My Little Pony!!!
It's amazing!
A hug to Lindy & greetings to your beautiful CAL!
Lovely greetings to Anne as well!

...and here a special hug to Marijke:
It's unbelievable what you have created 
while I had my offline time...
You had so much fun creating a whole stunning wall hanging:

I'm so happy you found your way to our CAL Club
& it's wonderful you will go on!!!
So wow!!!

I have a feeling that I might have forgot to mention someone...
It's confusing to write a post after such a long time,
so "Sorry!" if I missed someone!
Please complain if you aren't in this post 
or in case I haven't published puzzle pieces on the timeline!

Here are some awesome collages of your works!
There are still some missing because
I haven't posted them on Facebook yet...

Collage 1:

Collage 2:

Collage 3:

Collage 4:

Collage 5:

It's just unbelievable how much beauty you have grown again!!!


 So: What will be the project for "week" 21?
It's based on the idea of Gwenda again,
I'm so thankful for your inspirations
because it gets harder to find universal topics!
And it's a real important project again...
We have already integrated our family
in our growing CALs
but there are other real important persons in our lifes:
Our friends!
I'm so glad to have damn good friends!
I've moved a lot in my life
but there are people staying close to me
wherever I roam.
Some are a part of my life more than half of my life
& it's great that we have connections
that hopefully last a lifetime.
The great thing about real friendships is
that it doesn't matter if you live in the same city or wherever.
There are many beautiful souls on this planet
but there are some persons we allow to come real close.
Real friendship is kind of a perfect relationship -
trust, love & the feeling you can not only share
wonderful times with a friend but also secrets of your soul.

There is a book I really love:
It's called "Anam Cara - The book of celtic wisdom"
by John O'Donohue.
There are many wonderful quotes about friendship in it
(Anam Cara means "Soul friend" in the Gaelic language)
but I think one quote is wonderful to describe friendship:

“One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately 
and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, 
they lie concealed in the silence between the words 
or in the depth of what is unsayable between two people.” 

Friends are these special persons
who are able to understand you
without words
& can read you often better
than you are able for yourself.

It was pretty hard for me to decide how I will crochet
this week's project.
First I thought about crocheting special symbols
representing my friends.
But soon I've realized that this would be quite complicated.
There would be many single pieces to crochet
& somehow I also have a feeling of friendship
for persons I have never met in real life.
I want my CAL to represent my life,
but I couldn't include future friends this way...

I've decided to crochet a symbolic puzzle piece:
A heart surrounded with two
friendship bracelets. ;-)


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome my princesses & princes,
 your friend Dada (or Julia)!!!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry