Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

Granny Square Mosaic Photo Tutorial - With Mosaically!

Since many years I often make mosaic collages as last minute presents -
you can find many free mosaic photo editors online.

The artist WorkByKnight (WBK)
makes stunning granny square mosaic pictures
is also recreating his pictures in yarn!
I can't show you a pic here because of the copyright
but have a look yourself! ;-)

I wanted to try it myself...

It's actually great because you can just
design your own patterns for blankets.

Haha, I could totally recreate myself in granny squares now!

I've used for my test
& I thought I show you a short step-by-step tutorial...

1. You need LOTS of granny square pictures,
I've cutted out my granny squares with 
the free photo editor Picmonkey...
I just used the "square option" which is offered 
in the "Crop" section on the left side.
(On this screenshot you see part 2 of my 

2. Go to!

3. Upload the photo you want to transform to a mosaic!
Click on "Step 2"!

4. Upload your granny square pics in "Step 2"!
(I've used 47 granny photos,
the more the better!)
Click on "Step 3"!

5. Play around with the
colour & the size
until you are satisfied!

6. Download it!
I've also added my signature
& increased the shadows in the pic for a better contrast... is a real good free online editor! ;-)

Dada Neon Crochet Photo Mosaic Tutorial

7. Crochet your own mosaic blanket
or do whatever you want with this photo!

If you also make such a photo mosaic
or really crochet such a blanket
be free to show it to me on Dada Neon Crochet!