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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 12

You have just mentioned this project exists? We don't have time pressure!
If you wanna join our freeform adventure you can find the first puzzle piece here!

I wanna start this blogpost with 2 Swirly Hearts...
We all love this amazing pattern created by our CAL friend Marina
(You can find it here by the way!)
& two wonderful things have happened this week because of this pattern.

Jodie's beautiful colourful Swirly Heart creation on the left
was crocheted for a lovely Lady she has met.
And on the right side you can see a neon Swirly Heart.
Lisbeth has freeformed it for me.
It's something special to receive a crocheted heart.
I've had a conversation with Deborah about it.
She is a collector of hearts & loves this symbol badly.
(By the way she wants to join our project soon!)
Both of us have given away many crocheted hearts -
we create them for friends but also spontaneously for persons we meet
(We always have yarn & a hook with us!).
I'm used to give hearts away
but Lisbeth's Swirly Heart is the first heart
someone has created for me.
That's why I know now HOW special it is to get one.
And all of us are able now to freeform hearts for friends or lovely persons!

My page has grown again -
the week before I've had the lovely support of Pamela
& her Crocheters Anonymous pages!
(Really: Check out ALL pages! Amazing!!!)
This week Karen of Crochet me a rainbow
has pressed the share-button...
I really don't wanna become a huge page
because I still want to have time for all of you
but it means much to me
getting the support of persons & pages I damn like!

Karen is such a wonderful being.
Karen, Sandy & I love the artist Frida Kahlo.
And we all have the same favourite Frida painting:
The two Fridas.

A few days ago Karen & I have both watched the movie "Frida".
In different countries but it doesn't matter!
(Watch this movie if you haven't seen it yet!)
It's about a real strong Lady.
About a woman who loved to be alive, to smile,
to create art & always kept on fighting
even she has had a lot of pain & problems all her life after a bad accident
when she was young.
Sometimes people have strange heroes like actors.
For me the biggest heroes are persons
who keep their positive energy
& spread sunshine
even they have pain or health problems.
Beings like Karen or Lin or Frida.
Karen is keeping her wonderful memories of dancing the nights away
& yesterday she wrote something wonderful in a comment:
She is planning to yarnbomb her electrical wheelchair with neon yarn.
Because it's groovy & because all cars outside will mention her.
And her lovely doggies will get neon coats for the winter, too! ;-)
If you find her plan as fantastic as I do,
please leave some positive energy on her page
Crochet me a rainbow!

We have 25 official members now!!!
(And also some secret members of the Club...).
Even my blogposts are growing & growing
I will never stop starting my post with a
"Thank you!!!"
to my lovely Ladies -
Roberta who has definitely found HER way to crochet (Freeform of course!),
Our friend Jodie who has brought surely a lot of joy & smiles
to the Lady who got her beautiful Swirly Heart,
Ulrike with her amazing taste in music
(Patti Smith & Bob Dylan in one puzzle piece!!!),
Gwenda who brought Karen & me this week to order her favourite book
"Women who run with the wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes,
Sandy who is always sharing amazing art she finds in the web with me
(In Facebook Sandy's Sundries, visit also her beautiful Etsy-Shop!),
Alicia who loves freeforming mushrooms as I do
with her page Marcalic's Creations,
Marina who gives this CAL project a home in the Freeform Crochet World Group,
have a look at her Freeform Crochet World
& her webpage Snovej (represented on Facebook as Snovej Crafts!).
Her Freeform Tutorials on her webpage are fantastic & for free!!!
We have Anouk in our team with her lovely page Een steekje verder
MariaElena - she doesn't only make me smile every day
but has also yarnpainted such a beautiful "Starry Night"
that other crochet pages wanted to have it on their timeline, too! 
Our wonderful CAL friend Lin with her fabulous page
Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
have you seen the joyful Groovyghan she has completed this week?
Her grandchild will love it!!!
Our gorgeous Shawn with her Wow!-page Dragonbird Creations
& her fantastic taste in colours,
Lisbeth who brought so much happiness to me by creating
her freeformed neon Swirly Heart,
our Jane from Scotland who loves to freeform & spiral around,
Tracy & her amazing page Eden Reborn & her blog!
Can't wait to crochet her fox & her cactus!
We have Jenny in our team with her wonderful page Craft Cove & her blog,
(She is creating a pattern for her tree project
& Jodie & I will be pattern testers!)
There is our CAL friend Donna of Walker's Whimsies who is having so much
fun to play around with her fabulous freeform skills!
Our member Anne - I should check if it's possible now to share some of her
fantastic crochet photos from her profile! ;-)
We have Zelna in our team,
has everyone seen the giant yarnbombing in South Africa
on her page Zooty Owl? She has blogged about it,
you should really have a look at her Yarn Indaba 2014 post!
Our CAL friend Monique would so love to find some
freeform playtime at the moment
but there are so many other creative things going on
as you can see on her page Yemanja!
Take your time, Monique - The CAL is waiting for you patiently!
Saskia who has a name for her inner artist child, too!
(I will tell you more about it later!)
There is Cilly now - She has already a lot of ideas
growing in her creative head for this CAL project!

But some new member have arrived in our fabulous team as well!!!

Michi from Italy who has blown all of us away
with her wonderful "Twilight Tree" yarnpainting!
She isn't only crocheting but also airbrush art,
outstanding bodypaintings & much more!
Here you can find her page Mikalex!
So glad you have found your way to us!

Brenda who has joined us yesterday with her beautiful
multicoloured glitter hand -
afterwards she has straight created her puzzle piece of week 1,
I so need this golden fluffy yarn, too!!!
Welcome in our team, Brenda!

And yesterday in the evening another freeform artist has joined us:
Enna from Germany!
She has found the "YOUR Personal Freeform CAL" project
on the Ravelry page & has already crocheted 3 wonderful puzzle pieces!
I just found her "Starry Night" project, what a beauty!
Haha, prima Dich bei uns zu haben, Enna!
 I've just discovered Enna has an amazing Facebook page called Strikkeliese
& a blog, too! Wow!

Let's first have a look at some amazing progress pictures!

And here of course a collage of the favourite book puzzle pieces!

I'm sure everyone is curious again what we have to yarnpaint this week...
We have a based-on-the-idea-of-project again!
It's fantastic that Saskia has given me an idea a few days ago,
I was already in progress doing another project
but I had doubts if there woudn't be a better way to create it
& so I was amazed when I read what Saskia's wish was...
But first a few words about Saskia:
She isn't only crocheting but also loves other kinds of art & crafts.
(I'm actually quite sure there are more CAL friends
who have amazing paintings! Let me see it,
I'm not only interested in crochet!)
Her artist name is "MalleSas" & here you can see a two of her paintings:

The beautiful mandala is a fantasy church window
& the buddha was painted by Saskia while her husband was in hospital.
Creativity is the best way to cope with hard times in life
to fill it with colours & positive energy again.
Art in every kind is so important!
Lin would say: "It keeps my happy hormones flowing"
& I would say: "Where would I be without neon paint & yarn?"

But now I present you the idea of MalleSas:
We will yarnpaint the favourite toy of our childhood!
I didn't have to think about it a second:
My favourite playfellow is still sleeping in my bed...
A teddy bear called "Kurt"!
Maybe for you it's harder,
I talked with a few friends about this project
& not everyone was sure about it as fast as I was.
But it comes back -
we just have to go on a time travel ;-)

Here you can see my teddy Kurt & his yarnpainted double;
the yarn store was closed on the weekend & I've realized too late
that I don't have a suitable brown yarn (I just don't like brown yarn!) -
I had to get it this morning in town & so there's no background yet:

This bear looks pretty loved -
he was always so important for me.
To sleep on him,
to cuddle him when I was sad,
to dry some tears.
Somehow he is really like a living being for me!
When I moved to Scotland I packed him & other important things in a box.
I always wanted to let my flatmates in Germany send it to me.
I just didn't have the money because the rent was so expensive
& I never had the money for the postage.
I have never been separated from him that long
& when I've created this week's project
I got this strange thought:
Maybe I got so depressed because I didn't have Kurt with me.
Hmm, I won't try it again,
I will just take him with me wherever I may roam! ;-)
Such a pity I don't have a pic to show you when
I was a child with my Kurt!
But I have a lot at my parents home,
maybe I will just add a photo of us in the future!

In the end I want to show you something that has touched me deeply.
(Means more than leaky eyes...)
Saskia aka MalleSas has yarnpainted her beloved dog Tyler for her CAL.
Tyler died in 2009 during a tooth operation 
& she is still missing this lovely friend badly.
In her MalleSas photo album I have found this painting.
I can't describe what it does with me,
there are so many emotions in this work.

Thank you so much for your beautiful idea MalleSas
& for showing us some of your emotional art!

Aww, you wanna know why you are princesses for me?
There are many reasons but one reason is this:
When we grow up society wants us to become a real "grown-up".
Function, work, pay bills & taxes.
Forget about your childhood dreams.
Don't dream anymore but be efficient & rational.
A lot of people are totally losing the contact to their inner child.
Obviously it hasn't worked with you,
otherwise you wouldn't play with me,
you lovely princesses!!! ;-)

Lots of love & greetings:
Your playfellow Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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