Montag, 16. Juni 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL - Week 5!

Awww... You wanna join this crazy crochet adventure 
& you have missed the first 4 weeks? 
It's really never to late to go on this freeform crochet journey, 
here you can find the link :-)

The last week was quite exciting for me... 
The phenomenal Facebook page Crocheters Anonymous has shared my tiny page & 
I was totally overwhelmed by the traffic & the huge number of new likes!
Hopefully we'll get some new members for our CAL Club as well :-)
The Vincent van Gogh yarnpaintings were growing so magnificent
& it's such a pleasure to see your pictures!
Thanks to all my lovely supporters,
especially to my talented freeform artists Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike, Gwenda & Sandy!

I have asked you to send me your ideas 
about what else we could integrate in our YOUR Personal Freeform CAL
& Gwenda has sent me some fantastic suggestions.
Your blanket should represent yourself in the end
& so we'll create a REAL personal puzzle piece today.

We will crochet our most beloved pets & animals this week!
Maybe you have the luck to have a dog, a cat, a turtle, a cow or whatever,
maybe you just have a special connection to an animal...
You can't decide which wonderful creature you like best?
We all love wool, so you could just crochet a sheep!
(I'm dreaming of my own neon dyed sheep 
& of course of my colourful spinning wheel!)

I've not only integrated Gwenda Miller's idea but have also "borrowed" one of her lovely details:
A colourful rainbow!
Maybe you want to combine YOUR favourite animal with a rainbow as well?
We are here to inspire each other 
& everyone of us will have a different puzzle piece -
it would be fantastic to have something in common!

This is MY favourite pet:
A rat named Erwin!

I have crocheted a few examples but this week you may have to create 
your puzzle piece in a total unique way...

Some advices for the way:

Sometimes we have to feed our inner child (we need it for doing art!).
I just love to crochet & i just love to read,
so I have to combine 2 passions.

Crocheting + Reading = Audiobook Crochet

I really like the website Books Should Be Free.
You can download & stream all the audiobooks on this page legally.
One of these audiobooks is actually for children & I've streamed it twice in the last months:

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter!

I was in a bad mood a few weeks ago 
& thought about what could brighten up my day.
I've listened to this audiobook last Winter for the first time 
& suddenly it came to my mind.
I was laughing with Pollyanna again, I was crying with Pollyanna again
& I really think we can learn a lot of her.
If we all would play her "Glad Game" this world would be a better place.

Give it a try, if you want :-) The Audiobook Crochet Technique also works
with other audiobooks, of course!

Just some inspirations...
I love the cat paintings of Rosina Wachtmeister,
so I've tried to paint a cat in this way. 
Of course you can be as abstract as you want!
The little sheep was dyed with multicoloured yarn!

Almost a yarnbombing!

And last but not least MY favourite pet.
Her name was Erwin. 
Someone has abandoned her, friends found this wonderful creature
& gave me a call because they knew I've had rats before.
I've spent the most beautiful time with her,
during the day Erwin used to live on me or was just exploring her environment.
I can't even explain how much she has meant to me,
somehow we were soulsisters.
Last year she had to leave me.
 Many of the human friends she has made have joined her funeral.
I still can't think about Erwin without getting tears in my eyes.
I know that many people can't understand a friendship 
between human beings & rats.
Maybe this heart warming article can make you understand better
if you are one of them.

This picture was taken by my friend & talented photographer Jasmin Franz -
she has offered me to make a photo shooting with Erwin
when I realized that our extraordinary time was running out.
Thank you Jasmin,
the pictures you took 
are priceless to me.

Erwin has found a place to stay in my CAL as a beloved memory.
The fried egg is representing her favourite meal:
The bright rainbow represents for me
all the joy & love I've received
because of Erwin's existence.

Roberta has sent me an idea for our next CAL piece - her brilliant creative input
will be prepared for the next puzzle piece, of course!

Please let me see your creations,
I wish you could see me jumping around
when I'm discovering a photo
of your growing masterpieces!

Just send it to me on Facebook or add it as a Ravelry project!
Let me also know something about your relation to your animal if you want...

Lovely greets,
Dada Neon

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