Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Grow your own Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral!

The secret plant is finally ready to grow!
I already told you last week
that it is fashion, comfort & multifunctional...
Before I'm telling you how to create your own 
Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral
I'll present you some different possibilities how to wear or use it...
Jackson, Sarah, Sophie, Lela, Verena, Raphael, Lisa, Kathi & Alex
for the funny photo shootings!!!

Meet my lovely friend Sarah from Aberdeen/Scotland -
She was the first huge fan of my Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral
& was looking so damn beautiful while wearing it
that I just HAD to give her my first huge coral
as a present for her birthday...

For this post I've had wonderful supporters to show you how the
Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral
could look as a scarf...

...or as a dog bed...
(Thank you for the shooting, Jackson! You are such a gorgeous doggie!)

...or as a hat or wig... a pillow... glad that it's summer but during the winter we can use our 
Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral as a muff as well... a decoration...

You are totally up for creating your own Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral now?
It's one of the easiest things to crochet!
Just follow these steps:

Maybe you've already seen pictures of Hyperbolic Corals,
maybe you've already created a smaller one.
This brilliant technique was developed by Dr Daina Taimina
- a mathematician experimenting with crochet techniques!
If you're interested in other amazing hyperbolic art opportunities
check out this page...

Everyone has a hook size which is just like perfectly made for you: I just love my 12mm hook! 
For growing your own coral you should get yourself a 12mm hook. 
Online you can find a "pack of 9 sizes multi coloured Acrylic Crochet Hooks"... 
They are amazingly cheap & I really love the 12mm hook of this set...

This project will help you to get rid of scrap wool -
we are creating it with 3 skeins of yarn at once
(just knot on another colour if one wool comes to it's end...)
or by using a real chunky wool...
Of course you can also create a monochrome version;
a friend wants to create hers just in black
& I'm sure it will look fantastic, too!
First we need a foundation:

If you've already found YOUR perfect way to crochet a circle:
go for it & let it grow with dc stitches (US: single crochet)
until you've reached 
about 24cm/9,5 inches in diameter...

Otherwise you start with 

7 dc (US: sc) in first chain

double every stitch in next row (14)

double every third stitch of this row

double every 5th stitch of the next row

double every 6th stitch of the following row

measure the diameter - maybe you've already reached 24cm/9,5 inches
- if yes: Your foundation is complete!

- if not: double every 7th stitch until you've reached 24cm/9,5 inches!

(The bigger our hook, the bigger the difference of the size - it depends on how tight you crochet!)

Do nothing else but: double every stitch...

After 6-7 rows of just doubling stitches you should have YOUR perfect size!!!

Congrats, you have just improved your life quality!!!
I'm too curious:
Please send me photos of your Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral on Facebook or
add it as a Ravelry project!

Stay creative,
Dada Neon

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