Montag, 26. Mai 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 2

You are visiting this blog for the first time 
& you want to start YOUR Personal Freeform CAL? 
It's never to late to begin, 

Before I start I have to say "Thank you!" to our members Jodie & Roberta 
for sharing photos of their projects. 
It means so much to me to know I'm doing this project not only for myself!
All of us have a different style & taste in colours, 
can't wait to see YOUR Personal Freeform CAL grow! Stay awesome!

This week we will celebrate our hands!

We are not slaves to the rules & patterns &
we can do magic with our hands & hooks!
This makes us special.
And never forget:
We're doing art, not perfection!
(It's not an easy project -
if you struggle with your hand project
just go for this wonderful pattern
by Susan Regalia:

Take a sheet of paper,
draw around one of your hands.
Choose a colour on the spur of a moment!
Take a hook (I took a 3,5mm hook)!
Try to paint your hand with wool!
I've used the double crochet stitch (US: single crochet)
Where the hand grows wider, we double the stitch 
in the beginning or the end of a row; 
It's getting thinner? Crochet the first or the last two stitches of a row together...

You've completed your hand? Congrats! To improve the edge: Slip stitches around your hand!
Just to present you Fluff, the sleeping cat:

So glad I've finished this part of our adventure!
(My hands are extraordinary huge, took me more time than expected!)

You are wearing something like a wedding ring?
A friendship ring?
Just a ring?
Create one & put it on a finger!
I've created mine in this way: Chain 10, Slip Stitch, a row of double crochet stitches (US: single crochet), ss

Begin to crochet around! Create hills (except between the fingers)!

The roots of our fingers are already quite close to each other - where they almost touch each other:
Crochet them together.
Crochet around one more time!

Create chain stitches in a contrast colour!
Sew a spiral, a heart, whatever on your hand!

Fluffy wool is the way to go! If you don't have fluffy wool, take another special yarn!

Puzzle your pieces together!
(I damn like the combination of black & white! So I've used both colours for crocheting them together. 
It makes lovely effects if you just play around a little bit with two different colours...)
I've used buttons as finger nails - You have another idea? Wonderful, go for it!
It's YOUR Personal Freeform CAL, not mine ;-)

Your project gets wavy? Fantastic, we will create 3 dimensional waves! How to? The next picture will show you ONE way to do it...

Just combine the wave on it's root!

In the end I just went on with black & white quite spontaneously, 
double crochet (US: Single Crochet), treble (US: double crochet), deep stitches... 
Express yourself! Play around!
A few hills in the end in a contrast colour are helpful 
to reconstruct the chronological order in your future blanket...
(Actually it's already a blanket! A tiny one!)

Comments & pictures are making my day!
Share your projects on Ravelry or send me photos in a message on Facebook!

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  1. Gutten Morgen, Dada, I have just come across your page, am going to give this yarn bombing a try. Can't get onto the site of Susan Regalia, it comes up with "error page not found".
    I am having a job with the hand design, would like to try something else. Can you suggest how to get there? Thanks for your web page, my new project for my 78th birthday. Edith Bell