Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

Mandalas for Yarndale!

I was so excited when I read Lucy's blogpost she published a few days ago on her blog attic24. She asked her readers to take part in a woolly collective for a special decoration for the Yarndale Festival this year. I've moved to the UK last year so hopefully I'll find a way to go there this year in September... Already fell in love with the beautiful mandala patterns created by Zooty Owl, for the Yarndale Festival mandala I've used Lucy's Mandala Wheel pattern.

That's my mandala for Yarndale!

Used a 4,5 mm hook, so I haven't crocheted the pattern until the end... So easy and fast to create! Actually I really don't like using patterns for my projects - this mandalas make a difference because you don't have to follow the pattern constantly. You repeat the same stitches again and again - for one row. Finally I've reached the 7 inches. Now it could have been ready to glue the back of the mandala. Somehow I wasn't satisfied...

So many people will join this mandala production, will I find my own one if I'm joining the Yarndale Festival? I suppose, there won't be too many mandalas in neon colours (a woolstore in Aberdeen has a special offer at the moment -Woolcraft New Fashion DK in neon colours - had to buy some packages). Used multicoloured bottoms to make a difference ;-)

Worked with white glue and a toothbrush on the back of the mandala...

...ready to send it away! Anyone out there who is joining this mandala for Yarndale event? What are you doing to make your mandala unique?

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