Montag, 19. Mai 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 1

Have you ever tried Freeform Crochet? Some of you for sure, others may already have seen breathtaking photos of the creations made by Prudence MapstoneOf Mars or the Freeform Fashion designer Mizzie Morawez

This project will be something special.
We will create art.
We will create beauty.
And none of our Freeform CALs will look the same in the end.
Our CAL will more & more tell a story, YOUR story.

If we really want to create art, we have to leave the structures & patterns,
our hook will be our brush.
We will paint a huge picture,
we will even write something down on this blanket.

Using pattern gives you kind of a safety but crocheters who never leave this structure, can't get the wonderful feeling of doing something unique.

While creating this Freeform CAL we'll let our work grow like a plant,
we will get a better feeling for the yarn itself.
We will leave control behind, sometimes even about the colour.

Get yourself all your scrap yarn, fluffy wool and let it glitter! 
Share your Personal Freeform CAL with us & send me your pictures!
I will also publish the weekly piece of freeform as a pattern in Ravelry & hopefully our creations will look more & more different.

Let the adventure begin!

Use your favourite hook size, have a look at your collection of wool & ask your inner child: What's your favourite colour? It's the beginning of something really personal, so the first stitch should already imply and express yourself. 

Foundation: Chain 3, 7x double crochet (US: single crochet) in first chain, ss in the first double crochet (US: single crochet)

Row 1: Start a new colour, double every stitch of the Foundation (14 stitches)

Row 2: Double every second stitch, build a few "hills" between the stitches while crocheting for example a treble (US: double crochet) followed by 2 double treble (US: treble) in one stitch - find your way back to the row by crocheting 2 double crochet (US: single crochet) in the second double treble (US: treble). Of course you can also use another way!

Row 3: try to double every 3rd stitch in this row; use double crochet (US: single crochet), interrupt the stitches with a few deep stitches to cross the colour of the last row - as often you want to

Only two stitches left? Chain 5, crochet back with for example 2 double crochet (US: single crochet) and 4 treble (US: double crochet), ss in first stitch, don't change the wool

Row 4: double every 4th stitch or so while crocheting around, feel free to create hills!

Row 5: Use a fluffy wool and crochet around while you double every 5th stitch or so (if you don't have one use multicoloured wool, if you don't have one, just combine two different wools)

Row 6: Close your eyes and make a "blind" colour choice or ask your children, partner or friends to decide - build a few hills, use other colours to create hills until the fluffy row is covered

Last row: Chose a yarn you favour and crochet around with different stitches, double some stitches (feel your wool, it talks to you: sometimes it's time to double a stitch or to skip one)

Congrats: You've just crocheted a worldwide unique piece of art - the first part of YOUR Personal Freeform CAL!

My name is Dada Neon, I'm glad you want to share this special project with me & you will join me again next monday!

Be free to share your first work on Ravelry or on Facebook!

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