Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Scrap Yarn Blanket - Get yourself a huge crochet hook!

So much fun to crochet was this multicoloured project! Maria posted on her blog Keeping It Stepford a way to get rid of scrap yarn caused by former projects: You can make colourful blankets just by using a huge hook & a lot of yarn. How to make your own Scrap blanket? Follow this link...

The basketweave stitch is actually so easy to crochet but makes such nice effects. The best thing is that you can create it pretty fast. My blanket was finished in less than a week...

...the secret is a huge hook! I took a 9 mm crochet hook for this project. If I would make another one (already created in the future...) I would take a 12 mm hook - and much more neon colours and glitter wool!

In the end the blanket wasn't big enough for me. Stretched it by creating a frame with a thick wool in the end.

It was so lovely to see how the colour combinations were developing... When one of the scrap wools came to an end, I just took the next colour. I didn't start to think about the colours much. Actually I was glad  to get rid of a few colours I don't like much - but even grey and brown yarns really look nice with this technique.

What are you doing with your old yarns?

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