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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 13

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
We don't have time pressure!
Even it is the year 2018 or whenever now I will still post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our amazing photo album!
If you wanna join our freeform adventure you can find the first puzzle piece here!

I'm starting this post today with Jenny's fabulous tree project!
A few people have asked because of a pattern & indeed:
A lot of our puzzle pieces would be really complicated
to transfer it into a pattern
but this tree is just perfect to realize & publish it!
I find it great that this CAL project
has given Jenny the inspiration for it.
It's still in the testing phase
but soon it will be available...
If you don't wanna miss it like her beautiful page Craft Cove!
(She is creating awesome jewelry & beautiful gifts as well!
Have a look at her webpage!)

Every Lady is able to freeform without patterns now,
so all of you can be a designer!
If you have a wonderful pattern idea go for it!
I will totally support you!

We have 27 official members now, wow!!!
(Hello to secret members of the Club as well!)

My weekly
goes to my lovely Ladies -
Roberta who isn't only sharing her puzzle pieces with me
but has also become a real good friend,
Jodie who is supporting our CAL friend Jenny this week
with testing her amazing tree pattern,
Ulrike who will probably crochet her own huge Nana now
(I've made a big version of the free
Nana-amigurumi pattern with a 10mm hook...),
Gwenda who has crocheted more than one puzzle piece for our toy-project
(on my facebook page you can also see the little Gwenda with her friends!),
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - my gorgeous english teacher!
I'm not only learning new words, she is also making me aware
of my mistakes, thank you my dear!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations (have a look at her gorgeous
fox cowl she has created in collaboration with her knitting mom!),
Marina with her awesome Freeform Crochet World Group,
& the fabulous Freeform Crochet World!
Such important places for us freeformers!
I can only repeat myself that her free Freeform tutorials on her page Snovej
(Snovej Crafts on facebook) are brilliant & a fab way to create
details for our growing CALs!
Last week she couldn't find her scissors anymore
during her freeform fun with her CAL!
(Just in case someone has missed this gorgeous pic!)

Anouk in our team with her cute page Een steekje verder,
MariaElena who says a lovely good night wish to me every day,
even for her it's just afternoon!
Lin with her gorgeous Crochet in Colour page & her Etsy-Shop -
she has completed the beautiful presents for her beloved grandchildren now
& can't wait to start her "Starry Night" project!
Shawn of Dragonbird Creations who has just invented a gorgeous hood-pattern!
Can't wait to wear my neon version after the pattern testing!
Lisbeth who is an amazing yarn artist
& lovely supporter of my crazy neon page!
Our lovely member Jane from Scotland who grows such lovely details
in her beautiful freeform blanket,
Tracy of Eden Reborn with her wonderful blog
and her heart-warming way to be!
Jenny & her amazing page Craft Cove & her blog
(Can't wait to go on with the pattern testing for your tree!)
Donna of Walker's Whimsies who has published a CAL progress album
on her fabulous page now! So much beautiful pictures to see!
Anne who is a real crochet artist,
I'm looking forward what she will create next!
There is Zelna of Zooty Owl, I'm so enjoying her Happy Days CAL
at the moment, it's not to late to join this adventure as well!
Monique of Yemanja who has finally time to grow her CAL again,
your Cat & your olive tree are awesome!
Saskia aka MalleSas who is already waiting for this blogpost!
Such a pleasure to see how she loves this project!
Cilly who has started her freeform passion with this project
& creates so many fabulous puzzle pieces!
Michi our multicreative new CAL friend,
she is presenting awesome crochet creations on her page Knittenfee
& soon I can read her book for children, too!
Brenda who has already completed her first puzzle pieces
& seems to have a lot of fun with this CAL!
Enna (in Facebook Mishook aka Strikkeliese) who really loves this project!
She has just started a new blog called Mishook,
it's in german but I'm sure she will integrate a translation option to her page
so all of you can understand what she writes about this project! ;-)

Haha, and we have 2 new members, yippiehhh!

Nancy has joined us with her first two beautiful puzzle pieces!
A heartly welcome to you, I love your colour choice
& can't wait to see your blanket grow!

And Judy has joined us now as well!!!
I'm so glad her picture has arrived me now!
It's to late to become part of the collage
& so I will publish her first beautiful puzzle pieces as a single photo!
Welcome in our team Judy, have a wonderful adventure with us!

Let's first have a look at some amazing progress pictures!
I've made 2 this time because the pics are getting to tiny with so many pics!

Collage 1:

Collage 2:

And our wonderful toy-projects!

So but now you all want to know what we will yarnpaint this week...
I've realized an idea based on the idea of more than one member.
Gwenda, Shawn, Tracy, Sandy & Michi
have all brought this idea to me,
so yes: We will yarnpaint our favourite movie!!!
Thank you so much for this week's idea!

It was quite difficult for me!
We are 6 flatmates but we all agree
that we don't wanna have a television possibility in our home.
It's so much nicer to talk to each other
while listening to music!
Of course I love some movies
but actually I haven't really thought about it
before I first got this idea...
And I really needed time to think about it.
Most movies are a waste of time for me
but there are a few I really like!
The scottish movie Trainspotting for example
& "Velvet Goldmine", the movie with the best Soundtrack ever!
But something which will become part of my CAL
has to be REALLY special.
Something that has really touched me deeply.

I thought it's the best to start in the childhood...
I loved 2 movies badly when I was a child
& I'm still watching these movies sometimes:

"The last unicorn"
"War of the buttons" 
(only the version of 1962!!! For me the remakes are a real crime!!!)

The best movie I've seen in the last years is "Frida".
I'm so glad Karen of Crochet me a rainbow 
& I have watched it last week.
It's so hard to make a movie about a person like Frida Kahlo
& it has impressed me so deeply to watch it again.
Before they made movie they were not sure who should get the star role.
I swear I wouldn't have watched it if one of the other
actresses would have got the Frida role.
Salma Hayek was nothing but perfect for this movie.
A great movie about a great woman
& so much better than the usual Hollywood trash.

So here is my puzzle piece for my favourite movies:

The scrumbles to the left & right of Frida Kahlo
are symbols for battlefields -
with the buttons on it they represent
"War of the buttons".
Frida is "Frida".
Maybe not perfect, but for me it's fine.
The unicorn is... "The last unicorn", of course!!!
I like it!

I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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