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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - "Week" 18 ;-)

Awww, your own personal freeform blanket as well?
It's never too late to start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


First of all sorry for letting you wait so long.
It's not an easy phase at the moment,
it was really hard for me to quit university.
Sometimes we just have to accept
that we can't stand too much pressure
& that it's more important to care for ourselves.
I really want to complete it in the future
but it's definitely the best to give it a break.
I got medical help & I'm feeling much better since the pain has gone
but my moods are terrible
& there is hard work to do to restructure my life.
It goes up & down at the moment 
but the up's are getting more, so I'm optimistic!
(But sometimes I'm really hard to have around I guess...)
I'm glad for the feedback I've received
after my last post as it was helpful for some of you
but also for persons who aren't part of this CAL Club.
It's important to have this diagnose
to make a change!
We will always be dreamers
but hopefully we will find ways to become
more organized dreamers! ;-)

I'm still bad with my time-management,
so typical me! Will take some time to get better in structure...
I wanted to complete my puzzle piece on Saturday,
write the post on Sunday without time pressure...
Haha, but of course a project came in between. :-)
I just had to create something with the beautiful yarn 
I got me on Saturday...

I was in town with Sarah, Inga, Marlene & Alex.
It's dangerous to come close to a yarnstore
but the others wanted icecream
& there's such a wonderful yarnstore almost next to it...
I tried to resist but...
The rest is history & this is how my new hat looks like:

I love this pattern by Olivia of Hopeful Honey,
so 20's & I really can only recommend it!
Saskia's to-crochet-list has already grown! ;-)


A huge "Thank you!"
to all my lovely official 32 CAL friends
("Thank you!" to the inofficial ones as well!)

Lovely greetings to Roberta,
I hope everything is fine around you!
Jodie is on vacation at the moment, I hope you have a wonderful time!
One of Jodie's creations had lots of shares last week,
I just have to show her beautiful version of Zelna's Cosmos Fields Shawl!

Lovely greetings to Ulrike in Austria
& to my friend Gwenda in Australia -
your favourite place puzzle piece is so beautiful
& your advice helps me a lot! ;-)
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries with her gorgeous Etsy-Shop -
I've just discovered your fab neon pincushion & your lovely words
to me on your page - Thank you so much!!!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
I love your spinning wheel experience pics!
I'm always spying on ebay to get me my own one!
Must be such a pleasure to crochet with home-spun yarn!
Marina & her wonderful Freeform Crochet World Group!
I really don't think there can be a better group on this planet!
Lots of inspiration to find in her Freeform Crochet World as well!
 If you wanna pimp your CAL this link will guide you to her
brilliant freeform tutorials on the end of the article...
(Snovej Crafts on Facebook!)
Anouk of Een steekje verder -
she has given a peak to one of her WIPs...
I'm not sure but could it be the awesome Sophies Garden Mandala
by Dedri Uys (Look At What I Made)?
Can't wait to see it & if I'm right!
 MariaElena - thank you so much for your positive energy,
you are such an important support my dear!
On top of this collage you can see
potholders made by MariaElena's great-grandmother
a long, long time ago.
It's wonderful to have such a crocheted memory...
And I also wanted to show these makings by MariaElena -
so creative & so much fun! :-)

...and of course my friend Lin with her lovely page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
this page is so important for me.
I feel immediately better when I'm visiting her virtual garden
& I love to see all the bright colours
& warm words you can find here. 
 Our amazing CAL friend Shawn of Dragonbird Creations,
 her makings are so wonderful -
even they are knitted sometimes! ;-)
Sometimes I really think I should try knitting again...
Haha, but actually my to-crochet-list should last for a lifetime
so I better stay with my hooks!
Our Lisbeth has crocheted such a gorgeous yarnpainting again,
it's fantastic to see your creations!
It brings so much joy just to look
at your beauty with ponytail & flower!

Greetings to my CAL friend Jane in Scotland,
I better don't start writing about the referendum...
Anyway, many people got more interested in politics
& I hope it will stay this way -
I wish your wonderful country all the best
straight from the heart!
Tracy of Eden Reborn - exciting times!
Amazing that you are a part of All Our Own Crafts Gallery now -
must be fantastic to sell handmade creations in a shop
with other creative persons!
Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog -
 I still haven't completed your wonderful Spiral Geometry Mandala
but I can hopefully present it soon!
My crab stitch wasn't too pretty
for my first star so I've decided to make a second one...
But all the other WIPs, I'm so chaotic with my projects! ;-)
Donna & her beautiful art page Walker's Whimsies,
congrats to you!!!
It made me so happy to see that you are an administrator
of Marina's "Freeform Crochet World Group" now!
Anne this awesome artist -
she has such a talent to make
fantastic small crochet installations
& shows them on her private page.
I still think you need an official page! ;-)
Zelna of Zooty Owl - my Happy Days CAL has grown again
but I couldn't complete it in time for your last blogpost.
Will give my best to make it in time,
so nice to be in one of your posts!
Hope you are fine my dear!
Monique of Yemanja - you have grown awesome works again!
And I love the yarnbombed stones
on your new facebook cover!
I think I'll yarnbomb some too
& leave them on beautiful places! ;-)
Saskia also known as "MalleSas",
I loved your favourite place puzzle piece,
actually the creative part of my brain
is also my favourite place to stay! :-)
And of course here also your cute little Helloween monster!
Thank you for your caring & funny support my dear!

Cilly is working on something awesome:
She is crocheting a yarnpainting of an impressive building
in her city, the "Aquarius Wassermuseum"...
Sooo special, let me see your work when it's completed! ;-)

Michi & her fabulous webpage "Knittenfee" -
 you have crocheted such a gorgeous Elvis
& both of us are in progress with a self-portrait!
Maybe I'll integrate it in my CAL! ;-)
But here is your great crocheted first portrait, wow!

 Brenda - I would love to see your CAL grow,
sending you lovely greetings!
Greetings to Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her blog Mishook) -
I hope everything is fine around you in Leipzig
(I love this city!!!)!
 Nancy (now to find in Facebook as Needleful Things!)
- I think it's fantastic that you might give a wonderful
recreation a try... Nancy has lost a beloved neongreen/forestgreen poncho
made by her mother & wants to create a new one!
Please show me your fab future poncho! ;-)
Greetings to Judy -
I hope you will go on as your first freeform works were really beautiful!
Nora - I've made a freeform case for my
phone now, too: Thank you for the inspiration!
Lovely greetings to Jacqui of Hooky Delights. -
your yarnpainting of your dog is wonderful.
So good your friend Karley has a place in your CAL now...
Denise has joined us (She has a Facebook page & an Etsy-Shop as well!)
I've seen you have crocheted such a beautiful work
for the International FreeForm Fiberarts Guild's challenge 2013!
Thank you so much for the inspiration for this week's project! :-)

Alex is crocheting a lot,
also for his CAL -
it always makes me so happy to see
him crocheting his crazy stuff
(with my yarn!)!!! :-)

And I can announce a new member!!!
Lisa of Knotty Girl Yarn Art has joined our adventure, yay!!!
I could already show you her first beautiful puzzle pieces,
a heartly welcome Lisa, I hope you'll have fun!

Let's have a look at some new progress pictures!
Collage 1:

...Collage 2...

...Collage 3...

...& Collage 4!

 And here you can see the Collage with
the first favourite places...


Sooo, but what will we crochet next?
Denise (Wickedcrochet) has given me some inspirations...
I have prepared one of her ideas for this week:
Childhood memories -
this project will cause many different & unique puzzle pieces again! 
Denise has suggested to yarnpaint our school buildings, too.
I think it's a great idea for all of you who have enjoyed school,
for me it would be difficult as I have visited too many
& I really didn't like going to school...
I've enjoyed my spare time much more
& so I've only crocheted symbols of my free childhood! ;-)

I loved football (american: soccer...)
& so I crocheted one!
I've used a free pattern by Elbpudel
after my first ugly straight freeform try! ;-)

My brother was my best friend during my childhood
but he sadly had a pet hair allergy
so we couldn't have dogs or cats... :-(
We had a garden pond & I loved sitting there
to watch our fishes - goldfishes & small kois.
I've decided to crochet two little fishes
in a garden pond representing also my brother & me.
So glad I've had him,
I was quite a misanthrop when I was a child
& didn't have much friends except my brother Claus.
Dreaming, reading, music, painting -
I wouldn't have had much time for friends anyway!

It has become heart-shaped with the pond,
the football & a table tennis racket... ;-)
You can never have enough hearts in your CAL!

It will have to grow,
I have to create more details,
books & music instruments...
I can't let you wait longer, 
so here is my puzzle piece in progress!
Thank you again to Denise for her inspiration,
I hope you have lots of fun while creating symbols
of your childhood!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome my wonderful princesses & princes,
so glad to have you all!
Your friend Dada or Julia!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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