Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

The "Sophie's Garden Mandala" as a Blanket!

There are some patterns in this world every crocheter 
should at least create once in a lifetime!
I fell in love with Dedri Uys "Sophie's Garden Mandala" by first sight 
but people who already know me know as well: Too many WIPs, haha!

I was really honoured when my friend Zelna (Zooty Owl)
has invited Dedri Uys of Lookatwhatimade & little me to join in the

When I've seen the beautiful version of the "Sophie's Garden" pattern
crocheted by my friend Lin of Crochet in Colour
I've made the decision to use my favourite hook size
to create a "Sophie's Garden" Blanket...

This work was a real yarneater
but such a pleasure to create!
The written pattern & the tutorial are nothing but perfect!
Almost every crocheter will learn something new -
& even persons with small crochet experience
can create it because Dedri Uys
has made a wonderful photo tutorial
& has also included tips to solve more difficult parts...
Haha & you always get a reason to laugh
because of small funny notes!
And even better: You can crochet this blanket within a short time!

Dedri Uys wrote me today that she was already
working on a big version as well!
She has hurt her finger & so she can't crochet at the moment! :-(
I hope your finger heals soon!
So hard not being able to crochet for a while!

For all of you who want such a huge version of this awesome pattern
I wrote down some information... 

The size: 1,55m x 1,55m (40 inches x 40 inches)

Dada's favourite hook size: 12mm
(I'm an expert concerning 12mm hooks -
PLEASE don't get yourself one with a holder!
You won't have fun!
We need lots of space on our hooks!
Use your favourite search engine
& type in "Acrylic hooks Set of 9"
You should find an amazingly cheap & colourful hook set,
the smallest sizes aren't too perfect
but I never found a better 12mm hook!)

The yarn: all in all 3,3 kg of bulky yarn!!!
(1815 m or so!)

- The neon yellow in the centre was crocheted with 4 skeins
of Schachenmayr Bravo at once
(If you don't have bulky yarn
but tons of normal yarn
you can also go for this option!)

- The neon green is by Schachenmayr Bravo Big,
i needed 2 balls of it (One is 200g)

- I had to go for a cheap option so I've used Zeeman Olga Bulky yarn
in different colours for the rest of my blanket...
All in all I needed 28 balls (100g a ball) of it (some little rests are left).
We have a Zeeman store in my city
& I had to go there again & again! ;-)
The blanket was totally worth it
but if you want to order the yarn
it might be better to visit a local yarn dealer...
  I always got me 5 colours or so
crocheted them away & went back to the store...

The last row needs 1,5 balls for example (150g)...

Just look out for yarn suitable for 10-12mm hooks
in your favourite colours!

Here is the link to the Sophie's Garden Mandala,
hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Some more pics...
I so love huge stitches!!!

Another blanket pic with a happy Dada!

Sooo warm!!!

Nothing better than a huge popcorn-stitch!

 I so hope some of you wanna create a huge version, too! 
If you do so PLEASE share a pic with Dedri on her Facebook-page!
Every designer loves to see your works
& she will surely transfer it to her Sophie's Garden (Mandala) Projects album! ;-)

Stay awesome my princesses & princes!
Your friend Dada!

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for making SGM and for sharing the what and how. You've made me blush with your compliments :)

    Keep well!


  2. This is such a fabulous pattern - I also want to give it a go!!! I love it in your neon colours Julia!