Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

My sugar skull poncho!

Isn't it an amazingly pretty
sugar skull poncho?!

Even better:
The beautiful poncho this model is wearing
is crocheted & designed
by my friend Petra Perle!

I guess most of you can't read
german patterns
but if you are able to read charts
you can totally crochet this sugar skull poncho!

Here is the -> link <- to the free pattern 
on the website
of the german magazine "Burda style".
If you have further questions
feel free to ask me for help!
[The chart for the skull ends with round 12;
use the chart for the back afterwards.
Rounds 13-23 of the front
are worked as round 16-26 of the back chart.
Rounds 24-29 are made with
round 21-26 of the back chart.
Round 30 = Round 21 of the back chart.
Last round 31 = as round 24 but skipping
3 dc instead of 2 dc]

made by Dada Neon Crochet

Nana Nelly Neon celebrates
the poncho as well!

made by Dada Neon Crochet, pattern by Petra Perle

...and actually:
Alex wears this poncho more often than me, haha!

Dada Neon Crochet

Here you can see the back,
love this pattern!

made by Dada Neon

A close up of the back to see some more details...

Sooo... Dada totally recommends
this pattern!
It never gets boring
because of all the colour changes
& I so loved crocheting the skull!

So, I'm heading back to my current project
& I hope some of you are inspired
to make such a poncho as well!

Petra Perle would love to see
your makings,
send a photo to her

Sending love & hugs:
Your friend Dada

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