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Flower Power Blanket - Free Pattern

 I always adored this crochet blanket
made by my mother Ottilie around 30 years ago...

A lot of people admired it as well
when I've posted a pic on my Facebook page.
I could only lead interested crocheters
 republished by the popular magazine "Brigitte"...
I thought I could just ask for the permission
to make an English translation
for my crocheting friends
who have less german skills than me...
And yes!!!
The magazine "Brigitte" was so lovely
& gave me their friendly permission! :-)

I have to add a photo & a little story:
A few hours after I've published this blogpost
Ute Rehner - a friend of my page -
commented on facebook.

She was sitting in a train
while she has seen my post
& she knew straight away in which year
this pattern was originally published:

This flower blanket
is actually on her to-crochet-list
since 41 years,
she was so lovely to send me a photo
of her precious original pattern:

Thank you so much, Ute!
And of course I will send your regards
to the editorial department of "Brigitte" on this way!

You need for a blanket measuring 160 x 190 cm:

1500 g of colourful yarn rests
250 g yarn in olive green for the border
(or different colours as my mother did)
a 2,5 mm hook
(of course you can also use a bigger hook size
for a blanket with less but bigger flowers
- I guess my mom has used a 3,5 or a 4mm hook)

You work the first rosette this way:

Start with 6 ch, form a ring with a slip stitch

1. round: 
work 12 single stitches in the ring
(crochet away the yarn end from the beginning)
end with a slip stitch

2. round: 
chain 3 (counts as first dc)
dc in the same stitch
2 dc in every stitch around
close row with a slip stitch in 3rd chain from beginning
(you should have 24 dc now!)

3. round:
Change your colour!
Now we will work
TWO stitches of the following stitch combination
in every SECOND stitch:
*3 treble, 1 dc, 1 single stitch, 1 dc*
(repeat 5 times
& close this round with a slip stitch
in 4th chain of beginning)

[note: The first treble = 4 ch;
It may be confusing to work
2 stitches in every second stitch
- basically you work:
*1 treble / 2 treble in the next stitch /
1 dc / a single stitch & a dc in the next stitch* x5]

What a pretty flower!
But how to attach the next flower?

Work the second flower
until the last round
as the first one...

Then we work the first 3 trebles of round 3
& work a slip stitch between
the 3rd treble & dc
as shown in the picture

Now work 1dc / a stitch & a dc
in your second flower
...and again:
a slip stitch between dc & treble
of your first flower
- then go on with the 3rd round as usual!

The 3rd flower will be attached this way
on the first flowers - two times...

...and so on...

...when you have 29 rows
containing 27 flowers each you are almost done!

This is how you work for the border
in the original pattern:
(In the german pattern is only a rough description)

1. One row with single stitches all around.
(In the pattern with olive green
- my mom made a multicoloured border
but just use your own style!)

2. This is challenging!
Work dcs & trebles in the triangles
of your border to fill the gaps!
The pattern recommends
to regulary skip some stitches
otherwise it will get wavy!
- Trust your feeling & your skills!

[My mother Otti did the border another way:
She just added colourful rows
of single stitches
which gives a nice wavy border]

3. As many rows of dc stitches
as you like!

Yay! Congrats!!!
You have a wonderful Flower Power Blanket now!

My friend MariaElena has already started
her own Flower Power Blanket
(or Otti-Blanket as we use to call it!)
& has shared progress pictures with me:

So clever to create all the circles
in the beginning! ;-)

And another friend of my page has already started
a Flower Power Blanket!
Here you can see a progress photo
of Lee Schlomm's growing prettiness! :-)

I have only translated the pattern
but I love it badly
so PLEASE show me pictures
on my Facebook page!
(...and if you have questions
be free to contact me there as well!)

And of course a huge THANK YOU
to the german magazine "Brigitte"
for the permission
to translate it!

Hugs & love:

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