Dienstag, 2. September 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 16

You wanna create your own visual diary blanket?
It doesn't matter when you start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


Quite a sad post for me,
so I will at least start this it with something
that has made me pretty happy this week!
I don't have a laptop anymore
but my first smartphone (a iPhone actually...)!
And there are so many funny free apps!
I have hundreds of birthmarks but it's quite unfair
that our CAL friend Alex has freckles
& me not! Now I can just add some! :-)
And I can have a look in the future!
I can see how I will look like with 72!

That's a reason to celebrate!
If it really works I will be such a pretty Lady in 2054!
And I can still wear my neon Roxi Slouchy Beanie
& my nose piercing proudly!
I really hope I will have such beautiful laughter wrinkles 
around the eyes one day!!!

I'm quite sad that my flatmate Lela is away now!
She is in munich for two month now
& I miss her badly!
She is yarnbombing our flat with pom-poms, so cool!

In a few days my friend Sarah is arriving from Scotland,
she will stay in Lela's room while she is away!
That's fantastic but I would love to have both of them here!

I have health problems at the moment
& much pain these weeks.
I'm quite angry about the health system in Germany -
a two-class-system.
I'm a member of the "second class"
some doctors just don't want to waste time with you.
They can't earn much money with you
& that's how you are treated sometimes.
I've been to the doctor twice last week
because I was really desperate
& pain killers don't work anymore.
I told that it hurts like hell constantly
but instead of a real check you receive
just some stupid advices within a few minutes.
I will try to find a better doctor tomorrow, wish me luck!
I really hope your system works better,
it should be forbidden to have a two-class-system!
It's not on that you have to be rich to get a good cure.


So, time to say "Thank you!"
to all my lovely official 31 CAL friends
& of course to our secret members as well!

There is Roberta who has the same favourite book as Jodie -
the bible. I was really sad that I just discovered it
even she has posted it a week ago.
I just don't have enough Facebook time,
I hope I haven't missed more of your creations! :-(
Jodie who has yarnpainted her second favourite movie this week: Ever After.
Jodie, we have watched it on the projector this a few days ago
& it was such a great indirect film tipp!
Totally a movie for princesses like us, I love it!
Ulrike, our CAL friend from Austria,
Gwenda - I so love your cute owls-zodiac-project!
It's all about our own interpretation of a project,
glad you found a way to integrate owls!
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries (here you can find her cute Etsy-Shop!) -
she fell in love with european art
& I hope we can visit the Nana statues
by Niki de Saint Phalle together one day!
(Most of them are in Germany...)
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations -
have a look at her page in the next time,
I guess there will be a give-away soon...
Marina with her Freeform Crochet World Group
& the wonderful Freeform Crochet World!
She has completed her pillow project -
it will look gorgeous as a pillow
but I think even better with a frame!
Think about it, Marina! ;-)

(Her Snovej with the Facebook representation Snovej Crafts is perfect
for us freeformers... ;-) Free tutorials, yippieh!)
Anouk with her cute page Een steekje verder -
she doesn't have much time for crocheting at the moment,
I feel with you!
 MariaElena - I never thought about visiting Alaska
but she is sharing such beautiful pictures with me
from her holiday destination
that I would love to go there one day as well!
Thank you for your lovely greetings every day!
Lin with Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
 I love this page & I'm taking my seat more often again
in the future when I have more time, promise! ;-)
Shawn with her awesome page Dragonbird Creations,
 here is my version of her "Faux Freeform Hood" pattern -
such a wonderful thing to have!

Lisbeth - your scorpion with the mermaid of Copenhagen is brilliant!
It blew me away - such a great work again!
Jane - I've seen your crocheted ninja turtle hats:
Sooo cool! ;-)
My friend Tracy of Eden Reborn who has published
her awesome Free Crochet Cactus Pattern!
Here is my version:

Tracy: This pattern is perfect! 
I LOVE the way you are writing down your patterns:
Clear, simple & without spending many words!
So easy to create & it has a place in our livingroom now!
Our guests love it, so I have to create more, haha!!! ;-)
Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog -
it's sooo great that a wonderful pattern
has grown because of this CAL!
The Tree Mandala is available here on Ravelry!
Donna with her fantastic page Walker's Whimsies,
it's so inspiring to visit this page!
Anne it's so wow to see the photos
with your crochet art!
Zelna of Zooty Owl is part of the team as well!
I so love her Happy Days CAL!
Here is my progress so far: Cool, isn't it? ;-)

I'm using more colours & you don't know how it grows,
so I've miscalculated one square.
I need to crochet another yellow flower square.
And the neon pink flower surrounded with neon green
needs to go into another project.
If someone of you thinks now:
"Ohhh, I also want such a neon Happy-Days-Blanket!
Dada has such a good taste in neon colours!"
let me know, I'll send it to you & you already have your first square!
I'm the best private customer of these yarns I guess.
It's cheap acrylic yarn - damn good quality
& the brand of my life.
I would say the first comment on this post can have the square!
Monique of Yemanja - I love your
favourite music project! And your taste in music, too! ;-)
Saskia our "MalleSas", you have
yarnpainted such a funny & beautiful aries version!
Cilly I hope you will continue your CAL project,
it's so beautiful to see it grow!
Michi with her page "Knittenfee" -
I guess she is having a lot of traffic at the moment -
she has published her freeform sneakers tutorial...
You have missed it? Here you go! ;-)
 Brenda with her passion for glitter yarn,
Enna & her wow-page Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her blog Mishook -
I hope you'll soon have your crochet equipment again!
 Nancy with her beautiful colour choices
& her pittypat-cat project, so lovely!
Judy - I really hope you will go on, your first projects are gorgeous!
Nora with her beautiful style
& her wonderful book advice this week.
(She has yarnpainted
"Mutant message down under" by Marlo Morgan...)
I wish I would have more time to read!
Jacqui of Hooky Delights. - I have just discovered
your beautiful "Starry Night" & I already know
what will shine down on my timeline
for my "Nighty Nighty" post! ;-)
Denise - Your animal projects are sooo cute!
And they look awesome attached with
the "Starry Night" & your first projects!
And there's Alex...
Actually he has almost completed his zodiac project
but he has to sew something on a background -
as a real crocheter I totally understand, sewing is awful!
At the moment his WIP is sitting in front of me
on our living room table. :-) Neon!

So, here we can see some new progress pictures!

Progress collage number 1:

...and collage number 2...

...and 3! Such beautiful creations!!!

And of course some pictures of last week's project:
The zodiac sign week based on Lisbeth's idea!

But what will we yarnpaint this week?
Hmmm... It has caused me many tears again.
I hope all of you have a wonderful family.
Maybe you didn't have a good childhood,
then I hope you have found a perfect chosen family.
Family is such an important thing in life
& I'm missing my family much.
I should contact my family
but somehow it's impossible for me to give them a call.
That's depression,
you are losing contact to the world
& you start avoiding talking to persons
who know you too well.
Everyone wants parents to be proud of you.
I always thought:
I'm giving them a call when I have something positive to tell.
And then the time goes by & you can't tell them:
Hey, I finally completed my studies or whatever.
I have a wonderful family & I love them a lot.
Here is a picture I've painted as a christmas present
a few years ago.
That's me with my parents & my brother.

I've been a difficult child.
I mean REALLY difficult.
I'm a natural born rebel somehow.
I'm sure every single teacher will still remember my name until the end.
And I had many because I was kicked out of schools regularly.
I've always had very good marks but my behaviour...
I would have lots of exciting stories to tell,
nothing to be proud about.
I ran away when I was only 13
& I was living in occupied buildings
all over Germany for quite a long time.
It must have been horrible for my family!
Most of the young runaways were homeless
because of violence or abuse.
I ran away because I couldn't take school anymore.
(And some boys who had lots of fun torturing & beating a misfit like me.)
I wanted to be free!
Far away from this town.
I just couldn't breathe anymore in this environment!

Sometimes the police caught me
but I was quite talented in escaping of children's homes.
I didn't want back to my hometown I hated so much.
I was quite sheltered in this punk scene.
I've always had protectors because I was so young.
They kept me away from hard drugs or other danger.
Most of them are dead because they cared less for themselves.
Two of them died within 3 days
because of heroine & suicide.
Then I called my parents.

They were just so happy to have me back!
Because they are wonderful persons.
My Mom, my Dad, my brother.

And somehow I feel like during my homeless time now.
I want to give them a call but I can't.
I've written my brother a mail a few days ago.
And I've invited him to visit me.
He didn't know that I'm back in Germany.
I'll check my inbox tomorrow.
Would be so great to see him again!
Isn't it strange? All of you know more about my life than my own family.

I've decided to crochet our family crest.
My aries of last week was looking quite grumpy.
This week I achieved to create the guy in our crest
much friendlier than he actually looks like. 
I hope I can show it to my parents & my brother one day.
I'm quite sure they would celebrate it.

Be free to create YOUR family project 
in every possible way!
(Tracy actually already did it with her family-hand-project!)
Yarnpaint persons
or maybe symbols like the favourite basecap of your son!
The tattoo of your husband,
the glasses of your father,

Your chosen family is your boa constrictor?
Why not!?
Be creative (I know you will!)!
Can't wait to see your projects!

I'm sorry for the belated blogpost.
I've received lovely advices.
Thank you so much Saskia & MariaElena!

The thing is:
I need to do this.
I love to write these posts every week.
It's so important for me & my self-confidence.
I can't master my other life quite well at the moment.
I'm not able to complete my studies.
In a few month I would possibly be strong enough
to do a full-time traineeship for 8 weeks.
That's all I would need to complete my studies.
Not much but too much for me at the moment.
I can't take a break or something,
the study credit is running out next month.
That's it. I have to accept it.

This CAL is my baby.
I love it badly.
I know there would be lovely babysitters
who would love to prepare posts for me.
But I'm one of these moms who would never
give away her baby to a babysitter.
I prefer to stay at home a the weekend
instead of having a party. ;-)

But I can't go on with a fixed Monday post.
I don't have painless hours at the moment
but I have days with more or less pain.
And it's a torture to work on the laptop
while my head is killing me.
I wanna have a good time while doing my CAL posts.
So let's just do it this way:
The post comes when it comes.
Maybe on Monday, maybe on Wednesday.
Less pressure for me & my baby.

I've already a topic for next week so I can start quite early -
less emotional for me
& based on the idea of Sandy!
I told our CAL friend Alex about it
& he said: "Hey, I've also suggested this project
when we were talking about CAL topics last week!"

So: A Sandy & Alex project next week!!!
But in the next days I will also publish
a photo tutorial how to create 
the 25-loop-bullion-stitch in a few seconds
with the easiest technique ever! ;-)
Not as many words as in this post, promise!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

Stay awesome you wonderful princesses & princes,
your friend Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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