Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015

Dada totally celebrates: Petra Perle!

Munich is always worth a visit
but for us crocheters & knitters out there
there's another reason to travel to Bavaria's capital:

Petra Perle has her own yarn store in the city center now!
"Die Wolle" ("The Yarn")!
Actually I was on my way to visit my parents
but when my bus arrived in Munich
I thought I have to take the chance
& make a surprise visit to see a dear online friend!

Actually Petra Perle isn't just a crocheter
- she is pretty famous in Bavaria:
She is also a singer, writing articles for newspapers,
 writing books, is a natural born comedian
& is also having art exhibitions!
Just an incredible allround artist!

 When I arrived in Müllerstraße 50
I got a heartwarming welcome -
Petra Perle's yarn store 
is just an amazing place!
It's kind of a museum for crochet art  
& filled with all the creations
she has made in the past 3 years!

Lovely friends of Petra Perle
were coming around as well:

his lovely husband Manfred
& Sabine!
(They are all wearing handmade creations
of Petra Perle for this photo!)

Beautiful yarn & amazing crochet fashion!

...and in between:
Petra Perle's Freeform Crochet Art!

...more yarn & fashion...

...and have a look at the ceiling!
EVERYTHING is crocheted -
even the lampshades
& some umbrellas!

But the best thing about this
yarn store is Petra Perle!
She is a wonderful crochet teacher
& always up for giving tips!
(While having a glass of wine!)

I just love this bag!

...and it's overwhelming to see her
freeform crochet face in real life!
It's much bigger than I thought:
It fits perfectly in a big hula hoop!

...and of course the chairs
are all covered in yarn as well!

What a wonderful coat!
Totaqlly my style!

Love the yarn presentation
outside of "Die Wolle"!

...Petra Perle's 3 wheel bike! :-)

And if I ever need a rollator
I will definitely
need such a walker in neon!
(Proudly wearing my new
Petra Perle hat on this pic!)

I got so many of these 
business postcards
from Petra!
Haha, I will just give every crocheter
I will meet one of them!

I'm unpatiently waiting for
Petra Perle's first crochet book -
it will get published in April!

And no worries:
It's written in german
but there are crochet charts included
for all hilarious creations!
So no need to learn german, haha!
(My plan for 2016:
Crocheting all the patterns!)

It was so lovely meeting Petra Perle
& having a beer with her while crocheting!
If you ever come to Munich
don't forget to visit her!
(Opening times to find here!)

Hugs to Helmi of Strickspass mit Helmi,
Manfred & Sabine!
It's been a real pleasure
meeting you!

And of course:
Much love to all my princesses
& princes!

Merry christmas:
Your friend Dada

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  1. Someday I think there will be a DADA NEON on yarn shop...So glad you got to meet your friend!