Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

My first experience with a hand spindle!

I wanted to try spinning since years!
Last year I got me a spinning wheel
& I washed & prepared 3 kg of fluffy sheep wool
a while ago...

3 kg of sheep wool for spinning

...first I read a lot about spinning.
Some experienced bloggers
wrote that it's best to start with a hand spindle first.
I got me one & tried it with video tutorials.
To be honest: I don't like watching videos
to learn something new...
I'm not very patient
& it's just so much easier to learn
it from someone else!

I googled & really!
I found someone who teaches spinning in Leipzig!
Sister Gudrun is such a lovely Lady
& the Kreativstube is just a wonderful place!
Creative people meet here
to felt, knit, crochet, craft or spin!

Some other Ladies wanted to learn to spin
with a hand spindle as well
& it was really nice to have company
while spinning my first "pregnant worms"! :-)

hand spindle

The sister's order of sister Gudrun
owns own sheep
& so their nice soft yarn turned into
my first irregular wool!
I don't mind my yarn isn't perfect,
it takes some training to spin & to get the right feeling.

At home I went on spinning
(so addictive!)
with some colourful merino wool
& that's how it looks like:

Spinning with colourful wool
is so much fun!

Another photo to show my imperfection
a little bit closer:

I'm excited to improve my skills on the hand spindle
& next week I can learn to spin
with a spinning wheel!

And here a last photo of my first handspun yarn
with Nana Sheila:

Sending love:
Dada & the Nanas!

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