Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Granny Square Bowl

Last year a pretty awesome tutorial went viral -
of course I've added it to my virtual to-crochet-list
- my Dada Neon Crochet timeline on Facebook!

I absolutely fell in love with this stunning
With her kind permission I can show you a photo of her work here: 

by Marrose - Colourful Crochet & Crafts (

As you know I'm always working on too many projects
& so it took quite a while
until this wonderful piece of scrap yarn art
came into my mind again!

While making the paste for the project
(Just with water, flour & sugar!)
I was thinking:
Why not trying it with granny squares...
That's the result & I'm pretty pleased!

Sooo...and this is what I did:

First of all:
Making the paste!
Marianne of Marrose - Colorful Crochet & Crafts
has used this recipe of Carolyn's Homework (Click!)
& so I followed the instructions...

Then I've covered a salad bowl with plastic wrap...

I've soaked the pieces with the paste
& and then I covered the bowl with Granny Squares...
(The 3 Squares are made with the pattern
Circle In a Square Granny by Zooty Owl
the middle square was a leftover of a project,
I can't remember the pattern name
but every circle pattern should perfectly work)

Sooo much paste left!
So I soaked another single Granny Square with the paste...

...and arranged it on another
plastic wrapped bowl...

It took 4-5 days to dry
so you have to be patient!
(We didn't have much sunshine,
if you have some sunny days
let them dry in the sun!) pretty!!!

...also nice as a helmet, haha!

If you make YOUR version
please post it to Dada Neon Crochet!
And if you are inspired to make
Marianne's awesome Yarn Ends Bowl
show her your work on Marrose - Colorful Crochet & Crafts!
I will definitely need one, too! ;-)

Stay awesome! (And creative!)


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