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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - "Week" 23

You want a freeformed visual diary blanket, too?
It's never to late to start it!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


Welcome to our next adventure!
It's a busy time at the moment
so I'm late again!
There are so many other things to do
that my crochet time has heavily decreased!
- And so my online time...

I can't work with patterns anymore!
Actually I'm in a few projects
but it's so much better without
pattern reading!
I guess I will only freeform for a while!
And create Nanas!
(But they don't count as pattern work!
I don't spend more than a minute
looking at my handwritten notes
for a Nana!)
Ohhh, Nanas & instruments
& so many ideas for new crocheted pictures!

Haha, the Nanas have forced me 
to post THIS pic, too!

Some of you have already crocheted at least one, too!
Lisbeth's Nanas had lots of fun outside!

...and Kerry's first beauty is waiting
for some sisters!

...and I know there are some other Nanas in progress!
It's gonna be spectacular! ;-)

Something more serious now:
Some of you have joined in the discussion
on my facebook page yesterday
- there are creepy pages.
Some of them make money with clicks on webpages...
They claim they have tutorials for some of my makings
& some of you are also victims.
We all need to make our names on photos.
And really: It doesn't matter if you have a page or not!
For me you are all artists
& we are creating such unique puzzle pieces!
Please start to add your page names
your real names
or at least an artist name of your choice on pics!
It's much easier for other persons
to inform you about the abuse of your work
& without a name on it everyone can just claim:
I've crocheted it.
Some people haven't realized
that this crochet world is small
- especially the freeform world.

Marina wrote about such a case
on her page Snovej
& she has also presented the best way
to find your own pics posted by someone else...
I'm always using this way
if pages post works without an artist name
& it's good for all of us to get familiar 
with the google image search...

I've presented an easy way to add your name on a pic
today in this Picmonkey Tutorial.
Just to show you how I do it.
(Love this page!)
There are other softwares,
apps & editors as well,
if you have already found YOUR way
- go for it!
But please start adding your page or name!


Soooo, now the hello to all my lovely members!
I've just made the decision that it's just
not possible anymore to make real personal greetings!
Actually I love doing this part
but it costs so much time
- something I don't have at the moment -
so it will be much shorter from now on...
I already wrote a lot of greetings but
I just gave up! Sorry!
A short hello to all of you & the presentation
of our new members, of course! ;-)

I'll have to count again, haha!

Much love to:
Sandy (Sandy's Sundries),
 Alicia (Marcalic's Creations)
Marina (Freeform Crochet World, Freeform Crochet World Group,
Snovej, The Snovej Circle, Snovej Crafts & Kal's of Maine),
 Anouk (Een steekje verder), the highness MariaElena,
 Lin (Crochet in Colour)
Shawn (Dragonbird Creations) Lisbeth,
   Princess Saskia ("MalleSas"),
Michi (Knittenfee),
Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & Mishook), Nancy (Needleful Things),
 Jacqui (Hooky Delights.),
Denise (Wickedcrochet),

Ohhh, it hurts badly not to write something personal,
but we are really too many now!
And I LOVE you all!
Because I've never expected
to find such wonderful playfellows & friends
with this project!

And: We have new CAL friends!!!
I will still introduce new members, of course!
Get to know each other,
support your pages,
like your works!

It's wonderful to see that there
have grown friendships
between you! ;-)

We have our new member Shelley, yay!!!
(Good friends call her Shell,
so her hand project is framed with a shell!)
Shelley is from Australia,
a longtime friend
of my young page
& she has finally found her way to crochet:
She has always liked our CAL pics on my page
but when I've posted a link to Prudence Mapstone's
she HAD to try leaving the patterns herself!
Happy you have started this adventure, Shell!
I'm sure we will have lots of fun!!! ;-)

And we have Antoinette
in our team now
with her AWESOME page
Moonbrush Wood Studios!!!
When you wanna see cuteness overload
like her page!
I LOVE her felted animals so much!
And her drawings...
And hey: Actually she should have
another page for her crochet works, too!
It's a pleasure to see it grow,
thank you for being part of the CAL team now! :-)

And we have awesome progress pics
(No collages anymore,
I will present pictures now!)

Saskia's ("MalleSas") wonderful CAL in progress
& her fantastic fish! ART!

Kerry's beautiful growing CAL
& her pretty neon Starry Night!

MariaElena's Nana Dada Friendship work!!!
(Your Nana is in progress!)

Gwenda's fantastic mud crab
(her sea world puzzle piece)!
I love it even more because you
are sharing your fabulous stories with us, Gwenda!

And the wonderful chain friendship puzzle piece
of our CAL friend Denise (Wickedcrochet)!
Just in case some of you have missed one
of the best freeform works ever
on my timeline made by Denise:
Here you go!


So: but here is our topic for "week" 23!
Nancy (Needleful Things) had a great idea,
she is longing for warmer seasons
& I'm sure we all enjoy "sunny days",
our topic for this "weeks" puzzle piece!

As you know I've published a little tutorial before
how you can add your name to a photo
with picmonkey!
 MariaElena gave me her permission
to use the wonderful Nana she has crocheted
for the friendship puzzle piece
so I can show her work here
WITH her name now! Important!
I've combined my own puzzle piece
with Nancy's topic 
& MariaElena's Nana Dada!
Here MariaElena's work - my inspiration:

 And here you can see
my Nana-on-a-sunny-day puzzle piece!

It's much easier for me to grow 3D Nanas!
I started with the background
& a pretty colour-changing yarn!
It was a fresh ball of yarn
but the 50 g have disappeared sooo fast!
Actually I wanted to
try a recreation
of Niki de Saint Phalle's painting
but the background has become to small!
(Maybe better, if my Nanas would see
this painting they would force
me to crochet them some guys, too!)

Maybe it's not my prettiest Nana
(MariaElena's Nana is much more beautiful)
but she is jumping around on a hot summer's day
so joyful that I love to have her in my CAL! :-)
Her boobs are 3D by the way - stuffed like a real Nana!

Be creative,
crochet a wonderful sun,
your favourite summer activity,
Can't wait to see your works! :-)

The next CAL puzzle piece arrives in 2 weeks! ;-)
 Ohhhh, and PLEASE:

I need brave CAL friends
who are willing to present themselves
on a pic with their CALs!
I still want a book
& I would love to present our works
in magazines, too...
It's personal & you can be proud, hey! ;-)

Stay awesome my princesses & princes,
 your friend Dada (or Julia)!!!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry!

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