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Yarn Bowl Tutorial! - By Malena Casey

What a wonderful idea!
My friend Malena (MariaElena)
 has made this gorgeous Yarn Bowl
& she was so lovely to write down a tutorial!
 It's such a good thing to have
- no yarn mess anymore
while we are crocheting!
(And also a good way to rescue
our yarn from playing dogs & cats!)
So here it comes:
MariaElena's first tutorial, yay! ;-)

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


A round Paper Mache Box

a pencil
a cardboard knife
white glue
all purpose sealer
water based Latex (mate)
some yarn & a hook
acrylic colors
Acrylic sealer/Finisher

First you draw with a pencil the shape of the cut you want 
and then cut it out with exacto or cardboard knife 
or anything else that will work for your box. 
Then you sand the opening edges with fine sandpaper 
until even and smooth and brush them with white glue. 
When it's dry run your finger through the edge 
to see if it needs more sanding. 
Apply a second coat of white glue and let it dry.
Now you apply a coat of all purpose sealer to the whole box, 
let dry and apply a second coat, 
sanding with a very fine sand paper in between.

Paint the box with water based Latex (mate), 
2 coats, sanding lightly in between. 
Now you can sponge a contrasting color, 
or paint whatever you would like, 
or maybe do some decoupage.... its your choice! 
I used a sea sponge and crafts acrylic paint 
and just dabbed some on the box. 
I painted a a border at the bottom and the edges on top, 
including the opening.

When you are satisfied with your decorations, 
apply 2 more coats of sealer. 
When the sealer was  totally dry, 
I rubbed the whole thing with a gel stain, 
very lightly and cleaning immediately, to give it an aged patina.  
I also made a crochet chain with matching cotton yarn 
and glued it to the upper border and opening. 
You can also use a glue gun.
Now you can spray your pretty bowl with an acrylic sealer/finisher 
and let dry overnight. 
Enjoy!! ❤️❤️❤️

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ 

 Malena (MariaElena) & Dada are curious persons,
so if you have made your own Yarn Bowl
please post a picture
I will add your work to this blogpost as well!

 You have a fantastic idea,
written down a wonderful pattern
but you don't have a blog or webpage?
Don't be shy, we are all here to inspire us
& I will happily share your unique ideas here!

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