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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 24

You want a freeformed visual diary blanket, too?
It's never to late to start it!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
No time pressure at all!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


Haha, finally the next CAL blogpost!
I'm working on many projects again...
Yes, this will be my biggest Nana so far!
I'm using my 20 mm hook
& I can't wait to go on with my huge Lady!
Plastic yarn is great for such big projects
& Dedri (Lookatwhatimade) has also
told me the right word for plastic yarn:
Plarn! So cool!

Donna wants to crochet a tiny Nana,
I bet they would look awesome together!
I just love it how hook sizes can make a difference!

I also have to go on with my coat,
growing the sleeves & adding some hearts & stuff like that! ;-)
It's a wonderful thing to do,
german speakers can get the current "Häkeln 4 You" magazine,
the pattern is in there! ;-)
I guess Wollfactory is thinking about an english translation,
would be great!

We have some more beautiful works for Prudence Mapstone's

Monique & Marijke have worked together for this
fabulous creation!

And sooo wonderful:
Kerry has crocheted a pretty Nana!
Such a brilliant idea to crochet a Nana
for the wallhanging,
can't wait to see the first picture
when Prudence has attached it! :-)

Marina has also sent some beautiful pieces
to Prudence, you can see them & read about it


Soooo, now the hello to all my lovely members!
Much love to:
Sandy (Sandy's Sundries),
 Alicia (Marcalic Eve)
Marina (Freeform Crochet World, Freeform Crochet World Group,
Snovej, The Snovej Circle, Snovej Crafts & Kal's of Maine),
 Anouk (Een steekje verder), the highness MariaElena,
 Lin (Crochet in Colour)
Shawn (Dragonbird Creations) Lisbeth,
   Princess Saskia ("MalleSas"),
Michi (Knittenfee),
Enna (Mishook aka Strikkeliese & Mishook), Nancy (Needleful Things),
 Jacqui (Hooky Delights.),
Denise (Wickedcrochet),
Shelly (or Shell!)
& Anoinette (Moonbrush Wood Studios)!

...and: I can introduce a new CAL member!!! :-)

Kathy has just joined our adventure!
And here ist her very first puzzle piece:

I bet Kathy's CAL will be bright & colourful, great!
Happy to have you in our team now! ;-)

And we have some awesome new progress pics...

I'm starting with Antoinette's works -
she is progressing sooo fast
& her works are all adorable!
Her "Starry Night" project:

Antoinette's beloved "grumpy" cat:

...looks wonderful together!

And yesterday she has posted this awesome tree! Wow!

 Our CAL friend Monique (Yemanja)
has crocheted two wonderful new works!
Her friendship puzzle piece is such a beauty!

...and I can totally imagine why THIS
is her favourite place to stay!
Have to go to Greece!

Here you can see Gwenda's Sunny Days puzzle piece!
What a wonderful work,
the sunflower, all the sweet little flowers
next to the water...
Love it!

Our CAL friend Cilly has yarnpainted such a gorgeous sea world picture!
Looks awesome with this wooden frame!

 And MariaElena has crocheted this brilliant sea painting!
Her fish is inspired by Laurel Burch,
so wonderful!
Lools like the seahorse wants to kiss the fish! ;-)

And here is Saskia's ("MalleSas") fabulous sunny days project!
What a wonderful butterfly,
can't wait for warmer days when I look at it! 


So: but here is our topic for "week" 24!
 MariaElena has suggested it could be great
to crochet our favourite fairy tales,
legends or myths!
As we all come from different countries
it must be really interesting!
A great idea!

I was thinking about it...
Children love to listen to the same stories
again & again...
What was my favourite fairy tale?!
Rapunzel? Cinderella?
Hansel & Gretel?

I'm living in the area where
the Brothers Grimm grew up
but it's not only because of this reason
that I'm choosing one of their fairy tales.
I guess everyone who has spent
a childhood in Germany knows all these Grimm fairy tales!

I can remember that my brother Claus & me
always wanted my mother to sing us the same song
again & again:
Hansel & Gretel.
This song is telling the story
& actually it's quite creepy,
here is a link to an english translation of this song. ;-)

I'm studying educational sciences
& many educationalists think that the creepy stories
in fairy tales & myths are too rough for children.
I disagree.
I don't know if anyone has ever heard of Bruno Bettelheim.
He has survived two concentration camps
during the second world war
& emigrated to the US afterwards.
He was a great scientist
& wrote books about nazi Germany,
autism, psychoanalysis & education.
In his opinion children need fairy tales.
In our early childhood we are learning
to develop our moral sense & empathy.
The good & evil patterns help us to learn what's good or bad.
And so it's totally fine I guess
that my favourite fairy tale contains cannibalism, haha!
Bruno Bettelheim thought Hansel & Gretel
shows common fears of children:
Losing parents & the shelter of a home,
being without food,
meeting evil persons.

I didn't want to yarnpaint a grim witch
but I thought the witch house could represent this fairy tale best!

I've started a first version this way:
Crocheting little squares...
I wasn't very happy because it costs lots of time!

Then I remembered a tutorial of Atty's
I always wanted to try this Stool cover tutorial!
I had a look at the photos & crocheted stripes
suitable for the size of my witch house:

Then I've crocheted more stripes to weave them in:

And here is my Hansel & Gretel witch house!

I really like it & could totally imagine living in it! ;-)
THANK YOU so much for your gorgeous idea, MariaElena!

Sooo, what is your favourite fairy tale, legend or myth?
Can't wait to see your works!

I will attach the last puzzle pieces in the following days -
I guess my blanket will be completed soon!
But as long as you give me your ideas
I will just go on creating new puzzle pieces.
I can just produce jackets, bags or stuff like that with them! ;-)


Stay awesome my princesses & princes,
 your friend Dada (or Julia)!!!


Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry!

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