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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 15

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
It doesn't matter when you start it,
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our CAL photo album!
If you wanna join this freeform adventure you can find the first project here!


I can start this blogpost with a beautiful Swirly Heart!
Today I have received a lovely letter from Denmark -
our CAL friend Lisbeth has crocheted a neon heart for me!

I'm quite stressed these weeks
& it's so wonderful to get such a present & kind words!
Lisbeth, thank you so much, you made my day!
I'm always smiling when I look at it
& at the moment it sits next to the laptop on my desktop!
Some of you might have noticed
that I don't visit pages anymore.
It's not that I'm not interested in all of you anymore,
it's just a matter of time.
It will change again, promise!
I'm so glad that Facebook has the option to prepare posts
& make them appear at a time of my choice,
otherwise I couldn't manage the page properly anymore...

Before I start with my weekly "Thank you!"
I have to show you another picture:

Monique has presented her CAL puzzle pieces
in the small village of Antipata/Kefalonia in Greece!
That's so cool, Monique, I was so happy to see it
& that you have presented our CAL in public!


31 official members, just wow!!!
(And also a hello to our secret friends!)

Of course I have to say "THANK YOU!!!" again!
It goes to
Roberta who has such a passion & talent for Freeform Crochet -
she is creating much more adorable creations
then we can see in our album! I love what you are creating my friend!
Jodie who has created a real special favourite book project -
she has crocheted this scene from the bible:

She has integrated more than a book but also her religious faith.
And I've recognized that other members would be interested, too.
I won't prepare a CAL project for several reasons.
It would exclude non-religious persons
& I'm a spiritual person but not religious
even if I totally respect your belief.
Roberta has already integrated her faith in god in her CAL, too!

If religion is an important part of your life
it has to be a part of your CAL, too!
I would just say:
Roberta & Jodie have actually prepared a project
& you are heartly invited to create a puzzle piece!
It's an open invitation to all of you!
All these projects will find a place in our album as well of course!
A special "Thank you" to Roberta & Jodie for your project!

A "Thank you!" to Ulrike, I would love to see your
completed song project, it was already awesome!
Gwenda - I'm so sorry that I don't have the time
for writing some lines at the moment
but I'm thinking about you
& it's wonderful to have such a special friend
on the other side of this planet!
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - my jellyfish-friend!
Thank you for your corrections & support!
Can't wait to see what you are growing
with your glow-in-the-dark-yarn!
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations, she is such a talented
& creative soul! It's totally fine if you don't have much time,
the CAL is waiting for you!
Marina with herFreeform Crochet World Group
& Freeform Crochet World!
Her webpage Snovej is adorable!
And really: Have a look at Snovej Crafts on Facebook,
there are always awesome posts to see!
She has a lot to do at the moment,
take your time Marina!
(I totally understand you!)
Anouk of Een steekje verder -
Your foot project was so much fun for many of us, thank you!
MariaElena - at the moment she is in Alaska
but she always finds the time to say her "Good Night"!
Such a globetrotter!
Think of me when you are planning your next journey!
We could crochet us crowns while sitting in "Neuschwanstein Castle"!
Aww, Lin with Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
I wish I would have more time but I'm thinking of you every day!
Hope you are fine my friend!
Shawn with her awesome page Dragonbird Creations,
I can't wait to go on with your hood pattern!
And to read your blogpost next monday! ;-)
Lisbeth - You lovely soul!
It was so wonderful to receive your present,
your postcard & your cat drawing! Mange tak!!!
Also for your project for today,
I had lots of fun!
Jane, you have a new scottish CAL friend now!
My friend Tracy (cute little fox!!!) of Eden Reborn -
I'm so looking forward to read your post on your blog next monday, too!
Jenny with her beautiful page Craft Cove & her blog,
I've created her tree pattern, awesome to have
such a beautiful tree now as well!

The pattern is to find here on Ravelry by the way!
Donna of Walker's Whimsies, it's so wow what she is creating!
Will be such a beautiful CAL in the end!
Anne, I really hope you will find time to crochet
more puzzle pieces, you are so talented!
Zelna of Zooty Owl - I was so happy she has invited me
to join the "World Wide Artist Blog Hop"!
It was lots of fun to do this post, thank you!
(Here is Zelna's post by the way!)
And I love my new Roxi beanie!
(Amazing free pattern, Jodie also wants one now!)
Monique of Yemanja - I love your alternative options
for a dreamhouse! (Mushroom house & Hippie-Van!)
Saskia - multitalented also with her chosen name "MalleSas" -
such a wonderful being & artist!
I'm always happy to see your comments!
Cilly with her great taste in colours (neon!)
& gorgeous yarnpaintings!
Michi the "Knittenfee" -
she will show us an amazing creation somewhen!
(I could already see it, awesome Michi!!!)
 Brenda who has already created wonderful puzzle pieces!
Enna & her beautiful page Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her new blog Mishook -
she was on vacation & forgot her crochet stuff there... :-(
She can't go on with her CAL for a while
but hey: The CAL waits for you! :-)
 Nancy who has grown such a beautiful flower project this week!
Judy - I find it fantastic what you have created so far!
Nora - Wow! You seem to have lots of fun with our project!
So many new puzzle pieces in such a short time!
I so love your style & especially your song project!
Jacqui of Hooky Delights. - such a wonderful & unique style!
The colours you are using are matching perfectly,
so glad you have joined us!
Denise is also growing her blanket so fast & beautiful!
Seems you like this project, wonderful! ;-)

So & now I can present you our first guy in this team!
I've taught him how to crochet a week ago
& he already can't stop it anymore!
This is Alex, I just couldn't decide which photo to choose...
(He wanted me to take a random pic.)

He has decided that it's better
to be here with me in Germany
than without me in Scotland
& is actually a fan of this project since it's beginning!
It's damn cool that he his a crocheter now
but for me & my flatmates it's a tragedy as well!
He doesn't cook for us anymore
because he is crocheting all the time!
But anyway: I'm so proud of him,
he is so talented & I will gladly share my yarn with him! :-)

First some new progress pictures!
Picasa is so unfair, some pictures are smaller than others
so I've created 3 collages for the progress photos... :-)

Progress collage 1:

...and collage 2...

...and 3! Awesome!!!

And it's sooo cool that you seem to have lots
of fun with the foot project of last week!
Great to see them! :-)

But what will we yarnpaint this week?
Lisbeth has sent me a fabulous inspiration...
I thought about it -
some of you might say:
I don't believe in stuff like that. 
Totally fine, I'll give you an alternative!
We will freeform our zodiac sign!
If you have doubts about this topic
do what I did!
you have to enter the time & place of your birth & your birthday...
It has totally worked for me!!! Scary!
I really don't think a normal horoscope can work -
we are all different & it would be quite boring
if all scorpions or lions would be of one character
& would have the same experiences in one week.
This would be sooo sad.
Psychoanalysts or sociologists would say: 
Maybe people use a zodiac sign to create a self-construction
or to project the star sign on their character.
I don't know, I don't care!
I damn like my sign, I'm an aries!
Such a cool animal -
I've also integrated my date of birth 
& somehow the place where I was born.
I was born in Freising, 
"frei" means "free" in the german language
& I'm freeforming this puzzle piece, of course!
I've always waited for an opportunity
to integrate my favourite drink - beer!
Freising is in Bavaria
& I grew up in the so called "Hallertau",
that's the largest stretch of hop growing region in the world.
So I finally have my chance to yarnpaint a beer, too!
And this is how my puzzle piece looks like:

My aries looks a little bit grumpy,
maybe I can improve it a little bit...
The eyes... Hmmm.
But I like it! And the beer, too! ;-)

If you don't want your star sign in your CAL,
integrate your birthday & maybe yourself as a baby.
Or something which is representing your birth.
I'm sure you will all find a way!
Because we are princesses & princes,
we have our own head
& can create our own worlds!

Hugs to all of you!
Thank you for the lovely words I've received after my last post!
It's stressful at the moment
but I'll take care of me
& will have more time again for you in a few weeks!
If I can rescue my studies or not:
I'm on a good way!
And there are more important things in life!
I'm so thankful for every day
after my dark depression!


I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!

For all those who haven't read my World Wide Artist Blog Hop post:
A picture of me proudly presenting my blanket! ;-)

Stay awesome you wonderful beings,
your friend Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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