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YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 14

You have just found your way to this Crochet Along project?
We really don't have time pressure!
I will always post your pictures
on my page Dada Neon Crochet & add it to our amazing photo album!
If you wanna join our freeform adventure you can find the first puzzle piece here!

This week I wanna start my blogpost
with some lovely presents!
I have received post from two of my CAL friends!
Our multicreative friend Michi has sent me a children's book -
written & illustrated by herself!
Some of you might have noticed that I'm a big child, haha! ;-)
The book is written in german
& I read it to my flatmates!
If someone with german skills is interested
here are some informations!
We have all enjoyed this lovely story about Mia & her adventures!
I have to show you some of her gorgeous illustrations of course ;-)

My friend Gwenda from Australia
has sent me some wonderful handmade presents!
It is such a wonderful thing to receive something
created by a friend who lives so far away!
Something you can see & touch
with your own eyes & hands!
I was so amazed about this presents -
Swirly Heart & two bullions!
And of course they find their places in my CAL!
Thank you so much Gwenda!!!

MariaElena has received a present, too!
I've decided to do a secret give-away -
I've created a stained glass window
as an alternative project for Roberta.
She already had a tree in her beautiful CAL &
so I've created two projects for this week!
MariaElena has commented on my church window & has won it!
I'm so happy that she has framed it
& that she is so amazed about her neon wallhanging!


Another wonderful thing has happened this week:
Pamela of Crocheters Anonymous has asked me
if I would like to support her & her team
on Crocheters Anonymous Yarnbombers.
I don't have much time at the moment
so it's just for a few posts every week
in the next month.
But I'm very proud to be part of this team now!
There is also Ana with her page Ana's Knits and Pieces,
Sonia of StoryMakers - Portuguese Urban Crafts
who has joined the Yarnbombers page as well
& De'Anna of Unique2who!
We all love special & unique crochet art
& have pages because crochet is just so much more
than just a hobby for us!
I'm happy to be part of this fantastic team now!


So, a few words about a sad but important topic, too.
Some of you already know that I have disabled the message function
on my facebook page.
This has a reason of course.
I totally appreciate that I have many lovely followers
but it was really too much traffic for me now.
I've tried to reply to all messages every day
but it's just not possible anymore.
My page is a place to share my passion with others
but it has become an office.
Sometimes I've had really 18-hours-days -
without the chance to crochet.
I have to solve a lot of problems
because of my depression -
I have ignored reality too long
& have to rescue my studies now
& have to solve financial problems.
I didn't open letters anymore -
quite usual for depressed persons
& there are a lot of problems because of it.

The last thing I need at the moment is stress & pressure.

This CAL has helped me to come out of a real bad state.
I've seen a psychologist last week
because I'm afraid to fall back into a depression.
It has happened to me for the first & hopefully the last time last year.
I know a lot of people who have or had the same problem.
I've also worked in a mental hospital
- teaching patients how to crochet.
A lot of them were in this mental hospital because of a depression.
It's a serious topic & I can only give the advice to visit an expert.
It's important to have friends
but they can't take the responsibility for our life.
And our life is definitely in danger during a depression.
It can lead to problems like homelessness or suicidal tendencies.
It wouldn't help me at all to receive a lot of messages now.
I know, you would be there for me! :-)
Some of the Ladies have similar problems & we already help each other.
The psychologist told me that I'm on a good way -
I'm quite emotional in a positive & also in a negative way.
Much better than feeling nothing! ;-)
I can enjoy my life again & I have wonderful friends.
But I have less energy than I've had before.
And I really don't want an office anymore!
I've worked 5 years as an administration clerk
for the city of munich & it was hell for me!
I wanna be a good social worker or have my own yarn store one day.
So: No office anymore, yippieh!
I wanna share my crochet passion with other persons
& I love to reply comments but I need to focus on my life & crochet! ;-)

This CAL is so important for me
so my page will totally be dedicated to it as long
we are on this journey! ;-)

Haha, the first collage for today!!!
We are really 30 CAL friends now, amazing!
And in this mosaic we can see a beautiful collection of our progress pics!

30 official members, just wow!!!
(And xx secret members! Hello to you!)

My huge "THANK YOU!!!"
goes to my wonderful CAL friends -
Roberta who has made such a beautiful wall hanging with her "Starry Night" project
(I hope you have all seen it, it's in our CAL album now!),
Jodie who has had a fabulous idea,
I can't tell you about it yet but maybe in one of the following weeks... ;-)
Ulrike who has already created on of my Multifunctional Hyperbolic Coral's too,
Gwenda - my lovely australian friend who made me so happy
this week with her crocheted presents,
Sandy of Sandy's Sundries - a wonderful supporter of this project
& a multicreative person as well
(She is also sewing Cosplay costumes for her daughter!)
Alicia of Marcalic's Creations who has started her "Starry Night"
with a gorgeous spiral moon,
Marina our lovely host in the Freeform Crochet World Group
(best group ever of course!)
& also the administrator of the fab page Freeform Crochet World!
I love her page Snovej, it's great fun to read her blogs!
(Snovej Crafts on facebook - many creative ideas to decorate your home!)
Anouk with her lovely Een steekje verder -
she will be pretty surprised to see our project for this week!!!
MariaElena - not only one of the most funniest persons on earth
but also such a wonderful friend to have!
Lin with my beloved page Crochet in Colour & her Etsy-Shop -
I'm very happy that I've found this beautiful soul in this crochet world!
Shawn of Dragonbird Creations who has a love affair with knitting as well -
she has published such gorgeous knitted creations
in the last weeks that I eventually have to try the knitting thing again too...
Lisbeth - I'm so glad that I've asked her to join this project,
& couldn't imagine this CAL without her awesome puzzle pieces anymore!
Jane from Scotland who doesn't have a problem at all
with the historical mistakes in the movie "Braveheart"!
(Shawn has yarnpainted this movie this week!)
Some of my scottish friends could really learn from her in this case!
Tracy of Eden Reborn - such an open-minded & clever friend!
We share more than the love for crochet, philosophy & music.
It's wonderful to be your "neon firefly" my cute little fox!
So glad you are back in the virtual world,
you are such a strong Lady,
hope life will soon be easier for you again!
Tracy's blog is gorgeous as well by the way!
Jenny with her amazing page Craft Cove & her blog,
I'm so sorry I couldn't complete your pattern testing in time,
it's completed but I want to read the pattern & my notes again,
I just needed a doing-nothing-break this weekend...
Donna of Walker's Whimsies with her brilliant eye for art!
Sometimes I wish I would have a more-than-crochet-related-page,
than I could share so much from her page!
Anne who is a passionate fan of crochet art as I am!
There is Zelna of Zooty Owl, my favourite patter designer
but also a fabulous friend in this virtual crochet world.
Her Happy Days CAL is such a wonderful project for me -
I will show you my progress in a few days!
Monique of Yemanja who is presenting her puzzle pieces
in Greece in public -
it's wonderful to read that so many
people are fascinated about our free way to crochet!
Saskia who has the artist name "MalleSas"
when she is painting her wonderful art!
Cilly who has lots of fun with this project
& has also discovered her love for neon orange!
Michi with her beautiful page Knittenfee
who creates awesome freeform stuff
& is also a damn talented author for children's books!
Thank you so much for sending me your book!
Brenda who has joined us on this freeform adventure
& grows a beautiful multicoloured glitter CAL!
Enna with her page Mishook aka Strikkeliese & her blog Mishook -
she is creating such beautiful freeform accessoires, so inspiring!
I hope we can freeform together for a few hours
when I'm in Leipzig the next time!
Nancy who has great fun with our CAL but is
already creating other beautiful freeform scrumbles
as we could see this week in the "Freeform Crochet World Group"!
Judy who has joined us last week with her beautiful first puzzle pieces,
she has just started freeforming with this project
& it looks great what she has yarnpainted so far!

And a heartly welcome to our new friends:

Nora has joined us now & has already crocheted her first 3 projects!
There's already a lot of creative spirit to see
& I can't wait to see it grow!

Jacqui has entered our team with her page Hooky Delights.
She is already an experienced freeformer
& I'm a huge fan of her mandrakes, have a look at her page! ;-)

And we have Denise now in our team -
she has already crocheted her first parts of this journey
& we have obviously another creative soul in our amazing CAL Club!

♥♥♥Thank you so much!♥♥♥

Time to show you some new progress pictures!

Progress collage 1:

...and number 2! Awesome!!!

Collage 2:

And our new favourite-movie-projects!
So beautiful!

Now someone will be quite surprised, haha!
Anouk, this week's project is based on YOUR idea!
We will yarnpaint one of our feet!
Anouk has showed me this picture when she has started her CAL...

I haven't realized that it has 6 toes!
We have already seen Lin's 6 finger hand
but: Why not?
There are really persons in this world with 6 fingers or toes!

I think it's time to celebrate our feet.
I find it kind of sad that a lot of people don't like their feet.
They aren't ugly, they are damn special & unique!
And they bring us to our favourite yarn store!
You might remember that I have huge hands -
my feet are huge, too!
My european shoe size is 42 (UK: 7 1/2, US: 10)!
I'm pretty proud of my big toe -
it's very big as you can see on this picture!

We need a sketch, so I really want you to colour one of your feet!
I've used a sheet of paper & have painted my foot with watercolours!
It tickles a little bit but it's great fun!
If you don't have flatfeet you have to add some colour in the end...
(My pink parts!)

I've missed to crochet with my 12mm hook,
so I just took 3 yarns at once & my favourite hook size.

In the end my foot project looks like THIS!
I like it! ;-)

Thank you so much for the idea, Anouk! ;-)

I love to prepare YOUR ideas so let me know 
what else you want to have in your CALs!
Next week we will crochet an idea of Lisbeth! ;-)

Stay awesome,
your friend Dada or Julia!

Let me see your art in Marina's Freeform Crochet World Group, on Dada Neon Crochet or Ravelry

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