Montag, 2. Juni 2014

YOUR Personal Freeform CAL! - Week 3

You are interested in creating YOUR own Personal Freeform CAL & have missed the last weeks? 
It's never to late, here you can find the start of this project!

First of all: Many thanks & lovely greetings to Roberta, Jodie, Ulrike & Gwenda! 
You have made my week by showing me your beautiful creations!
If anyone of you has a fantastic idea what else we could paint in our CAL:
Let me know, I'll gladly try to realise your wishes!
Get involved, it's OUR Personal Freeform CAL!

This week we will grow some flowers while having a special date:
I would like to invite you -
to a date with yourself!

I hope you have a few hours just for yourself this week. 
Sometimes we care much about other people, our work or the daily stuff & forget about ourselves.
It's important to take care of you, so:
Celebrate your date! Wear something that you like,
take a hook & a collection of different colours of yarn with you
& go into a park or another beautiful place with flowers.
Bad weather?
Then visit a florist, give the most wonderful flowers as a present to yourself
& go into a nice café. 
(Ask the waiter or the waitress if he or she could be so kind to give you a glass of water for your flowers...)
We have a special skill & we can be proud of it,
so we should celebrate our passion in public sometimes!
People just love to see people crocheting,
you'll receive smiles,
recognize curious eyes
or even get a compliment.

I'm living in Aberdeen/Scotland, the weather was lovely so I went to the Cruickshank Botanic Garden & 
to Seaton Park. So much inspiration!

This time I start the foundation for our project directly on the CAL.
I've used green fluffy wool because it's just perfect to "paint" grass.
If you don't have fluffy green yarn (quite possible!)
I will show you another way to create grass with normal green wool!
You can create the grass in the end, just begin with your green yarn
by crocheting around a little bit and by building a green mountain with different stitches.
Wherever you want, of course,
it's YOUR Personal Freeform CAL, not mine ;-)

On top of the mountain we integrate a flower foundation by crocheting in the back loops (!) of the circle. I've crocheted the circle in this way: 3ch, 8 double (US: single) crochet stitches in 1st chain; double every stitch of the next row.

Surround the flower foundation...

...and start your first flower! 
Try it your way, have a look at flowers & work in the front loops of the foundation!
(I've joined the yarn and made *4ch, dc (US: sc) in the same stitch, dc (US: sc) in the next stitch* x 8) 

Worked another row in this way:
Join yarn in a stitch between the chain rings, 
*3 half treble (US: half double crochet) 2ch on top of the petal, 3 half treble (US: half double crochet), double crochet (US: single crochet) in next stitch between the chain rings* & so on.

Surrounded the first flower with a row of dc (US: single crochet) with deep stitches between the petals;
crocheted a second foundation & surrounded it by joining the stitches in the back loops.
For my second flower I've used 2 colours at the same time.

Experimented a little bit. Formed the petals by simply starting a 4ch, went back to the foundation by crocheting a double crochet (US: single crochet) followed by 3 treble (US: double crochet);
double crochet  (US: single crochet) and - the next 4ch & so on.
Surrounded it with white to get a better contrast...

The third flower is created with the hyperbolic coral technique & grows in 3 dimensions; 
if I would be you, I would give it a try ;-) So much fun to ruffle flowers!
Create a bigger foundation:
3ch, 8 dc (US: single crochet) in the first ch;
double every stitch in the next row;
double every second stitch in the following row.
Change the colour,
one row dc (US: single crochet),
one row 3 dc (US: single crochet) in every stitch,
next row 3 treble (US: double crochet) in every stitch.
In the end I've changed the colour and surrounded it with dc (US: single crochet) and a deep stitch after every 4th stitch.

Then I've sewed it onto the "grass".

You didn't have fluffy wool?
Then it's time to let the grass grow in this way:

We simply knot strings to paint our grass!

Go on as long as you want!

In the end I've added some mountains around my CAL with two yarns combined.
Are there colour combinations you really favour? 
Play around with them!

You've had a lot of fun?
Or you would improve something?
Let me know & get in touch on Facebook!

Share your project on Ravelry if you want!

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