Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Create your own wall hanging Mandala!

Obviously crocheting Mandalas is quite popular nowadays - but what to do with all these wonderful creations? Today I'm presenting you a way to make a wall hanging Mandala. Easy to create but definetely an eyecatcher! 

For this wall hanging Mandala you need:

a 4,5mm hook

Double knitting wool like New Fashion DK by Woolcraft or Stylecraft DK

the Starflower Mandala pattern created by Zooty Owl

a 60 cm hula hoop (for small children)

white glue

While crocheting check the size of your Mandala before you start to crochet the last rows - in the end my mandala measured 57 cm. This wall hanging mandala should be 3-5 cm smaller in the end than the hula hoop... Your Mandala has reached the suitable size before you have completed the pattern? It will look fantastic even without the last low (...and I'm already quite sure it's not possible to crochet only one - too addictive!).

Now there is nothing left to do but making knots - be free to do it your way, I've made my first knot and made the second one on the other side of the hula hoop - all in all 16 knots.

I've used different neon colours - of course you can also use only one colour. Why don't you just take your favourite colour of the Starflower Mandala?

In the end I took white glue on the backside of the wall hanging...

I would be pleased to see pictures of YOUR versions!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Fab idea for a huge mandala! Toothbrushing the PVA looks like a cool idea too!
    LoVe your bright colours

  2. Thank you so much! Mandalas are so addictive, I will surely collect more ideas what to do with this colourful mandala creations!