Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

My personal Freeform Crochet CAL...

Have you ever heard about a thing called CAL?
When you're totally into crocheting for sure,
a lot of these "Crochet along" projects
offer one granny square pattern or one special row a week -
in the end you should have a beautiful blanket.
The most popular CAL at the moment is Moogly's Crochet along project, I guess.
On the next picture you can see my Freeform-Crochet-CAL after week 7...

I moved from Germany to Scotland last year with my best friend Stephan.
A few month ago we realised that our german language skills are decreasing.
So we've started our german-speaking-evening.
Every sunday we are visiting a traditional scottish pub
with live music in Aberdeen,
for listening to scottish and irish folk songs - while talking german
& creating one more crocheted piece for our Freeform-Crochetalong-Blanket.
After 7 weeks it has reached the size of a big pillow
- many wonderful evenings to crochet along!

It's a friendship blanket & we are creating it together: 
I'm crocheting, Stephan decides which colour to crochet next. 
A wonderful method to integrate your non-crocheting friends or partners into your project!


Actually Freeform Crochet & a real CAL project would be a strange combination.
If you use a pattern you can't really call it Freeform anymore...

I will just start a Freeform-CAL project in a few days 
- every week I'll create a new freeformed piece 
& will also show you how to crochet it in general. 
Just for the inspiration - I won't offer complete patterns, 
in the end it should be YOUR personal piece of freeform art.

Would be amazing if there are people out there 
who are joining my Freeform CAL... 
Can't wait to see it grow! 
So: Who is willing to join this adventure?

2 Kommentare:

  1. Love your ideas - how great to combine crochet, music, friends, pubs and conversing in your native language - fabulous recipe!

  2. So lovely to see freeform art grow! I hope you'll join my CAL project!