Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

My African Flower Soccer Ball for Michelangelo!

Gwenda is 16 days old now & we were both pretty surprised 
how big this football has become!
We thought it would be average football size
but wow:
Almost as big as the little princess Gwenda!

Dada Neon Crochet Football soccer ball

I always wanted to make such a ball since 
I discovered the pattern by Crochetbug!
Just so pretty!

Click here to find the pattern!
It's so easy, after some hexagons & pentagons
you don't need the pattern anymore!
Just perfect for a fresh Mami like me
with a lack of sleep & a baby brain!
You still get some pieces done half asleep
in between two breastfeeds!

We were invited to Gwenda's first party today:
Our friend Michelangelo has celebrated his first birthday
& I think I really picked the perfect pattern
for his present.
The kids were throwing it,
squashing it,
used it as a pillow
or were just jumping around on it!
Mami & Daddy will have to make another one
for the first birthday of our little princess!

Crochet Baby Ball Dada Neon Crochet

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarns for this ball.
The actual challenge of this project was to create
the pentagons & hexagons in a way
that the border colours are different
while attaching.
I recommend crocheting them together as you go!
I've used the visible join method,
makes quite a nice contrast! ;-)

Crochet Football

I hope you are all doing fine
& I'm sending much love to all
my princesses & princes!

Your friend Dada!

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