Dienstag, 11. August 2015

My cute little mermaid!

I shouldn't start new projects
as there are already uncountable 
works in progress...

But when I saw this
cute little mermaid in "Simply Crochet" issue 32
I just HAD to crochet this mermaid!
(Crocheters from Germany
can also find the german pattern in
"Simply Häkeln" 04/2015!)

Crochet pattern mermaid, "Simply Crochet" issue 32

This was my progress yesterday...
I've used a 4,5 mm hook instead of 3 mm,
more to cuddle! ;-)

...and now she is completed! :-)

crochet pattern mermaid

I got her some eyes today
& some sequins for her tail!
Actually I also wanted to make a braid
in the end as you can see on the photo
of the original mermaid...
But I just made my little mermaid
too many hairs!
It looked strange & so she is
wearing her hair wild!

Amigurumi mermaid

So happy to have a new family member!
Only a strange selfie
but to give you an impression
of her size... 

The pattern by Ilaria Caliri
is easy to follow
& fast to crochet!
I can totally recommend it!

Sooo, back to my other WIPs! ;-)

Hugs from Dada
(and the Nanas! And the mermaid!)

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