Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

My crazy Pineapple Shawl!

This Pinapple Shawl was such a fun project!
And I got rid of loads of scrap yarn!

I've started it with a pattern
I sadly can't recommend here.
In the second row I was struggling
because the written pattern didn't make sense
at some point.
I looked up this pattern on Ravelry
& many crocheters have suggested different edits -
the designer has never replied
& as the corrections haven't been made
I googled for a pineapple shawl chart.

With some little changes I followed
I highly recommend using a chart for pinapple projects
- so much easier to follow!

As you can see my shawl has become pretty colourful!
I just used scrap yarn -
whenever a yarn came to it's end
I just attached another colour with a knot!
I tried to change the yarn colour
whenever there were a few
dc stitches next to each other.
You can perfectly hide a knot
& also the yarn ends
if you just crochet the followings dcs
above it!

Some yarn ends couldn't be hidden this way
but my friend Silviane Radtke
has an amazing technique
to avoid weaving them in:
Just add beads to yarn strings!

Hard to see in the beads in this colourful mess
so here is another photo:

My naked Nana Venus
wearing my crazy shawl in progress!

And she has met Luna from the first floor!
Nanas LOVE doggies!

In the end I just crocheted granny square stitches
all around my triangle scarf.
And here is the result:

I REALLY love my new shawl!
And also this Lady looks pretty cool wearing it:

And of course we can also wear it as a skirt!

This world needs more colours
& if you will also create such a funky scarf
please show me photos on Facebook!

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