Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

How to add a signature to your photos with picmonkey!

It has become a must to add a signature to photos - 
It happens quite often that criminal crochet pages take photos of beautiful works & claim it's their work... :-(

I have found a wonderful page to improve photos & to add a signature:
A few little steps are helping you to add your name or page to a pic...

My friend Malena Casey
(for me still MariaElena or my highness!)
has crocheted such a gorgeous puzzle piece
& we don't want bad people to steal this pic
with her Nana Dada!
With her friendly permission
I will demonstrate how to add
her name on a photo!
Criminal minds can still steal the photo
but they can't claim that easy
it's THEIR work anymore!

1. Open the page www.picmonkey.com
& click on "Edit" - upload the photo

 2. Click on "Tt" (left column)

 3. Choose your favourite font & press the "Add Text" button!

4. Add your name, change the colour & size of your text!

5. Find the best position for your text!
(Just for fun I've added a rose,
this page offers so many opportunities!)
Press the save button!

6. If you wanna post a pic in facebook:
press the "Change" link!

 7. The bigger side of the photo
should have 1024 px!
Just type it in the box,
the friendly picmonkey is automatically adjusting the photo!
(Keep this magical number in your head!
Facebook is reducing the quality of pics
but with 1024 px & a file size smaller than 1 mb
your photo will keep it's quality!)

8. Save it - done! ;-)

Just a little tipp:
For Facebook posts it's
best to use the picmonkey crop option
with the size "square"!
Many people use smartphones
& can only see a part of the photo if it's not a square!

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