Dienstag, 24. November 2015

My new psychedelic crochet coat!

I haven't blogged in a while,
just so much going on & so I needed a social media break!
I'm working in a shelter for homeless Ladies now
& it's a real touching work experience.

Your own problems are becoming so tiny
compared to the situation of these brave women.
They all had a home once.
Normal family lifes.
Depression, divorce, depts -
many different reasons
can cause homelessness.
what a sad sad word
for something
that can happen to anyone of us.

Winter is coming,
it's getting cold out there.
There will be little notes
in the newspapers again
about homeless persons frozen to death.
And there's little we can do against it.

But there's something important
we all can give:
Respect, some warm words & a smile. 
Some people give a little
bit of money to a homeless person
but only a few really talk to them.
Look them in the eyes.
Invite them for having some food
or a hot drink in a warm place.
Treat them like a human being.
Let's make a difference!


I don't have much time
& my crochet life is producing less stitches
these weeks...

 ...and I still have to spin some kilos of the sheep wool
I have cleaned months ago
but I'm on my way! ;-)

I've already dyed a kilo or so,
so exciting to create your own personal yarn!

I'm experimenting with crepe paper as a dye
& I'm really in awe about this
cheap, easy & effective option!
Crepe paper is fantastic,
I even dyed my flatmate Marie's hair green! :-)
I will blog about this method soon!

My WIPs are growing slowly
but today I managed to complete
this colourful coat!

Actually I wanted to crochet
this beautiful Lion Brand pattern:

While crocheting some squares for it 
I thought it would become too huge for me...
I've already crocheted 27 of the 79 motifs 
of this pattern to this point -
& just used them to turn them
into this funny neon coat!

I really love it,
so much fun to grow
something without any plan
how it will look in the end. 
Just some stripes here,
some granny stitches there
& now I have a new
unique coat!
Sooo happy!

Haha, some more photos! :-)
My beloved flatmates
Fabi & Marie took so many
good & funny pictures outside in the garden before
that it's hard to choose the best shots!

...crazy moves!

I'm a psychedelic princess!!!

Just my favourite "colour"! :-)

What else to write?
For the first time without suffering
& being nervous all the time...

My method was quite easy:
I just said:
"I'm a non-smoker now!"
& got rid of my smoking stuff.

Crocheting is the best addiction anyway! :-)

Sending much love to my princesses
& princes,

your friend

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